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AFAIK most of your Following/Followers come along well. But your old post history isn't migrated, so you'll start fresh in that regard.

Haven't migrated myself, but it is something I intend to do as well. There may be some ins and outs to take care about? Like which other instances your new instance can federate with might impact the migration. Idk.

@feditips you know specifics on that? #AskFedi

What RSS readers do you use on your phones? :rss:


What is the best way I can rip my BluRay movies to digital format on a Linux machine?

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Years ago (before becoming more privacy-sensitive #) I got a # # account.

Apparently I can't use it anymore with my email client (#) without giving Google my mobile phone number. Which I won't.

❓ What email provider would you recommend, that does not do shady things with my data?

It should work with an email client, which excludes web-interface-only providers. Preferably free if possible, but I am okay with paying a service I can trust.

Time for a little #: What are your favorite browser addons that do *not* have significant permissions? i.e., definitely no "Access your data for all websites"; no access to browsing history/navigation, current tabs, bookmarks, native-messaging, et al.

These addons may have perms like the `activeTab` WebExtension permission, which grants access to the current tab when the user clicks the addon button.

Where are some good homes for # and # accounts? How about good clients? In the future I'll host for myself and others.

Anyone know of a good # respecting grammarly alternative?


I want to setup VPN access to some home services, I want advice on the right way to do this.

My home network uses a Ubiquiti USG-3P as the router. I also have an i3 530 running Ubuntu and an i3 8100 running OpenSUSE as servers.

Should I use the Ubiquiti VPN options or forward some ports and run VPN server software on the OpenSUSE box?


Hey there!

I'm trying to make a list of places that sell de-googlised smartphones ready to use straight out of the box.

So far I've got

Are there any others?

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I'd love to see a book written on getting started with the indieweb, aimed at people who don't have much experience with computers. Part course on tech literacy, part how-to guide on how to escape the grips of big tech companies. Anyone know if something like that already exists? If not, I'm kind of interested in writing one, so if you are too, send me a message.

Boosts appreciated, and also tagging this in #

Question: I have this blog post about using macOS Shortcuts to automate my publishing workflow in Jekyll and it's 2057 words. Shall I split it in 2 posts?

Aksing because the scripts are: 1) create a new post and automatically compile the Front Matter; 2) image optimize, renaming, conversion in webp, move to Jekyll's assets folder then fetch width + height and compile a <figure> shortcode in the post.

Since there are two distinct areas, would it be better to have 2 shorter posts?


Anyone know of a Google alerts alternative with RSS support? I'd actually like to stalk myself online. :) #

Are any of the Fedi hosting providers offering @Castopod yet? Friends are looking for managed podcast hosting so they can get away from anchor # #

When writing articles or documents in general I'd occassionally like to add pictures into the document e.g. a photo or a screenshot. While doing this I am always asking for help from someone else because I'm #blind. Can you give me some recommendations how to make sure the image is right size and it does not overlap the text or the other way round? Either pure HTML, or wordpress or markdown. #a11y #askfedi