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My bookshop store.

Thinking about how TWO devices that I own are “obsolete"—not because the hardware has kicked the bucket—but because Google simply doesn’t want to provide security updates for them.

And now that I think about it, it’s all so wasteful.

Here’s a strange thought for you. I own a Sony Walkman that was made decades ago. It still plays NEW cassettes sold on Bandcamp. The device is probably ~30-years-old.

None of these Android phones will be usable in 30 years.

“Disabled people were Holocaust victims, too: they were excluded from German society and murdered by Nazi programs”

#disability #holocaust

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Do #SolarPunk fans think that:

Woman on the Edge of Time is a 1976 novel by Marge Piercy

is an early example of this genre? Least half of it.

Mastodon founder and CEO Eugen Rochko tells Engadget: “Third party applications are incredibly valuable for a platform because that's where the power users go … it benefits everybody because the power users are the people who create the content that everybody reads.”

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I've tried Metatext, Tusker and mona for Mastodon. None of the apps support posting audio, while Mastodon does. Is this an edge usecase and I am just too much of an audio nerd, or why not?
Mona is definitely the best Mastodon app I've used and, like Spring, I just love its incredible support for VoiceOver. I have no regrets for purchasing Spring and when Mona is released in the App Store it will be my pleasure to purchase it and support the developers. I'd even pay for an annual subscription for it. Thank you for the work you've put into this amazing app.
I also love how sighted people are liking it. One of the features that I love, is when anybody replies to anybody else, I can instantly see that post they are replying to with one swipe. I don’t have to go into the post, and go to the top of the thread or I don’t have to go in and go to the previous post. It’s all right there in my timeline, and I just love it. I just love everything about this app, and I hope that it gets adopted by the sighted folk enough to keep it going financially

Facebook drains users' cellphone batteries intentionally says ex-employee -

Calculators Now Emulated at Internet Archive -

Forgive me for sharing this via our company account, but this is a subject I am passionate about and is very important to us.

For some time now, it has become more difficult to link a Humanware Victor Reader Stream product with the Audible book service via its Audible Sync application.
This means that it is not possible for those people to use the Stream with the Audible book service.

Audible is one of the primary methods these days for listening to audio books and this is undoubtedly the device on which many people choose to hear them.

As a company, we often recommend that people use the Victor Reader Stream. As of this moment, anyone who wishes to link such a device to Audible cannot
do so and certainly the new upcoming version 3, to be released in February, will not be supported.

I urge you please if you have a moment to sign an accessible online petition to try to persuade Amazon and Audible to work with Humanware so as to ensure
this service is reinstated. Even if you are not a Stream user, I would be grateful please for a minute of your time so that those of us who use Streams
on a daily basis have a chance of protecting our listening to Audible books in the future.

Thank you for reading.

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@Nuno No, for many that is not the answer.

Me: Just woke up.

My belly: Hunggyyyyyyy!

Well, gotta feed her.
enjoy whatever you have.
@patrickstewart Yes? I don't see any text there.

There seems to be some very good progress on the petition in relation to the Victor Reader Stream. Some very well-known names on here and some in prominent employment positions too.

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Co-founder of “Food Not Bombs” Global, Arrested today

"Keith McHenry, the co-founder of the global movement “Food Not Bombs” was arrested and jailed by the Santa Cruz Police Department today for the crime of serving food to the unhoused community members. Approximately 10 officers of the Santa Cruz Police Department arrested Keith at approximately 10:00 am today, December 27, 2022, in River Street Parking Garage #10, 24 River Street, as he was setting up tables to serve a meal out of the intense rain.

This egregious treatment of this community hero comes just two days after Food Not Bombs served a free Christmas feast to over 500 unhoused persons in downtown Santa Cruz. Keith is being held at Santa Cruz County Jail facing two misdemeanor charges of blocking a parking space and loitering in a parking garage. The police also confiscated some equipment belonging to Food Not Bombs including tables, cups for coffee and sugar."

