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#AndroidAppRain again at today with 12 updated and 2 new apps:

* SD Maid SE: the successor of SD Maid – a trusty maid for your Android, to keep it clean & tidy
* ListenBrainz: keeps track of the music you listen to and provides you with insights into your listening habits

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:
both apps look interesting to me, i will definitely give them a shot. 😉

Thanks for sharing. 👍
@kranzkrone Take care for the anti-features on ListenBrainz. I've asked them if their tracker (Sentry IIRC) is configured opt-in, but got no reply yet. If you test the app and find out, feedback would be appreciated so maybe I can drop the Tracking AF.
yep, this Tracking and also the point about collecting and sending data from me to some unknown location was a bummer for me, didn't install the app yet. 🙄

Don't like this kind of no explanation about about a service, at all.