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@milan Ich bekomme keine Benachrichtigungen, wenn mir in einer laufenden Diskussion jmd antwortet. Der # Entwickler meint, es könnte ggf. am Server liegen.

Seit gestern funktioniert mein # nicht mehr. Ich hatte mich dann daran abgemeldet. Wenn ich jetzt auf anmelden gehe, soll ich die Instanz angeben (""), aber damit scheint es nicht zu funktionieren.

Habt ihr eine Idee für mich?


!Friendica Support Have there been any changes recently in how # handles notifications and replies to posts? I've seen an utterly weird situation of a (private?) response not visible in # or friendica web but only in # and apparently somehow linked to my Mastodon account? Hard to even describe this... 😯 @Matthias/E

!Friendica Support Tried to respond to a CWed post in recent # and got an ... interesting outcome. Is this an issue in # or rather a @Tusky display problem...?

Latest version of # in F-Droid seems to be 17.0 (as of 17th April 2022).

Older versions listed: 17.0 beta 1 (8th April 2022), 16.0 (28th Feb. 2022) and 15.1...

Guess, the 18 betas aren't yet available via F-Droid?
Or something different for the development of Tusky 18?

!Friendica Support Maybe a stupid question, but ... is there _any_ way, in Friendica, to set up a timeline that contains posts that have at least one out of several hashtags / keywords _and_ use this timeline with some mobile app? I am a bit unsure here as I know, in example, in # I can create in-app timelines for just that purpose - but that doesn't seem to work as expected with friendica. Example: Setting a timeline to filter tags like "photography,teampixel,fotografie", on Mastodon this would retrieve posts containing "photography" or "teampixel" or "fotografie". With friendica, this timeline apparently only displays posts containing "photography". I am unsure whether this is a friendica limitation in implementing Mastodon API, that's why I would be interested in learning whether there are other solutions to achieve the same effect here...?

I enabled "hide the title of the top toolbar" in the @Tusky preferences and now I don't know how to access the preferences, switch my accounts etc. 🤦‍♂️ Could anyone tell me if I am the problem or if that's a bug? #

@utzer ~Friendica~
ja ich hatte mich da schon mal mit zweien unterhalten - bin aber mit meinen Ideen nicht so wirklich gut angekommen.
Vielleicht probiere ich es noch mal - dazu muss ich mir dann eine Dev Instanz aufsetzen - da ich aktuell eh noch ein Problem habe mit diesem Account hier habe, wo mir keiner weiterhelfen kann.
Auf dieser Instanz hier habe ich zwei Accounts - einer davon lässt sich in # einbinden, während der andere (also dieser hier) sich nicht einbinden lässt.

Das ganze hab ich auch auf zwei Android Geräten ausprobiert mit dem gleichen Ergebnis.

Hello !Friendica Support

on my instance i am running two accounts. But i have on strange thing i cannot declare for myself.
On my mobile (android) i am using # for mobile communication.
But one account can be implemented into # without any problems but the other account can not be integrated.
After login with username and password the account is not integrated correctly - # means my accountname ist (so the name is missing)

the other account @Oberfranke ♋ will be integrated without any problems.

has anybody an idea oder can i log the auth process somewhere in # to find the bug?

# about # # #
Isn't there a way to ad someone to a list from their profiles? I can do that from the web, but apparently not on Tusky. I like the app but lacking this simple feature borders the bizarre

Submitted an improved Italian translation for #!

If you speak Italian, please take a few minutes to review and approve the new strings:

@Tusky, you prevent access to the # network ( Let's say now it's good because I would not like them and they are bad…

In the future, will we still agree about good/bad notions? We are not Facebook here. Keep this in mind!

In addition to this, you did not even explain the censorship: you just rickroll your user. Instead, EXPLAIN your point of view. And face such a shame of the free software community.

Give us back our right to read 😡

Thanks to #, the non-# software.

Co je u oficiální aplikace # super, je dobře fungující push oznámení.
Ale stejně zůstávám u #

My # device's most frequently used apps. They're are not in any particular order:

• #
• #
• #
• #
• #
• #
• #
• #
• #
• #
• #

!Friendica Support Still wrestling with notifications in # and desktop/mobile: At first, notifications on # or any other mobile app includes (a) reposts of my posts, (b) "likes" on my posts, (c) responses to my posts and (d) new posts by people for which I wanted to receive notifications. This is good, this is exactly how I want it. On desktop, notifications apparently in _general_ contain way more, including any kind of interaction with any post I somehow "touched" (and be that just a thumb-up). This is both way too much and useless in most situations. Is there some way to configure these notifications to behave similar to how they do in mobile apps? And, adding to that: At times (not sure why and how), in "mobile", the notification tab is empty all of a sudden, with all previously displayed notifications being removed or lost or hidden or whatever. Haven't found a pattern yet why that happens, but it's a tad annoying as sometimes this way information is lost. Any way to understand what's going on and by chance fix this...? Thanks! 🙂️