#FoodNotBombs #Repression #antireport #mutualaid #FreeThemAll

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O čem se psalo v novinách přesně před 20 lety:
- Přímá volba není jistá výhra
- Vypalování okrádá hudební průmysl
- Student se stal spisovatelem
Tyjo, Dienstbiera si i pamatuju.

Does anyone have a clue if there's a way to trick my stream into using a 128 GB SD card? I don't have anything else that uses them, so if I can't make it work, I guess I just have a useless card for a while.
@Nuno the card needs formatted anyway. It’s actually a micro SD card with one of those little plastic adapters, and it had a bad meeting with an android tablet a few years ago.

I have downloaded #Ubuntu 22.04 and made a bootable USB image of the distro. I will "Try Ubuntu" in the morning from the Live Image to see if the installer is accessible or not with a braille display.

I would prefer to be able to install the distro myself without sighted assistance, just like I can with #Debian and #Arch Linux using only a refreshable braille display. I have no speech recognition so I am unable to hear Orca speak.

#Linux #Accessibility #a11y
@gklein88 That is a good idea. Would give me a reason to buy Ethernet cables anyway.
@devinprater @gklein88 It's always useful to have a ethernet cable in the bag.

Naší jednoduchou oznamovací službu Ntfy, je možné použít i pro Mastodon klienta Tusky. :arch: :mastodon:

Podbijam pomysł #MastodonGrazWOŚP! Za każdy boost tego toota zobowiązuję się wpłacić 1 zł na Orkiestrę. Limit ustalam na razie na 512 zł, a potem się zobaczy. :)

Tu też boostujcie:

Może i nie mamy tutaj #[reklama]GrazWOŚP jak na Twitterze, ale możemy mieć #MastodonGrazWOŚP! Tak więc za każdy boost tego toota wpłacę osobiście 1 zł na #WOŚP.
Zobaczymy jak to będzie szło, ale w razie czego początkowy limit ustalam na maks. 500 zł, a potem będziemy dalej improwizować 😉

Może i nie mamy tutaj #[reklama]GrazWOŚP jak na Twitterze, ale możemy mieć #MastodonGrazWOŚP! Tak więc za każdy boost tego toota wpłacę osobiście 1 zł na #WOŚP.
Zobaczymy jak to będzie szło, ale w razie czego początkowy limit ustalam na maks. 500 zł, a potem będziemy dalej improwizować 😉

I believe the poor UI of PGP/GnuPG was the primary motivation behind replacements like signify and age.
With there is some hope - in addition to the "sq" command (which I think already improves on gpg UX) they also developed "sqop" for stateless actions and "sqv" just for verification.

I really, really, really need to someday sit down and write a serious guide on using Startup Hooks in #dotnet. The article on Medium I have linked in another day puts this feature in a very bad light, even though the person in charge seems to know what they're talking about, yet you shouldn't joke on such things. Just where I should get the motivation from?

Ugh I love the integration between Android and Windows. I'm reading HackerNews on Windows, waiting on my Doordash order which I successfully completed on the Mac (with effort), and having the notification that the dasher is nearby presented, from my phone, on my Windows PC. That's just so nice.
@cybertailor Well then it's time for KDE to steel some ideas about accessibility from Microsoft.
I think the main culprit is the Qt framework. It requires lots of work to build accessible apps with it (especially QML)

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Dobré ráno! Taky se vám ulevilo?
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No já už skoro hledal větší byt v Německu.😃
Kdyby vyhrál Babiš asi bych i tom uvažoval. Naštěstí to dobře dopadlo a konečně už snad končí doba Klaus, Zeman, Babiš.
@archos Viděla jsem vedle sebe fotka Pavla, Fialy, Vystrčila a Pekarové - Adamové. Hrozná úleva a radost. Snad s tím hnou k lepšímu.
To doufám. Ještě pár dní vydržet s kořalou na hradě a už bude snad klid.
Jestli schválí lustrační zákon, tak je to konečná pro něj.

Dobře, máme zvoleného prezidenta. Větší překvapení dnešního dne pro mě je, že na pražském hlavním nádraží už nehlásí Danuše Klichová Hostinská, ale nějaký nový hlas. Od kdy? A kdo to je? 😲
Spoustu let tam hlásil Václav Knop v systému HIS-VOICE (než se přešlo na jiný systém). Teď jsem ještě nové hlášení neslyšel, tak nevím.

