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#AndroidAppRain today at @fdroidorg brings you 52 updated and 1 added app:

* OneShot: reminds you of the special moments (photo diary with one shot per day)

Enjoy your #free and #foss #Android #apps with #FDroid :awesome:

So, this month I want to buy some good Bluetooth earbuds. Ones that won't lag and stuff with Android. I have a Galaxy S20 FE 5G, but I'm not really sure which codecs it really supports. So, which headphones/earbuds, under like $300, are really good, have nice base like the AirPods Pro, and have as little latency as possible?

#Android #earbuds #base #lowLatency

So I could see myself using MacOS. But my goodness, I can't tell y'all just how versatile Windows and its screen readers are. Like with just NVDA, I can access Win32 and web apps, and CLI apps, both on Windows and Linux through WSL. Using Windows Subsystem for Android and WSA's screen reader, which is a forked version of TalkBack set to speak using OneCore TTS, I can access Android apps. When TalkBack decides to work in WSL, I can access Linux apps. So like, that covers desktop, web, mobile, CLI, and Linux desktop. Oh and Emacs, can't forget Emacspeak which is another environment on its own! Oh and all this is on a single computer powered by an AMD chip. No custom Microsoft chip required, since it works on Intel chips too.

On the other hand, Mac requires VoiceOver for desktop, and web if VO decides to play nice, TDSR for the terminal, cause VO isn't quite there with Terminal access especially in programs like Vim or even ping since VO interupts itself all the time. And iPad apps work with VO, on an M1 or later Mac. No Intel support for that one. Now, I know that MacOS accessibility is, for lack of a better word, tightened to work with stuff like auto-correct and spell checking system wide, and the rotor in apps that support it is very nice. But the screen reader is gonna need a lot more love for me to find that I no longer need a PC.

#accessibility #Mac #Windows #Android #iOS #blind

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg today with 37 updated and 1 new apps:

* Table Habit: Boost your own habit growth with charts.

At apart from 7 updated apps you find the new

* tunedetective: get latest details on your favorite artists

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there are some easy ways #Android #screenreaders could be way faster but developers aren't doing it for some reason. For example when you single tap somewhere on the screen to find out what's there, all the current Android screen readers wait a bit to see if you'll tap again so that they would instead register adouble tap. After that time passes and you don't tap again, only then it'll actually say what's under your finger. Problem is, that wait time is pretty long - humans can double tap way faster than that! If they add an option to make that time shorter, it'd speed things up a ton.
And that's just one way. Now that we got multi-finger gestures, if they ditched diagonal gestures it'd also boost performance. That's because without diagonal gestures, as soon as you swipe enough for it to count as a swipe, it will register a swipe at that direction and immediately perform the action bound to that gesture without waiting until you lift your finger to see if you'll change directions for a diagonal swipe. They could have this as a toggle too, so people who want diagonal swipes could still get them, but it'd be optional instead of mandatory.
I would really like to be able to contribute the changes like that but unfortunately I know nothing about native Android development. #accessibility #blind


I'm looking for a TalkBack accessible international online radio app for android.

I have an African student, she has been using a website but they changed their design and the player is no longer accessible.

I need a free app because she doesn't have a credit card. Hopefully without full screen popup adds.

#accessibility #Android #BlindAndroidUsers #AccessibleAndroid

Game on iPhone: You need screen recognition to find the next button. AI has to help with this.

Game on Android: Oh the next button is the last thing on this web view, so you can just move by controls to get to it.

#accessibility #iPhone #Android

#AndroidAppRain (2/2) at @fdroidorg from today:

* Digits: let children learn numbers in an interactive and fun way
* Nextcloud Tables: companion app for Nextcloud Tables (after pruning almost 40 apps) today has 6 updated and 1 added:

* TimePlanner: planning tasks for the day had 2 modules updated.

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain at today wears a huge ☂️ and has a hole: about 20 apps fell out of it as they didn't see an update for about 5 years but contained too many non-free libs (incl. trackers). Weeding is only half complete, so expect more to go down the drain. If you find some oldies not working, please report!

On the pro side: about 5 apps got their anti-features removed, and you'll soon see why a given AF was applied. So stay tuned!

