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I actually predicted this last week!

Now that outages have massively increased, Elon Musk pronounces Twitter's old code is a mess that can't be saved -- and there will be a re-write:

This is Stage 3 of Twitter's demise.

Now pay attention to the next stages.

It will be awhile before Twitter 3.0 will arrives. When it arrives, it won't be "real" Twitter.


See screenshots.
A small API change had massive ramifications. The code stack is extremely brittle for no good reason. 

Will ultimately need a complete rewrite.
Prediction for Twitter's demise:

1. Twitter gets harder to maintain

2. Outages increase from once a week to near daily

3. Elon Musk pronounces that Twitter's old code is a mess that can't be saved, and he promises Twitter 3.0 -- which will be better in all ways from the old Twitter

4. A year later, Twitter 3.0 is released, and it's not like "real" Twitter -- but it's a pay-to-play platform

5. People finally realize "old" Twitter is not coming back, and go elsewhere -- probably to Mastodon
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People are speculating that Twitter 3.0 will just be a Mastodon instance.

That's simply not plausible.

It is extremely unlikely that ~250M users can migrate to a single Mastodon instance -- all while preserving data.

Social media is not like Lego with interchangeable parts.
I predict Twitter 3.0 will be called

When you log in, you'll be greeted with a tab featuring the latest updates from Elon himself! gold members can watch his livestreams, and premium plus members can even submit a question!

The next tab is finances, where you can see your account balance, apply for a loan, insurance policy, credit card, or pension plan. $5 a month is added to your balance each time you renew your monthly subscription.

There's the marketplace tab, where you can buy a range of physical products, content from your favourite creators, and services.

There's tabs for Tesla and SpaceX. If you want to drive your new EV, you'll need to subscribe to the silver tier of first.

There's the "for you" tab, where you can access the content you purchased, as well as get personal recommendations for financial products, products from the marketplace, and exclusive content from Elon and his businesses you might have missed.

Wait, you ask, where do I post a Tweet on this thing? Oh honey, that option only appears if you registered for the creator plus or marketing bundle.

As for the newsfeed? I think it's still accessible. You just need to activate it in settings, then go to the "more services" tab, then tap on the hamburger menu, then switch into developer mode. But to access it, you need to have the developer subscription bundle first.

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