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# use the # with nearly no internet connection with #:
Choose in the settings:
- to not fetch images
- to not fetch avatars
- increase the time of sync
Now next time you got internet connection, even if shitty as ~1kbs you can let AndStatus sync.
Also no problem if internet connection is just accessible for some minutes.
Messages get stored offline. You can read, fav., boost, and reply to them any given time. Once you've got internet again even you're replies will be sync.

@Roland Häder Ah, thanks for that, but I'm not really seeing hard _errors_ here. It's a bit odd I guess: At first, I can only sign in to # via GNUsocial, not Mastodon protocol because the OAuth client authentication doesn't seem to work with my webview for whichever reasons. Not sure whether or not this makes a difference, I have no idea whether the notifications provided via GNUSocial API are similar to / the same as those seen via Mastodon API. Maybe this is the first point to peek; my "main" issue here is that, in other Mastodon clients connected to Friendica, I also see mentions, personal messages, ... in my notification view. In # they apparently seem to pop up only in the global timeline _in some cases_ (except for notifications coming from # contacts?) and easily are lost.

(Complexity for the win.😶️)


!Friendica Support Is anyone of you using # with # at the moment? Could do with some help debugging connection / notification trouble. App's a tad older, but at the moment the only real # client with sane offline support. @AndStatus@Mastodon

!Friendica Support Have there been any changes recently in how # handles notifications and replies to posts? I've seen an utterly weird situation of a (private?) response not visible in # or friendica web but only in # and apparently somehow linked to my Mastodon account? Hard to even describe this... 😯 @Matthias/E