Currently known # 17.0 bugs (you can stop reporting these, they will be fixed in version 18 which we plan to release to beta in a few days)
- Android 5 fails to login
- problems posting images in some cases
- new Mastodon 3.5 notification types not displayed

So many new people around here 😲
Welcome everyone!
I am #, an Android app for Mastodon! (I work with other server software like Pleroma and Pixelfed as well, but 🤫)

!Friendica Support One of the "issues" I constantly experience in # while using this via apps is: Hashtags and accounts look and feel different than while being connected to Mastodon. In example #: Connecting to Mastodon, in hashtags the "# is part of the link and clicking that link makes the app open a view displaying posts for that hashtags. Connecting to Friendica, the "# in a hashtag apparently is not part of the link, but clicking the hashtag will open an external browser and display content for that particular hashtag in a Friendica web interface. This is a bit weird, hard to describe and hard to explain (maybe I'll add screenshots). For accounts, this is similar. Any idea why it happens this way...?

Ich habe nochmal zwei Fragen zu #:

Was genau tut der Benachrichtigungsfilter?

Was genau wird eingeschränkt wenn ich die Option "Timeline-Benachrichtigungen einschränken" aktiviere?

Hab versucht das zu googeln, bin aber irgendwie nicht fündig geworden. 🤷‍♂️

Danke schonmal für die Antworten 🙋‍♂️

It's time to make this official:

Hi, I'm @maloki, and I've joined the # team.

My main focus will be answering you questions here, (check out our pinned posts), working on a FAQ, and figure out funding avenues.

I'll also work with the rest of the team @ConnyDuck , @charlag and other contributors, to move the project forward by listening to your feedback and trying to make your # experience even better.

Tusky - Mastodon client for Android

Tusky-Nightly-Users! The current nightly build is release candidate for # 4! Please tell me about all problems you find! #

I have a new primary Mastodon account ->
This account will be closed soon, follow the new account for # updates and the occasional # post ✨

Publicando desde # y de momento me está gustando la evolución...

A ver si me convence para cambiar...

is # adding empty lines that in the notification tab for anyone else? i know i should look at github issue shh
screenshot of the phenomenon described

Ok @Michael Vogel and @Hypolite Petovan - we already had the topic with "burnt" identifiers and I know when it is deleted that it is "broken". For this reason I thought that I could "save" it and then import it again (with all the keys and so on) - but apparently this is not possible - what a pity.

Because my problem is that I have two identifiers on this instance and on my mobile phone I use # as an app for Friendica.
The only strange thing is that I can integrate one identifier into Tusky, while the other identifier causes strange things. This is integrated with "" instead of with" - so it is of course not possible to use this identifier in the app.
If I use this identifier in the browser, everything works fine.
As I said, another identifier works without any problems - I have also given both of them admin rights ('admin's email address'). (of course only one admin at a time)
I have also tried it on another mobile phone, but always with the same problem. For this reason, I think that something in the database has got stuck with this ID. Or that there is something wrong somewhere. The only question is where.

Deleting it and creating a new one would be the only idea I still have, but with the burnt ID it's not possible anyway.
A completely drastic step would then only be to delete the instance, create a new sub-domain and set everything up again.
The old identifiers will then be in the Fediverse for all Internet eternity and will probably be found when people search for me - but they will only be dead mailboxes.

Maybe you have another brilliant idea?

!Friendica Support
Kann man irgendwie seinen Account "reparieren" ohne das man den Schlüssel für den Account verliert?

Denn irgendwas muss mit diesem Account hier nicht stimmen.
Dieser lässt sich nicht in # einbinden, während ein andere Account auf der gleichen Instanz ohne Probleme funktioniert.

Getestet habe ich das auch auf unterschiedlichen Android Handys.
Ansonsten scheint der Account hier im Browser usw. ohne Probleme zu funktionieren.

weiß jemand wo # seine config und cache dateien auf dem # phone ablegt?

Need another app besides the crappy #. Still sucks as hell...

!Friendica Support
is there a document which # API Functions are already implmented in #
I don't know if this is a bug in # or the api is not implemented.

If i make a bookmark in tusky i will not be in friendica. On the other hand if I mark on entry in friendica it will be shown as bookmark in tusky.

Wer weiß wo tusky seine Anmeldedaten auf dem Handy speichert ... Ich müsste da Mal eine komplett frische Installation machen, da es von der gleichen # Instanz einen Account einträgt, aber einen anderen nicht.

# # # #

!Friendica Support Is media upload with Friendica and recent version of # broken for everyone or just me...?

anyone has problem with Tusky nightly build? my started crashing 😩 #

Installed already yesterday on a separate device... so i can confirm availability via F-Droid.
#tusky #fdroid

Had to manually update #Tusky to 16.0 because it's still not available in #FDroid. Got tired of waiting. Once it's available there, I'll reinstall 16.0 from there. @fdroidorg

thank you for the awesome Work on #Tusky. 👍😀