#FDroid #IzzySoftRepo #Android #cleanup

Finally I got a good catch on just how wack AI language model hallucinations can get and how believable they'll seem to folks who don't know any better.
I asked #chatGPT to list some third party #screenreaders for #Android besides the default one. If you know anything about screen readers, you'll be like "Hell naw!" when you see the model's output.
Output below:
. 1. VoiceOver: VoiceOver is a screen reader developed by Apple for its iOS devices, but it's also available as a third-party option for Android. It provides spoken feedback and enables users to navigate, interact, and control their Android device using gestures and voice commands. 2. JAWS: JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a popular screen reader primarily designed for Windows computers. However, there is an Android version of JAWS available as well, allowing blind and visually impaired users to access Android devices and applications. 3. NVDA: NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is another well-known screen reader for Windows, and it also has an experimental version for Android. NVDA provides speech output and braille support, empowering users with visual impairments to access Android devices.

4 through 6 is shine plus speel and voice assistant which are valid Android screen readers so I'll at least give it that

#AndroidAppRain today at @fdroidorg with 30 updated apps, and at with 10 updated and 1 added apps:

* PObY-A: scanner to help improve privacy and malware detection

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

After 5(?) months of weekend development, the day has come! 🙌

**trunks for Mastodon** is out of beta for #Android and #iOS! :android: :apple:

See the inline thread for links per platform!

Please boost for reach 🥰

#trunkssocial #trunksapp

trunks logo

Setting replies to be unlisted by default is a really nice Moshidon feature.

Opening Mastodon pages IN Moshidon from a browser simply by sharing the url is GAME CHANGING!

I love the bottom toot button too!

#Mastodon #Moshidon #Android #MastodonAndroid #AndroidMastodon @moshidon

A screenshot of the 'open in app' UI for any Mastodon links.

#PSA: #AuroraStore anonymous login is working again:


#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 54 updated and 3 added apps:

* KryptEY: Keyboard for secure E2EE communication
* Music Player Lite: elegant and light weight music player
* URL to PDF Converter: convert any web page into a PDF file

At the same time, 13 updated apps at

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Thanks to clicker captain for sharing said accessible detective #Android game from the AG Forum:

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg today with 28 updated and 4 added apps:

* Audio Notes: take audio recordings
* Notesnook - Private notes app: end-to-end encrypted note taking app
* gptAssist: WebView wrapper für ChatGPT
* SaverTuner: Extension to the built-in Android Battery Saver

Enjoy your #free and #foss #android #apps with #FDroid :awesome:

Hi, #BlindMastodon #BlindFedi #BlindTwitter. I need to use my Pixel 5 #Android phone to record lossless raw audio from the phone's mics. What #accessible apps would you recommend I use? Thanks. #Blind #VisuallyImpaired #Accessibility #A11Y

Added a new card to #Monzo today. On #iOS, I'd have to line the card up using the camera for it to be added. On #Android, I just held the card to the back of the phone, ding, done. #NFC for the win. Couldn't have been easier.

Today's #AndroidAppRain at brings you 14 updated and 1 new apps:

* DroidFrida: portable frida injector for rooted android devices

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

So, iOS developers, how easy was it for you to make your app accessible to VoiceOver? Android developers, how easy was it to make your app accessible to TalkBack?

#accessibility #development #Android #iOS

  • really hard (0%, 0 votes)
  • Kinda hard (25%, 1 vote)
  • Kinda easy (75%, 3 votes)
  • Really easy (0%, 0 votes)
4 voters. Poll end: 1 week ago

I need to repeat that number, it's too nice:

1,111 apps available now in my repo at :awesome:

(next such number means doubling the amount, which will take some™ time 🙈)

#FDroid #IzzySoftRepo #Android #apps

:boost_requested:​ A call to all app developers! ​:boost_requested:

We want your help! While there is an official Calckey client in the works, we'd love to see more third party clients for Calckey start to be worked on! That's why we're putting out a $200 bounty for either an original Calckey app on your mobile platform of choice, or a $150 bounty adding Calckey support to your existing app.

There are some guidelines though:

- Uses the Calckey/Misskey API (, and implements basic features (including all timelines, quotes, reacts, explore, notifications, chats, bookmarks, channels, antennas/lists).

- Written in a language that compiles for your platform of choice (Kotlin/Java for Android, Swift for iOS. No React Native/Capacitor. Flutter is a maybe).

