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Did you know that American police officers receive the fewest hours of training in the developed world? Are you aware that their training emphasizes violence much more than police training in other countries? Did you know that Americans are vastly more likely to die in the hands of police than citizens in any other democratic country--no matter what their race?

Those are just a few of the things I discovered researching this article. #tyrenichols

My biggest single worry for my (8 year old) son is that some cop will one day "fear for his life" and murder my boy.

When I look at my son, I see a sweet kid who is probably the most emotionally-sensitive of my children. I see a boy who hugs me several times a day, and really holds on tight each time. I see a kid who loves drawing me pictures.

I fear a racist cop will one day see a large black guy who he can get away with murdering.

#blm #policeBrutality #racism #TyreNichols #GeorgeFloyd

The #Memphis Police Department has disbanded the unit whose officers beat to death motorist #TyreNichols

#TyreNichols was my brother’s age. He was an aspiring photographer who loved to skateboard and worked with his stepdad at FedEx. I want to boost this call from Black Twitter to remember his life; a life that mattered: