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Years ago (before becoming more privacy-sensitive #) I got a # # account.

Apparently I can't use it anymore with my email client (#) without giving Google my mobile phone number. Which I won't.

❓ What email provider would you recommend, that does not do shady things with my data?

It should work with an email client, which excludes web-interface-only providers. Preferably free if possible, but I am okay with paying a service I can trust.

I should have started with this:

I am working on a search engine #. Unlike a todoapp, it requires more hardware, having an idea of how much people are willing to spend upfront or by subscription renting a server will help me figure what kind of hardware I need to acquire to be able to test the algorithms.

Thanks for you cooperation! (and please boost!)

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Hi fedi, I am going to write a guide to choose a fediverse instance. If you're on a public one, can you review it? Some hint questions, but don't feel limited by them:

- Is the local timeline active?
- Are people friendly?
- What topic do people often talk about?
- Is there a diversity in points of view or or do you feel more like an echo chamber?
- Anything noteworthy not in the about page?

Boost appreciated

(See also my notice below)

Hey there!

I'm trying to make a list of places that sell de-googlised smartphones ready to use straight out of the box.

So far I've got

Are there any others?

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I am looking at buying another SBC for variours projects. One being a Pleroma server another being a Peertube server. I would probably throw a SSD at these things to help save the SD card. But, I'm unsure of the pros and cons of the two popular SBC, Pine64 (Rock64/RockPro64) or the Rapsberry Pi(pi4 2/4GB RAM). Can the Fediverse help me out on this one?

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Feel free to boost for more experienced eyeballs.

I'm a kindergarten coder. I'm mucked around with very some simple BASIC, Pascal, C#, and Python, I know the bare bones of Bash, and I once learned enough Git to be dangerous. If I want to earn a living from programming, what are the essential skills and knowledge I'd need to spend some time learning to be useful to an employer?

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Where do you spend the most time in #?

I am in Local the most tbh

If you can boost it would be nice

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