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Update fixing the #Tusky 21.0 beta startup crash on Android pre 11 is now available via Google Play

I'm using this version now, #tusky being best app I have tried, & this being a nice update, especially with the edit function & managing of followed hastags. I do miss the cropped media from 20.0, as the timelines seemed cleaner with the uniformity of the cropping, & nicely animated when switching from cropped to full view. I wonder if this could be optioned in a future update?.
Thanks for all you do, makes the #mastodon experience so much more intuitive & engaging.

The first beta version of #Tusky 21 is out!
✅ Editing
✅ change your preferred reading direction
✅ improved (bigger) media previews
✅ add accounts to lists from their profile
✅ view all your followed hashtags
full changelog:
⚠️ There is a known issue of 21.0 beta 1 crashing on Androids below 11 that is already being fixed

can someone please tell me why I can't see photos on #Tusky ? it's suuuuper annoying. @Tusky Help!

@ConnyDuck @Tusky

Dear #tusky How, or when can I search 2 #hashtags at once? Like: "#browser + #android"?
Maybe even "#art -#ai"?

Please I need this! :blobcatmeltcry:

Anyone here using the "Post text size" setting in #Tusky? Is it a feature or a bug that it affects more than just posts?

Mal wieder ein neuer Multi-Account Client für Fediverse: #Kaiteki
Eventuell wird es Mal eine Alternative zu #Tusky, die anderen Client sind ja meist nur für einen Account nutzbar.

#Question: do apps like #Pinafore and #Tusky support the "local-only post" feature offered by forks like #Hometown and #GoToSocial?

It's there an option to see the #federated timeline using the #Tusky app?

#question #Mastodon

Hi I use your app in Android for Mastodon, Pleroma and Rebased. But why can't I add a Calckey account to Tusky? #tusky#fediverse#calckey

I think I asked this #question before but don't remember: is there a way, via #mastodon or #tusky settings, to exclude a user's posts from the #federated timeline if I'm following them (and hence seeing them on Home)?

Where has function on #Tusky gone to Add people to Lists?

@Tusky are there any settings I can tweak to reduce battery usage on Android? I love the app, have it open frequently, but it is by far the biggest battery usage currently.


#tusky #battery

Die #botsindicator van #tusky...
Is dat misschien een indicator die aangeeft of een account een botje is?

Geen idee wat er anders mee bedoeld wordt. 😇
#dtv #Mastodon

Does each Mastodon app keep the followed hashtags separately? Or is it just different UI? Tusky did not see hashtags followed via web, but web sees hashtags followed via Tusky. Also there is no indication of these anywhere until I directly search for them, only then they can be unfollowed? A bit confusing #UX. #MastodonWebUI #mastodon #tusky #tuskyapp #hashtags

Is it just #Tusky ignoring it, or is the language filter in #Mastodon just not doing much? I've selected Dutch and English in the web interface as part languages I want to see, yet I still regularly get French/German toots. I have nothing against these languages or any others, I just can't read them (well enough). Or are just people just ignoring setting their toot language correctly? Is anybody else having this issue?

New to mastodon... Need #tuskyhelp. Is it not possible to follow a hashtag in #tusky ? I thought the obvious would be long pressing a hashtag and getting some option but nope.

#Tusky *please* make the post editor scroll when it fills up. Writing longer posts (within the standard 500 char limit) is a nightmare, I swear.

@Tusky Is it possible in #Tusky to show all hidden/sensitive posts by default, without having to tap on them? Seems like I had it set up like that but can't find the setting now. Thanks! #faq

@Arkadiusz Świętnicki 🇨🇳 @Jess #tusky on #android can save single private note about an account profile too. I guess it's a server side #mastodon thing.

Our FAQs have been updated thanks to @nikclayton! They are the best place to start if you have any questions about #Tusky, take a look:

one feature I would love in @Tusky , the amazing Mastodon app, is a little more buffer/spacing above and below the comment / retoot / favorite buttons. I have some dexterity issues and keep tapping links or other posts because they're close-by. Thank you for any help you can give #Tusky #devs 💛 - your app is amazing! #accessibility

It's there a way on #Tusky to see trending posts, as one can in the main Mastodon app when you hit the search icon? @Tusky


There is a translate option on my server. I can use it on the website, but can't find a way on #Tusky

Would you be interested in #Tusky on the #Huawei Appgallery?

Option 1, Yes, I'm a Huawei User and I would like it on the Appgallery.
Option 2, No, I'm a Huawei User but I would prefer FDroid.
Option 3, I still want to vote but I'm NOT a Huawei User.

  • Yes, I'm a Huawei User. (5%, 18 votes)
  • No, prefer FDroid. (22%, 77 votes)
  • I am not a Huawei User. (72%, 255 votes)
350 voters. Poll end: 2 years ago

Frage zu #Tusky:
Kann ich die automatische Silbentrennung irgendwie ausschalten?
#TuskyHelp #Barrierefreiheit

Klient pro #mastodon #tusky změnil na androidu ikonku. Za mě je to velké plus, protože konečně je vizuálně jedinečná

@Tusky Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to change the colours in Tusky. Particularly the blue of links and hashtags is hard to read against the dark or black theme for me. I haven't found any option for it, have i missed it or am I out of luck? Thanks. #Tusky #tuskyhelp

I've just contributed to @Tusky, an excellent fediverse client for Android. Consider supporting them too — every little helps!
#FOSS #Tusky
Screenshot of Open Collective "thank you" page showing a $12 annual support payment towards Tusky.

#Tusky updatet auf dem Galaxy Tab S7+ nicht, nichtssagende Fehlermeldung ("kann nicht installiert werden"). Taucht auch nicht unter Updates im Play Store auf, muss manuell danach suchen. Bin im Beta-Programm, habe trotzdem noch immer nicht das neue Icon bekommen, installiert ist 19.0.
Könnte über F-Droid aktualisieren, aber wenn das ein Store-Fehler ist, sollte man ihn fixen.

All good. I'm just curious... ;-)

Thank you for providing #Tusky!

Post editing will come with #Tusky 21! We are already working on it, thank you for your patience!

#Tusky 20 is out! 💙
It is already available via Google Play, F-Droid should follow soon!
Here is the full changelog:
Enjoy ^_^