- Follows modern design guidelines for your platform of choice.

- Submitted to an App Store (Play Store or App Store. F-Droid is a bonus!) If you don't have a developer license, we'll also cover the cost of that.

- If you're adding support for an existing app, it must have at least 10,000 downloads.

DM this account if you're interested!


I want to introduce you to the Zuzanka application for recognizing product expiration dates.
It can be used to recognize the expiration date of medicines, food products, yoghurts, cold cuts or whatever else we want.
#android #accesibility #a11y @accessiblemobileapps @accessibleandroid s

So yesterday, I grabbed a Braille display from work that is compatible with TalkBack's current Braille support. I opened a book in Google Play Books. I began to read. I crossed a page boundary, and continued reading. And again. And I didn't have to press any other button but the panning key to scroll forward to the next line of Braille. I still saw "page content," but it looks like the Play Books team has indeed made one able to read continuously. Pretty nice!

#accessibility #Google #Android #Braille #blind

#AndroidAppRain at today with 9 updated and 3 added apps:

* Work Tracker: helps you keep a record of your work hours
* zCalc: simple and beautiful calculator
* locus: Share your location end-to-end encrypted on decentralized servers using Nostr

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

Please boost for reach for developers: Trying to figure out ways that developers could use TalkBack, and VoiceOver, better in games and more interactive apps. So, in most screen readers, there's a way for developers to speak things without them appearing on the screen. Like, "item added to cart." or in a game, "You win," or in a QTE, "swipe up." So, I found this stackoverflow post for Android developers.

So, hopefully, that allows developers to do things a bit easier. Also remember accessibility actions and such like that too.

On iOS, you'll use the post notification interface:

Posts a notification to assistive apps.
Call when you have view components that change very frequently or that appear or disappear. .announcement, argument: "some text")
Once the line above gets triggered, VO will read “some text”.

For setting a direct touch area, where touch exploration is off so that taps are sent directly to the app, great for games, in Android you may be able to use the following:


I got this from

This lead me to,

I don't know if apps can use this directly, but it's worth looking into.

For iOS, you'll just use the method on this page:

Hopefully this helps, especially in making awesome games that blind people can play!

#accessibility #blind #android #apple

#Followerpower: Welche(n) Browser nutzt ihr auf dem Desktop/Mobil?

Bei mir geordnet nach Nutzungshäufigkeit.

- LibreWolf
- Chromium (gehärtet bzw. entgoogeled)
- Firefox (Desktop)
- Brave (Android)
- Vanadium (Android)

#browser #sicherheit #datenschutz #android #ios #desktop #mobil

Double #AndroidAppRain today. At @fdroidorg 17 updated and 1 (*) new apps, 7 updated and 2 (+) added apps:

* Sensor Server: stream various phone's sensors to websocket clients
+ KryptEY: keyboard with local encryption for any messenger (fight chat control!)
* Digitales Amt Liberator: removes root and bootloader checks from the Digitales Amt app (Austria)

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

I don't know if this is a bad idea:
What if Gnome or someone made GTK compatible with Android. I don't think it is currently. There are so many great Apps built with GTK, which could or would be popular on Android phones. #Linux #Android #gtk #gnome

A brand new Pixel 6 Pro, which I got in December last year and which I haven't used as my daily driver, is having a hardware issue that this phone should not have. I mainly use it as a testing device. The speakers are dying and bluetooth is not workingon a regular basis. The attached hardware keyboard works intermittently and the Pixel Buds often cut out.

no wonder that Samsung is eating Google's lunch when it comes to #Android hardware. And #Google wants $1800.00 for a foldable?

Here are the newest community submissions to Mozilla Connect -- these are features you'd like to see in #Thunderbird (and eventually, Thunderbird for #Android).

Add your opinions to the mix, and vote on the ones you believe in.

Researchers reveal many low-cost #Android phones and smart TVs from lesser-known brands, sold in the US and owned by millions, come with #malware preinstalled.

