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If the rumours are true that the new Sonos app is a ReactNative beast, and considering the bad state it is in with regards to screen reader users now, I fear that within two weeks, the engineers at Sonos won’t be able to fix many things for accessibility. It appears that everything is a semantic mess, and retrofitting accessibility onto this will take a lot more time. Speaking from past experience. And a fully accessible app by end of June? Highly doubtful. But I am always happy to be proven wrong.

Sonos really did make every mistake possible in this field with this one. Yikes…

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in reply to Marco Zehe

@bitsacb I agree, but I feel no sympathy for #Sonos because they brought this problem on themselves by failing to include #accessibility from the very beginning during the ideation and design stages. I hope they pay the consequences and we will be able to find a way to impact their reputation for quality.
in reply to Darrell Hilliker 👨‍🦯♾️📡

@darrell73 @bitsacb Oh, I totally agree. I was just stunned how in 2024 some not so small company can still screw up like this when it comes to accessibility, and since they did have a good reputation in this field before. Leaves me a bit speechless.