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翻译一下联邦宇宙的社区索引 # (双关:象鼻/树干) 招募多语言版志愿者英雄帖。






Trunk 是一个自主选择加入的索引,列出了在 Mastodon 和 Fediverse 上想寻找关注者的人。索引分类主题非常广泛,任何人都可以申请加入,Trunk 的管理员会检查该账号(筛选掉垃圾号),然后列入索引。但因为要人工检查,目前只包含了主要用英语发文的账号,很多非英语账号无法通过。管理员希望解决这个问题。

你是否使用英语之外的语言?你是否想帮助建立支持自己语言的 Trunk?英语版管理员可以在技术上帮助你,但他们需要各语言版本的 Trunk 由会说该语言的人来运营。

➡️ 如果你能提供帮助,请联络项目负责人 @kensanata

举例:这是一个西班牙语版 Trunk

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Question: I have this blog post about using macOS Shortcuts to automate my publishing workflow in Jekyll and it's 2057 words. Shall I split it in 2 posts?

Aksing because the scripts are: 1) create a new post and automatically compile the Front Matter; 2) image optimize, renaming, conversion in webp, move to Jekyll's assets folder then fetch width + height and compile a <figure> shortcode in the post.

Since there are two distinct areas, would it be better to have 2 shorter posts?


Anyone know of a Google alerts alternative with RSS support? I'd actually like to stalk myself online. :) #

# :fediverse: Thinking about moving some of my Instagram content to Pixelfed as well, what instances do you recommend?

Where do you spend the most time in #?

I am in Local the most tbh

If you can boost it would be nice

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Are any of the Fedi hosting providers offering @Castopod yet? Friends are looking for managed podcast hosting so they can get away from anchor # #

how do I see a list of fossdem matrix rooms from my server? and returns "could not load list" @matrix pls :)

When writing articles or documents in general I'd occassionally like to add pictures into the document e.g. a photo or a screenshot. While doing this I am always asking for help from someone else because I'm #blind. Can you give me some recommendations how to make sure the image is right size and it does not overlap the text or the other way round? Either pure HTML, or wordpress or markdown. #a11y #askfedi