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Zkouším místo #Tusky jeho fork #Pachli. Na první pohled téměř totožné, co však je fajn, je možnost překladu. Přijde mi také, že má transparentnější vývoj.

The newest #Tusky nightly crashes on Android 14 when sending a new post. I already fixed the problem, but now Google Play blocks the app update. I hope this is resolved soon, sorry for the inconvenience & thanks for testing Tusky!
cc @Tusky

Daaamn, I'm tired of people recommending to me #tusky / #tuskyapp . It's UI feels very outdated.

The compose field I type in right now, feels really slow.

Like really.


Hey @Tusky , guys, your "App Theme" options in settings feels very limited: I wish I could change the colors, have ability to make my own theme.... would love to have that fixed.

Any other decent #Mastodon apps for #Android? #Tusky is OK, but it never remembers its place. Open it, start reading, background it, then open again and it jumps to the top of the timeline. I'd love to see #Tweescake for #Android!

Tusky : some stats 📜

- App overall translation : 63%
- Being translated to : 64 languages
- Some quick numbers on the attached media, provided by Weblate.

You are welcome 🤗 if you want to contribute to translate Tusky :

Yeah, we need contributors from Finland 😉

#Tusky #Translation #l10n #i18n #localization #FLOSS

if you can't tell me anything about this 3.5 MB app update...

As a matter of course, please tell your users where to find the release notes so we can decide if we want it?

#tusky #GooglePlayStore @Tusky

#Tusky 24 is here!

- Unlimited tabs
- Upgraded video player
- Trending posts view
- A whole lot of fixes and improvements

See the full changelog:

The long wait is over!
The #Tusky 24 beta is here!

Check out the release notes:

And how to opt into the beta (or nightly!):

Yet another reason to use #Tusky: image caption UI is great.

OR "how I learned today that the Hide Boosts feature does not apparently work in #Tusky"

So... it's not just rendering my avatar that is an issue now @Tusky 👀

Also @noondlyt avatar also glitches (only in Tusky)

@Sibshops Every video I try cannot be played. With #Fedilab for example it works, in #Tusky not. So, it shouldn't be the phone, except Fedilab comes with codecs exclusively for the app, but I doubt it is so. So what else could be the reason? Thanks

Edit: And no, I can't see this video. After pressing the play button it seems it's loading, then comes a black screen with the message "cannot play this video" (screenshot shows the german message) and that's it. Always the same.

Am I the only one who cannot play any videos at all with #Tusky? A few weeks ago I read something about it, but I cannot find it anymore. I thought the next update will solve the issue, but I still cannot play videos with version 23. I see nobody complaining, that's why I'm asking. Thank you.

#Tusky 23.0 has just been released.

This is primarily a bug fix release after 22.0, although you will also notice a new preference to adjust text size across the user interface.

More details at

#Tusky 23.0 beta 2 has just been released, containing some small bug fixes since beta 1.

The release notes are at

Assuming there are no show-stopper issues in this beta, 23.0 will be released early next week.

Dobrá věc, díky. Já teda zatím nevyužiju, ale sdílím to. Docela mi vyhovuje ten klid před bouří, než zase v průběhu dne krátce spustím #Tusky a naskáčou mi všechna oznámení 😁

Pokud používáte aplikaci #tusky která nemá push oznámení, je zde možnost použít naší jednoduchou #opensource oznamovací službu
👉 Nainstalujte aplikaci ntfy z Google Play
👉 Otevřete nastavení aplikace a nastavte svého poskytovatele UnifiedPush (server ntfy) jako výchozí server. náš je

Nyní budou fungovat v aplikaci Tusky push oznámení.

And while I'm here, in day 8's post ( I discussed the new #Tusky feature that shows what's changed in posts that have been edited. I should also have credited @nasser, who provided valuable feedback while that feature was being developed, confirming that it worked correctly for text written in right-to-left script.

Day 8: See what's changed in edited posts

In #Tusky v22.0 you can now see what's changed when a post has been edited. Deleted text is shown with a red background and struck through, while new text is shown in bold with a green background.

This is a great example of the collaborative nature of open source. I did the initial work in, using DiffX, a third-party library that computes text differences (

Clickable things (links, hashtags) in posts can often be very small, so the area you have to tap to activate them is also very small. #Tusky 22.0 expands the tappable area around these things so you don't have to be pin-point accurate when you tap. That was also me, in

Day 11: Show post statistics in the timeline

#Tusky 22.0 can now show the number of replies, boosts, and favourites posts have on the main timeline.

