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i just joined #mastodon and noticed it's tough to find active people to follow. #trunk has built themed lists, which are a great start, but many accounts are stale and there's a lot of clicking to navigate online.

so last night i played with #trunk's API and packaged up some filtering and automation into #python/#selenium so all i have to do is 1 click confirm. i put it on gh this morning for other #newbies like me.

I think I have now gotten through all the old requests I've gotten for #. If I told you to wait a bit because your account was still too new, then please send me another DM to remind me that you're still around and loving Mastodon. If you do not, I will eventually get to you -- I have all those requests bookmarked -- and add you if I see you're still regularly posting, but given my track record recently, this may take longer.
And if you have gotten no response at all, then I must've messed up somewhere. Could you please message me again? I'll do better this time, I promise!
(If you do not know what the hell I am talking about, you can look at Trunk over here: )

I've updated my Mastodon guide for readers and writers to include more links and more sources like the Trunk # # # # # # # # # #