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!Friendica Support Maybe a thoroughly stupid question: If in #Friendica I search for a hashtag and say "follow" on that, what exactly does that mean? It does appear in my "saved searches", but does it also mean posts with these tags will automatically appear in my default timelines even for posts coming from accounts I don't follow......?
@Kristian Yes, this is the purpose of following tags.
@Kristian I don't think any questions about Fediverse are stupid :-)
I also don't know this, I haven't even understood the difference between categories and hashtags.
@Angela Solothurnmann 🙂️ It felt a bit ... weird asking this, actually, because I'm usually telling people that Friendica supports this but noticed I never really tried or checked how it does work. 😁️
@Angela Solothurnmann Tags are public, categories are private to you.
@Hypolite Petovan thanks that makes sense!
@Hypolite Petovan I was confused because it seems while writing a post I can only add categories, and have to add tags after the post is already published (which results in automatic comments added for every tag, which costs me time because I think those comments are pointless and delete them)
@Angela Solothurnmann Tags are mainly added to your own posts with regular hashmark notation like this: #hashtag

The posts you mention are meant to add tags to other people's posts where you had no access to the body.