Would not want to travel alone blind.
Issues like this are becoming more regular. A woman in Adelaide was refused a drink at her 5 Star hotel because she did not have a sighted assistance person. This is beyond stupid. As an experienced blind airline passenger both with and without assistance, I have always notified the airline that i was blind and only needed assistance from the Gate to my seat. Never had a problem. So I am unsure why an increasing number of airline staff are putting barriers out there.

@Tutanota I need of alias notification toggle on/off.
Thus if I have 20 alias I can mute/unmute granularly each alias in notifications' settings.

This is not activate/deactivate feature, in case I tell emails always are received. It just works at notification level.
Thanks for your feedback, we'll consider it!

I'm playing with RIM for the first time in light of it coming to Mac soon and I'm quite impressed. This feels really well thought out.
Ah yes, thx! This now rings a loud bell! :)
@vick21 Neat little thing, that!

Náš nový prezident generál Petr Pavel ✌️✌️
Foto Jan Šibík,

it’s so sad how good the podcast Heavyweight once was, then it moved to Spotify, so every few months they release teasers on their old RSS feed begging you to go listen to new episodes exclusively on Spotify.

I once loved the show more than any other and I’ve got a Spotify account but I will never listen to it on Spotify using their shitty music-focused player that I’m guessing I can’t speed up and injects just-in-time ads I can’t skip.
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It’s such an accidental godsend that the two people who developed the podcast RSS standard were completely uninterested in profits and monetization. It was one weird old hippie with fuck you amounts of tech industry money and a former music tv host burned by that industry so they made it open and free and accessible and resilient for listeners, with nothing set aside for ads and metrics and subscriptions.

19yrs later, we’re so lucky it turned out that way.
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I have the feeling the hardest part in embedding Python into that app will be UI for the repl...

not planned in the near future yet 😟

My pie has ov'flowed
Burns on the oven's bottom
House is full of smoke.

Welcome to object file formats, where everything is named confusingly for historical reasons
".text" sections don't contain text. ".data" contains some but not all data. ".bss" stands for block started by symbol, a directive in one particular assembler for the IBM 704 (1954!) that just.. stuck around.

Object files are files but neither are nor contain objects (in the modern sense). Core dumps are memory dump but they've not been dumps of (magnetic) core memory since the 70s.

There are segments and sections, which mean slightly different things in every format.

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I maintain that everyone in IT needs to know this •one• Yiddish word and use it often.

Farpotshket: Broken, because someone tried to fix it.

#PSA #WordOfTheDay #X

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I'm surprised a startup hasn't attempted to release a screen reader with all kinds of ML buzwords. "Our AI uses our proprietary ML algorithm to classify custom controls! No need for extra work from app developers!" #blind #accessibility #a11y
It's coming in 2023, I bet you. Then again, things like AccessiBee come close to what you describe.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least. It'll get millions of dollars in VC-funding, investors will flock to it, businesses/organizations will pay per-seat licensing for their blind employees, all while providing an experience inferior to screen readers of the late 80s to blind users

Marie Kondo is trending again, so here's a queer reflection on Marie Kondo I wrote a few years ago:

I struggled with exercises on the pull-up bar due to a weak grip. To improve this, I began hanging on the bar as long as possible and cooling down for the same duration. However, It's hard to start and stop the timer when both hands are on the bar.
To solve this problem, I created a watchOS app that uses the accelerometer to detect the position of the hands and automatically starts and stops the timer.

#swift #SwiftLang #SwiftUI #watchOS #indiedev #indieapps
A promo image of the watchOS workout app showing its main features:
1. Automatic detection of the hands position that can start or stop the workout timer.
2. Workout timer
3. Cooldown timer
4. Workout countdown
5. Workout history
5. Workout controls

Me: *putting my hamster into a tiny spacesuit*

Girlfriend: he looks so dumb

Me: don't talk about Fuzz Aldrin like that