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We had an #accessibility meeting about at-spi2-core, pyatspi2, orca - notes at

BigBlueButton seems usable with a screen reader! Everyone was able to participate just fine.

HedgeDoc, not so much?

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We put a lot of work into screen reader compatibility in BigBlueButton for accessibility in education, I'm glad to hear that it worked for you. I'll pass your message onto the client developers :)
@kepstin At one point I was the only sighted attendee, and everyone was talking happily; they could read the chat, mute, unmute, and everything. Good job to you and your team!
my co-op spoke to the hedgedoc devs about the lack of screen reader support and they said its not fixable without a rewrite which is planned for who knows when
@kawaiipunk bleh. We'll have to look for another tool.

(Do you have any idea if etherpad works?)
I'm not sure sorry. We went back to sending documents via email for this client.
I have used etherpad lite to an extend. Editing the document is easy with orca and firefox. It has keyboard shortcut for jumping from the document to toolbar and back. Finding out who wrote what part is not as straightforward.