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Federal regulators last year found numerous violations and "egregiously unsanitary" conditions at Abbott's Sturgis, Michigan, plant, the largest formula factory in the country.

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anyone know how to turn on deliver quietly on IOS?

"Chris, you're too optimistic about the Fediverse," some people tell me.

No, no, no!

I was too optimistic about Twitter and Web 2.0. I put so much of my life into that -- and I watched it crash and burn.

Now with the Fediverse, I'm being practical and relentless.

I have clear goals in mind, and how to get from Point "A" to Point "B".
The thing about being practical and relentless: each time Silicon Valley deviates from centralization, we need to change the terms.

They're creating accounts on the Fediverse? Okay, make the conditions such that they must host an instance.

Now they're hosting their own instance? Defederate if they're disrespectful of community norms.

They're blocking big volunteer-run instances for skeezy reasons? Start small single-user instances.
You know, as much as I like the Fediverse and I cheer it on -- I don't even see it as the end game.

For me, the end game is P2P tech that doesn't even require the web.

Ideally, there would be self-sovereign, nomadic identity.

Connections would be double opt-in.

I should be able to communicate even if the entire Internet goes down, and I'm forced to connect via Bluetooth or sneakernet.

That's my ideal social media -- but we're not close to being there yet.

The German word "Moin", mostly used in the northen parts of the country, can mean

- Good morning
- Hello
- Good day
- Good afternoon
- Good evening
- Welcome!
- How are you?
- Long time no see
- Oops!
- Bye

So, if you only speak little German, visit the North.

You only need one word to get through the day.

Enjoy our language!


New! The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, Episode 250, I Don't Speak Celsius. Featuring: @dhsholly, @DHSDarcy,, and @Robert_Carter.

If you need a break, just #blink "act of blinking appears to trigger a suppression of neuronal activity in the #visual brain", "perception of the flow of time itself is suppressed during blinks", "#auditory #time does not appear to slow down during blinks"

We now actually have confirmation rent isn't being paid at Twitter HQ (previous headlines mistook a different SF office where rent wasn't being paid for HQ). HQ is where Elon himself works.

I cannot for the life of me understand how the landlord is resisting the temptation to physically have Elon Musk, second richest man in the world, thrown out of their building in front of news cameras.

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Seeing all the white people harping on about their support/allyship with #BlackMastodon is legit exhausting and drowns our black voices. I’m hoping #BlackMastodonAllies gains adoption.
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You have not yet met your daily quota of cuddling your cat(s). Please remedy immediately.


- Coffee (complete)
- Figuring out OpenStack stuff (in progress)
- Trending (oh yeah)
- Prototype this OpenStack orchestration stuff
- Blog post this OpenStack orchestration stuff
I really want to prototype and blog post this orchestration stuff because it has taken *actual days* of my life to go source diving and reading documentation to try to figure out how to work with this stuff.

Just having a reference implementation that's documented and explained would go so far.

Honestly, this is one of the biggest advantages of AWS and Azure, that there's just lots of examples in the wild to reference. The reference material for OpenStack just isn't there.

#Neuralink employees cite #layoffs at Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface startup #BCI #NeuroTech

Last boost reminded me about the beds the new owner installed in the Twitter office - you could never get me, a woman, to sleep in a place with random dudes around. Especially given the dude in charge. I wouldn’t feel safe.

ADHD is having every childhood authority figure tell you you’re gifted and have such potential, but you’re wasting it by being too lazy, spacey, selfish, or failing to “apply” yourself.

@Roannasylver Oh gotta love that word “apply”. And then they move the goalposts and crap.

#Computers for the #Blind. Offers refurbished #Desktops and #Laptops at very inexpensive prices. You can upgrade RAM memory, hard drive space, plus more. Plus you get a 1 year annual license for #Jaws free with the purchase. So for those looking into a #computer and wants to stretch their dollar and get upgrades that they might not be able to normally afford, check out this great #resource! You can call them at 1-214-340-6328, Monday thru Friday, 9 AM-7 PM, or visit their website at

Paypal: “$devinprater, don't sleep on these!”

