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So yeah, I sorta followed, like 800 ppl in a few weeks. Then, every time I saw a #followFriday I thought pfft I need a #whoDahFukAmIFollowing day. Or it turns out, a week.

I've been trying something.

Turned the reblog off on a bunch of accounts. Took me 4 days, but it also meant hundreds of profiles I stopped and looked at as I changed a setting, a nice refresher.

But man! Once I did it what a change....
It's a whole different vibe, just catching the voices of the people I follow.

Before I had a firehose of good content, but it was pretty passive.

Now I catch parts of conversations I click through and follow. Read more of people's connected thought-threads (or rants), go down weird rabbit holes of clicks as I explore a topic or a person.

And it is helping me get to know the people I have followed a lot better.
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I'm not saying it is the best and only way to do #mastodon but it is super neat to be able to make all these adjustments.

I can turn off the reblogs to just hear the voices of my tooters. I can turn on some rebloggers on topics I am into. I can follow or unfollow people as my interests and focus change. I can sit on a hashtag to find more peeps on a topic my feed is sparse on.

I love being able to control my own experience on here, depending on my priorities.