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Hashtags redirect to remote node

Hello !Friendica Support
with current develop code hashtags are linked to and are redirecting to the remote server. That's unexpected. Is this a bug or an intentional change?

I don't like to leave my own node when browsing fedi except for links that explicitly redirect to the remote content or profile.
Looks like that's only true for AP content but not for content from Diaspora or Twitter. Very confusing.
@Steffen K9 🐰 This was already the case in 2022.03. This was unexpected and I found it to be decidedly unpleasant. You can change this via local.config

'local_tags' => true,
Thanks for the hint! Does that only have an effect on new posts (imported after the config change)?
Yep! A new post arrived. Tags are local now. Great. 🙂
Need to be added to config oder system?
@Grischa @Steffen K9 🐰 @Matthias/E system, you can check yourself in static/defaults.config.php (but don't edit this file!)
@Steffen K9 🐰 A comparably unpleasant behavior still exists with @name in the text. Even then it jumps to the remote server, although I say "stay local". Here I would expect that it does not treat the name as a link, but opens local.
@Matthias/E @Steffen K9 🐰 Links in posts are computed once then cached. This has negative interaction with "Stay Local" which is supposed to change the links when the setting changes. As a result I'm not sure it is taken into account at all during post link computation.
If there is a #hashtag in the text, you also get a list of used hashtags at the end of the note or comment. If you click on the #hashtag inside the text, it links to the instance the comment or posting is coming from, if you click on the hashtag at the end, you open the search for this hashtag on your instance. So you have the choice. I like it this way.
@Martin Schmitz @Steffen K9 🐰 I also find the jump off at the summary of hashtags to be fine.
@Martin Schmitz Your comment has local hashtags inside the text here, means they point to my instance. Maybe from Pleroma or Misskey (I don't know yet) this might happen that hashtags in comments are not rewritten because of how they render the comment's content?
@Martin Schmitz @Steffen K9 🐰 I expect it so that the hashtag stays local in the text and in the summary it may go remote.