Me: Excuse me? I’ll sleep on whatever I feel like, thank you very much. <delete>

What sits on your shoulder going "pieces of seven, pieces of seven"?

A parroty error.

Not all cats have the gift of levitation.
Those that do, however, do like to flaunt it.
A cat sat on a bowl which is hovering. It's actual magic. I can scarcely believe my very eyes.

happy birthday! 🎂 Welcome to the club 😁

U nás PP 75% a účast přes 80%.

#AndroidAppRain at today brings you 12 updated and 1 new apps:

* Meshtastic: an inexpensive open-source GPS mesh radio for hiking, skiing, flying, marching

(soon to come to F-Droid itself)

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

What feature/s would you like to see in #DeltaChat?

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Where (in account db, encrypted in a special folder) and How (full backups or incremental) should the "automatic backups at fixed time-points" be saved? What do you want to protect against?
Just an *encrypted* file in a user selected folder
It not for protection. Recently, there was a bug that prevented DC (<1.34.10) to fetch/update the chats/male-formed messages. Having an older backup (~2 months old) was the only solution for me.
Even a reminder to make a backup would be of help.
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@khalidabuhakmeh Hey there. I found an idea for the problem with SecretStorage using the hardcoded path. If you are on .NET Core or later, you can use the startup hook to override the property!
I dunno, but isn't there a serious risk in here. It looks very cool though
I understand. It is the startup hooks I've got my doubts about.
It could allow anyone with enough permissions on a server to inject code for any doubtfull purpose. Maybe I'm missing something, but the article sure made me think so.

"Cistercian Numbers" are incredibly cool

It's a rare numeric system designed by 13th century monks

Each number is a based on a single vertical stick, with patterns you draw in all four quadrants off it -- top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left

A single glyph can represent a number from 1 to 9,999

It's in my recent weekly "Linkfest" newsletter, here:

Want to subscribe? Pay-what-you-want here:

I call it "The opposite of doomscrolling"
The cistercian numbers in rows, with the first row showing from one to nine, the second row from ten to ninety, then from one hundred to nine hundred, then from one thousand to nine thousand. The numbers are vertical lines with lines sticking out of the top at right angle and forty-five degree angles, and also sometimes square boxes.
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Heard about #commonvoice ( This is an easy way to contribute to #FLOSS. Such projects need contributors (e.g. people who give data samples or review data).
We used this for teaching statistics (#rstats). Students should find out if there are gender differences by counting male vs. female contributors. There were significantly more men in our sample. Bad for unbiased #AI! If more use such projects, we can also grow the open datasets faster and fairer. #genderinequality
Shows data sample (N = 404) of man an women contributing to Mozilla Common voice. We collected data during a statistic lecture and recorded if a voice sample is provided by a male or female. Male dominate.
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Episode 212: All that’s new in HumanWare’s Victor Reader Stream third generation, is it time for us to do visual interpretation differently, and an Australian bar says if you’re blind and by yourself, it’s a safety risk for you to drink

I started watching the Velma show after all the noise made online, thinking it couldn't be that bad, and I had to quit five minutes in. Who made this? More importantly: for whom was this made? It disappears into its own ass instantaneously, and it does it in the worst, most unfunny way possible. I've never seen anything this needlessly confrontational against its own audience and source material. Why should I ever care about anything this show has to say?
I feel i have to watch this now just to confirm the noise.
@jgil I'd say "don't repeat my mistake", but on the other hand this is how we learn and grow, so…

In today's episode of 'website security theatre' we present the US Government's "TreasuryDirect" site.

They don't just disable copy-and-paste into the password field, they disable *keyboard entry* into the password field. You are required to click buttons on this virtual keyboard in order to enter your password. Kudos to them for making high-entropy random passwords difficult to use!

Oh, and the password is also case-insensitive, probably because implementing shift-key support in the virtual keyboard would have been too complex.

#Password #SecurityTheatre
screen capture of web form with a disabled 'password' field and a large virtual keyboard.
French bank for 20 years.

Sometimes I forget just how much goodness Rust stuffs into its syntax and semantics in such a tight and well-integrated package:

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Gratuluji panu Pavlovi k vítězství a k tomu, že ukázal, že i se slušnou a poctivou kampaní lze vyhrát volby.

