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Today a quite heavy #AndroidAppRain At @fdroidorg it brings you 28 updated & 1 new apps:

* AnimePipe: NewPipe with more services & client features

At Guardian a new Tor Browser is waiting for you. And at my repo it's 15 updated & 4 new apps:

* Bonjour WebRTC: discover devices on WLAN & place vid calls
* Bookmarks: Intents as bookmarks
* OBS Blade: remote control OBS
* Sunmachine: smart lighting system

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid @guardianproject & the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:
uhm, getting this strange error while trying to install OBS Blade (Android 12)
@mdkcore sdkVer is set to 19, targetSdk to 33. Installs fine here on my Android 10 test device. Your logcat unfortunately gives no additional details, so I have no idea what it could be. Maybe something specific to Android 12 (cannot test that as I have no such device).
yeah, that logcat doesn't help

no problem, I will look at the issues on their repository and ask there, many thanks!
@mdkcore take a look here: Not really describing your install issue, but giving you a pointer why you might wish to wait for the next release which shall show up soon™ in the next days.
great! just installed from your repo right now everything working as expected

many thanks!
@mdkcore Yeah, the update showed up much earlier than I expected. Kudos to the dev(s)! 🙇‍♂️