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Was bei der Diskussion um Softwarefreiheiten oft vergessen wird: Es geht nicht um „Community vs. Cooperations”. Im Kern geht es um technische Souveränität der Nutzer:innen vs. die Macht der Hersteller:innen.

Wenn Geschäftsmodelle darauf basieren, Nutzer:innen zu entmündigen und zu für sie nachteilhaften Entscheidungen zu drängen, dann besteht meist bereits ein Abhängigkeitsverhältnis. Freie Software und insb. # kann dabei helfen, diese Abhängigkeiten zu vermeiden #

# Hello! I'm a 34-year-old mestizx # from Borrado territory aka Monterrey, #, but have been based in the East Midlands in the # for over a decade. Writer and performer, into vocal loops. Interdisciplinary, intersectional, international. Living with # #

Interests: # # # # #

Increasingly into # against # and looking for # alternatives.

Fucking hell, as some of you have pointed out in the comments, also, it’s tied to my router. I have the same router I had in Malmö. If this is not a GDPR violation, I have no idea what is.

So Mozilla – Defender of Privacy™ – is storing my location history, tied to my router, without ever having gotten consent from me to do so.

This is a fucking scandal.

# # # # #

Good to see a celebrity as famous as @emmawatson raising awareness on # while distinguishing digital innovation & technology from big tech companies purposes. A nice and coherent message after her acting in the "not so far" dystopian movie # 👀.
Go check it out :

people be saying # is bad but personally all capitalism is bad

# From my book, Mental Self Defense against the Strategies and Psycho Bullshit of Modern Totalitarianism: plz save and share, they will try to erase this from history. I have seen things, disbelieve me at your peril.

On behalf of the # community that has long been saying that # is fundamentally incompatible with democracy and a graver national security threat than terrorism, I'd like to say:

We fucking told you so!

# influence campaigns
# family / # culture wars

If you behave like a techbro (see toot above), you will be rewarded with sarcasm, then dismissal.

Last but not least, just know that I enjoy (and therefore post / retoot) things that can end up being quite stressful and dry for a lot of people, such as Anthropocene related articles, videos, figures, etc.

I try my best to label such posts with hashtags that you can hide like # # # # # etc


Thanks and welcome!

Free Software Under Attack

# # # #

We won't let them crash our party.

A call for decentralizing collective technology production out of the # co-opted community spaces.

Boost, sign, criticize.

with an OFFDEM logo (which is a power button as a smiling punk with a mohawk haircut)


... but wait there is more coming at about the # tomorrow!🤩

Guess what though : it is NOT about how a single centralized # ad-driven corporation is going to entrap us.

No, instead it is about how WE can build a better society together!🫂