Andrejovi Babišovi gratuluji k druhému místu, které překonalo všechna očekávání.

I want to know how to use this thing. I bet I could make a few anthems with this thing. Call me a visionary, or not. It makes no difference to what AI will do to society.

The 5th Edition SRD is CC-BY-4.0
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Just been to the gym. They've got a new machine in. Only used it for half an hour and started to feel sick. It's great though. It does everything – Kit-Kats, Mars bars, Snickers, Crisps, the lot.

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#XMPP Events

Once again, many folks of the XMPP community will be attending #FOSDEM2023!

We will have the #Realtime Lounge set up: Come and meet community members, developers, see demos and ask questions.

Location: Ground floor of the K building.
@nicfab thank you for raising awareness about xmpp being on Mastodon.

XMPP with OMEMO > Matrix/Element

Looks like setting up mastodon (specifically hometown) is going to be harder than I thought. I first have to basically nuke away my docker infrastructure of reverse proxy and lets encrypt and move that all to the actual system, then install it the normal way and not with docker-compose. or I could just get another server and stick it on that, but it's another 5 pounds a month I'm shelling out. Arg.
There's hometown on docker compose.
@serrebi I'd use that, if I didn't have a proxy docker container that uses port 80 and 443, and if I want this to work without giving port in use errors, I have to then change the docker compose file to make it work with my setup, which I'm not sure how to do without breaking a whole load of stuff. My sites are on the same network with a few nginx containers, and the reverse proxy manages web traffic based on virtual hosts.
I'd like to look into this. I asume I could hook nginx up to it, and then learn about Unbound to run multiple services. I just don't want to spend more money haha.
@serrebi My issue isn't the proxy server, as it manages that stuff for me. My issue is using a docker compose file to interface with a network that's already created with another docker-compose file I used to get my docker stuff set up in the first place, then have streaming and web able to be accessed normally without something port related falling over. Hometown's docker-compose already creates an internal network for database stuff which I don't need to mess with.
For sure. I can hardly keep things together with docker, that’s why I try not to use it unless I have to.
It’s one of those things I know I have the capacity to learn it better, so hopefully I’ll get to do that one day
@serrebi Same, I intend to get piehole running at some point too. I am considering just geting another server for Mastodon honestly. If the database gets big I have 40GB for it to use, rather than my current server which is cluttered with various web stuff and other things I host on there.
@serrebi Also how would unbound work to do that though? From my understanding it's more about accessing other domain name servers and stuff than doing that. I've only encountered unbound being used in a piehole setup where you want your own DNS server without any third party servers resolving stuff for you.
No unbound is also used in projects like cloud Ron in order for multiple services to be able to be run on a single domain. It manages where subdomain traffic goes. . It’s used in a few other similar projects as well for that purpose, but I’m not sure how it is used to do that :-)
@serrebi It's basically like a proxy server then. It sounds like I probably couldn't use unbound with the current configuration I have because the nginx proxy would get there first.

I got tired of forgetting where the #RSS / #Atom #feeds are on various #Fediverse platforms and having to track them down, so I started a list.

Currently covers *deep breath* #Mastodon, #Bookwyrm, #Funkwhale, #GoToSocial, #Lemmy, #Misskey & forks, #Pleroma & forks #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Snac2, #Takahe, and #WriteFreely


Feel free to let me know what I should add to the list (or any corrections I need to make) in a reply to this post!

some people don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, even if they used to.

some people don’t want to go “above and beyond.”

some people want less responsibility, not more.

some people want to do the job they were hired to do and be done.

there is *nothing* wrong with this.

we need to normalize language like this. you don’t have to work 90 hours a week to be “dedicated.” you don’t have to love your job. you CAN be in it just for the paycheck. that’s literally what a job is: payment for services.

this rhetoric of “what success looks like” is a falsity we have been tricked into believing to maximize corporate profits. success looks different depending on who and when you ask… sometimes success is getting up in the morning, and sometimes it’s getting promoted. it’s all relative, and we need to remember that.

#Friday #Thoughts #Work #Life #BeKind #Success