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!Friendica Support Still wrestling with notifications in # and desktop/mobile: At first, notifications on # or any other mobile app includes (a) reposts of my posts, (b) "likes" on my posts, (c) responses to my posts and (d) new posts by people for which I wanted to receive notifications. This is good, this is exactly how I want it. On desktop, notifications apparently in _general_ contain way more, including any kind of interaction with any post I somehow "touched" (and be that just a thumb-up). This is both way too much and useless in most situations. Is there some way to configure these notifications to behave similar to how they do in mobile apps? And, adding to that: At times (not sure why and how), in "mobile", the notification tab is empty all of a sudden, with all previously displayed notifications being removed or lost or hidden or whatever. Haven't found a pattern yet why that happens, but it's a tad annoying as sometimes this way information is lost. Any way to understand what's going on and by chance fix this...? Thanks! 🙂️
There had been improvements in the develop branch, I think.
@Michael Vogel Ah ok, so I'll keep an eye on future updates then. 🙂️