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!Friendica Support Tried to respond to a CWed post in recent # and got an ... interesting outcome. Is this an issue in # or rather a @Tusky display problem...?

@Tusky Closer look: It's apparently a # problem, same happens when posting such a response through the web ui. Hashtags in CWs are a problem?

@Friendica Support
Seems so. Can you open an issue?
@Michael Vogel Did so, thanks:

Related, maybe: I noticed that, unlike Mastodon, Pleroma or Pixelfed, in case of friendicas posts both hashtags and mentioned accounts apparently are hrefs pointing to web resources which breaks most mobile apps I tried. Like, for mastodon, a "hashtag" seems something that is only rendered locally and "tapping" it in tusky, fedilab, ... starts a search for posts containing that tag in the app. In posts coming from Friendica, tapping a hash tag always will redirect me to a browser page searching my instance for that hashtag, and, same, "tapping" on a @<profile> mention in any apps in posts coming from Friendica will (depending on the app) either redirect me to the profile in a browser or just do nothing at all (current tusky just will say something like "looking up..." but never display a profile this way). It _seems_ related, because, same as here, there's not just text but some kind of link involved I believe. Is this intended? Known issue?

also, we generally don't support friendica, like we're happy if it works, but we're not actively trying to make it work.

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hashtags in the CW are generally broken, especially on Mastodon.

No one has been able to figure out why or fix it. It just got progressively worse and caused more issues when someone tried to figure it out a few years ago, and I think most have accepted that hashtags in CWs age cursed.

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I guess it probably makes sense just putting the hashtags from that CW toot into a response toot without the CW.

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