Previously this information was only available if you tapped on the post.

This is off by default, and enabled with "Preferences > Show post statistics in timeline".

Grigorii Ioffe ( did this and made their first contribution to Tusky, in

Day 10: Accessibility improvements

We made a number of changes in #Tusky 22.0 to improve accessibility

Some users reported that the design of the "Load more" break made it difficult to spot amongst other posts in a timeline.

@lakoja updated the design so that it is more visually distinctive in

The swipe-to-refresh gesture is not always accessible to assistive devices. I added an accessible "Refresh" menu entry as an alternative in

There are two bugs we know about that will be fixed in the 22.1 release, and are already fixed in #Tusky nightly.

1. The mechanism that's used to highlight changes does not work well if the changes run over more than one line. The change highlighting runs off the right margin.

2. Your server might know that a post has been edited, but it does not have a copy of the actual edits, so it doesn't return them. If this happens Tusky will crash. Sorry about that,

Day 9: Account headers

In #Tusky 21 you could view an account and tap the avatar picture to view it full screen.

But you couldn't do that with the account's header image. Now you can.

KWierso ( noticed this and suggested it should be fixed, and @Tak made the change in

It was also possible for an account's header image to obscure the buttons at the top of the page. I fixed that in

Day 8: See what's changed in edited posts

In #Tusky v22.0 you can now see what's changed when a post has been edited. Deleted text is shown with a red background and struck through, while new text is shown in bold with a green background.

This is a great example of the collaborative nature of open source. I did the initial work in, using DiffX, a third-party library that computes text differences (

Ale tak toto je pěkné. Trending hashtags v #Tusky. Proč jsem si toho nevšiml dřív?

Day 7: Additional filtering controls

Mastodon 4.x introduced new filter options.

New filters have names, so you can give a filter a name that does not include the text you are filtering.

Filters can also be configured to hide content or show a warning.

And a single filter can be used to filter out multiple different words, instead of needing one filter per word.

The new filter support in #Tusky supports all these options, thanks to @Tak in

Day 6: Show media controls for audio files

This was a regression in #Tusky v21 -- if you were playing audio file attachments the controls (play, pause, etc) would disappear, and tapping on the screen would not bring them back.

That's obviously not great.

@vv noticed this and provided a very clear bug report. @EricFrohnhoefer did the work to fix this in

I recently learned that it is super easy to run your own #UnifiedPush server if you already have a #NextCloud:
- Install the UnifiedPush Provider app in the NextCloud
- Install NextPush for Android

Took me like 5 min and now my #Tusky push notifications go through my own server, how cool is that

Day 5: The Notifications Tab

The #Tusky notifications tab has got some new behaviour in v22.0.

Like yesterday there's quite a lot to cover here, so I've written about it over at

Shorter updates to resume tomorrow...

Day 4: Android Notifications

#Tusky v22.0 changes how Android notifications are displayed.

There's quite a lot to cover, and rather than spam the feed with 20+ posts I've put the write-up at

My greatest thanks to the #Tusky developers who added these awesome usability improvements

LOAD MORE used to have a white background which was the same as toots. Which made it very easy to scroll past without noticing, resulting in timeline disorientation. The change to a grey background means I haven't missed a single one today. It's also subtle enough that it's not annoying 👍

Newly discovered bonus! Alt-text editing is now truly awesome in my opinion! 👍👍

#Tusky Rocks!

But here we are, a few months later, and #Tusky v22 supports this too. When you're editing one of your posts you can now tap any images you attached and edit the description and focus point.

@Tak did a lot of the initial work to support post editing in Tusky, and he's responsible for this new feature too, in

Day 3: #Tusky v22 is smarter about the language defaults when you reply to a post.

The list of languages in the language menu is now sorted to prioritise:

- The language the post you're replying to was written in
- Your default posting language
- The languages you've configured in Tusky
- The languages you've configured in Android (Settings > System > Languages and Input)

@Tak did the work here, in

Day 2: Editing image description and focus point

#Tusky v21 introduced support for editing the text of your posts.

Unfortunately, Mastodon introduced support for editing image descriptions and focus points too late in the release process for Tusky 21 for it to be included in Tusky (