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Items tagged with: hashtag

People, please start using CamelCase (aka PascalCase) to break apart words in #HashTags.

It makes it easier to read and more #accessible. Single words are OK to keep lowercase, unless they are proper nouns 😉

As an instance moderator, it makes it easier to review if you're a #MastoAdmin.


#Mastodon #HashTag #accessibilty

@jamesbritt also shared you can #Use_The_Underbar!

Please #boost this for visibility and to help improve the lives of many people.

If there is a #hashtag in the text, you also get a list of used hashtags at the end of the note or comment. If you click on the #hashtag inside the text, it links to the instance the comment or posting is coming from, if you click on the hashtag at the end, you open the search for this hashtag on your instance. So you have the choice. I like it this way.

@Angela Solothurnmann Tags are mainly added to your own posts with regular hashmark notation like this: #hashtag

The posts you mention are meant to add tags to other people's posts where you had no access to the body.

Ist die gezielte Suche nach #hashtag nur in der #Tusky App so umständlich. Man muss in der Ergebnisliste erstmal wieder genau den Hashtag suchen den man eingegeben hat. 🥲

du kannst auch ein #hashtag nach interesse in die suche eingeben. dann erscheint rechts oben ein plus-zeichen mit dem du das quasi speichern /abonnieren kannst.