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@Grischa @Ulrike Cet Friendica does not have a specially made "field" to host the shared link. For this reason, when you post from Friendica to Lemmy, the URL displayed on Lemmy (see here: ) is the same unique link as your Friendica post (i.e. this: https :// ).

Personally, I use these tricks:

1) I write the title of the newspaper article quoted both in the Subject field and at the beginning of the post text. And I also add the hypertext reference of the reported article
I use this syntax (remove the spaces):

[ b ][ url=]IL #FEDIVERSO È INEFFICIENTE (MA È UN BUON COMPROMESSO)[/ url][ / b][ / text]

2) For clarity, I repeat the link at the end of the post

[ url = ]Continua la lettura[ / url]

Remember to mention the Lemmy community ( ! + community name + @ + instance name )

Remember to NEVER post images, otherwise Lemmy will not reply to your post