So I just got done playing Mortal Kombat on my iPhone, and I wanted to unpack my thoughts on it, mobile gaming, and accessibility across mobile systems. So, I never thought I'd ever be playing Mortal Kombat on my phone. I mean, this is a little iPhone SE 2 with 64 GB storage and 3 GB RAM. And yet, on my AirPods Pro 2 even, I'm able to win fights, in the classic combat tower thing. My account is at like level 11, and I was able to even drag my Fujin card to be my main team member. Your main is in the middle, BTW.

Anyway, look at this though. The whole time, from navigating the interface, and in battles, VoiceOver is on. The app uses a Direct Touch Area during battles, then switches to an interface view when done. So, during battles, a tap or swipe is sent to the app, but the app can still send text to be spoken by VoiceOver. Then the interface is navigated using VoiceOver's usual commands. This isn't using some self-voicing screen reader made by the devs. And while one *could* do that on Android, the user would have to turn off TalkBack, and the game creator would have to design a whole self-voicing interface for the thing. And y'all know what? That's fucking sad. It's sad that people with Android can't play a game cause Google can't possibly have spent resources over the last ten years to make frameworks that devs can make intuitive, powerful, seemless experiences with. And I'm not saying this game is perfectly accessible either. It'll tell you VO functionality on the iPhone isn't perfect yet. But on the iPhone, game developers can use this stuff, and Injustice 2, not the original, has this kind of stuff too, although I wasn't able to get far into it. And if big studeos like NetherRealm can do this much, it ain't because it's the right thing to do as much as it's gotten easier and better to do this. The iPhone can *definitely* be a great gaming system, even for blind people.

#accessibility #iOS #apple #MortalKombat #android #google

Time for another #AndroidAppRain with 14 updated apps at @fdroidorg and 15 updated plus one added app at

* Hammer: a simple tool for building stories

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

#android #developer #reminder

You don't need to download the #android #sdk #binaries from #google .

You can compile the #sdk by yourself from the source code to write #android #apps.

Check this repository at #codeberg , it will do the job for you.

All you need are the scripts from this #repo , 32 GB #ram , approx. 300 GB free disk space and some patience.

Then, you can start coding for #android without the proprietary #sdk binaries from #google!

#AndroidAppRain time again at @fdroidorg with 21 updates – and at with 5 updated and 2 added apps:

* Next Player: simple material you video player based on Media3
* MyGarden: simple app to manage your Garden

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

Nice & good video about app stores, #privacy & #Android which is worth looking:

Also highlights some aspects you might not have considered (or not consciously).

Today's #AndroidAppRain at brings you 4 updated and 4 added apps:

* Font Gallery: display how different fonts families and their variations look
* blood pressure app: save and analyze blood pressure values
* Quacker: a Twitter client
* FastLyrics: downloads lyrics for the song you're listening too

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

Please boost for reach. Today is #GAAD. Instead of just reading about enhancements, bug fixes, how to make X accessible, and so on, why not try something out.

Close your eyes, put your hands on your input method of choice, and try to use your computing device. Oh no, no output? Well, I'll give you a simple cheat sheet to get started:

* Windows: (Narrator screen reader) Press Control + Windows + Enter.
* MacOS: (VoiceOver) Press Command + F5.
* Linux: (Orca) Press Alt + F2, type orca, and press Enter.
* Android: (TalkBack) Hold down both volume keys for a good 5 seconds. You'll hear instructions on how to turn it on, keep holding the buttons.
* iPhone: (VoiceOver) Tell Siri to "Turn on VoiceOver."

Now you can really start learning. You'll be frustrated, lost, and ready to open your eyes. Stick with it for a while though. And then come up for air, read about it, and consider what you've learned. Basically, walk a bit in our shoes. No, it's not perfect. You can open your eyes. We can open ours as wide as we want and still not see anything. You remember visual layouts of windows, and we don't have that data. But it's close enough for this day. And who knows, maybe you'll consider doing this more often. Maybe you'll think about making this more than a once a year thing. If so, find others who feel the same, and join the accessibility movement. We'll be glad to welcome you!

To turn the screen readers off:

* Narrator: Control + Windows + Enter
* MacOS: Command + F5.
* Linux: Alt + F2, type "killall orca", and press Enter.
* iPhone, Tell Siri to "Turn off VoiceOver."
* Android: Hold down both volume buttons, or tell Google Assistant to "turn off TalkBack."

#accessibility #blind #gaad #Windows #Mac #Linux #iPhone #Android