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People who use screen readers! The level three headings are now removed from GitHub repository landing page file tables.

It might take a bit for the changes to propagate, and don't forget you might need to refresh your browser tabs. Please let me know if they still persist after that, and I'll try and get to the bottom of it. #accessibility

#JavaScript geeks

I'm working on a browser plugin. Is there a way to specify the width of a new window in em?

Like if your default font size is set larger than the browser's default I want my new window to be bigger to accommodate it.

Do i just have to create it with specific pixel dimensions and then have JS to resize it after its loaded ?


So I've finally been driven off of Microsoft edge and on to #Firefox. The #a11y work that's been done over the last few years really shows; it flies with #NVDA on my system. Also, syncing of tabs works better than on either Edge or Safari, and my tabs from other devices are actually in a reasonable place where I can find them. However, I really, really miss the automatic generation of #alttext that both Edge and Chrome have built-in. I know Firefox was going to make that a thing, but I believe the disgusting shrieking of folks against #AI even for #accessibility killed it. I do wish it was an addon, at least. There are a couple pages where I still need to go back to Edge to use them because the image links aren't labeled. Not using them isn't an option; bills gotta get paid. I also had to turn off all of the tracking protection stuff to get HCaptcha to work. Sadly, in a battle between privacy and accessibility, for me, accessibility *has* to win every time. While I'm enjoying the speed and slightly better access to certain parts of pages, I couldn't recommend it to average #blind users at this point. You have to change random settings to get some things to be #accessible, and you have to use another browser whenever alt-text is missing.

Hello all. This might be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone in the #blind #vintage #tech spaces would know what dc jack the Braille 'N Speak took, specifically if the centre poll was negative or posative. I know there are 9v and 12v units. #accessibility

As expected, the Chromium intake person was unable to reproduce the issue (it may have been kit this time?), so I got 5 people to confirm and added a video:…

I really do hate how hard it is just to get a bug to get taken up.

I mean, I had to re-file this one because the original was closed due to not reading instructions:…

Anyway, thanks for those who helped.

#accessibility #a11y #Chrome

Got enough confirmation. Filed a Chromium bug:

Named regions with `tabindex` hide content from TalkBack…

Thanks all!

#a11y #accessibility

Chrome / TalkBack bug I first reported in 2020, and which was fixed for a time (?) appears to be back. Looking for confirmation before I file yet another one.

A named region with a `tabindex` does not expose its contents. Chrome / TalkBack only announces its accName and role.

I think I have an ugly workaround (“Shawarma” heading).

Test case:…

Similar to issue I filed earlier this month, which I limited to APG tab panels.

#accessibility #a11y

Good news, everybody!

Fix coming in v128, or 20 Aug 2024 (stable release), for this Chrome / TalkBack bug:

Named regions with `tabindex` hide content from TalkBack…

There are two related bugs that I am hopeful it will fix but no idea?

Anyway, file bugs. It’s the only way stuff has a chance to get fixed.

#a11y #accessibility

@FreakyFwoof I actually bought it and tried it. The app is a bit confusing to use and I could not initiate the connection without a sighted person’s help. I wrote to the company but so far only got the “we are sorry” response with no commitment to #accessibility as of this writing. It's best to use the drone outside as it needs quite a bit of room for most of its modes to work well. Great idea though!

#a11y #wwdc24 #WWDC #swiftui…

I'm trying to collect what #XMPP clients are usable with screen readers.

weirdwriter recommended:
Windows: MirandaNG
iOS: Monal and Siskin,
Android Conversations is rumored to be decent.
Web: Conversejs

So does anyone else have experience with using jabber clients with screen readers on Android, OS X, or Linux? Does that match other screen reader users experiences?


#SwiftUI does a lot of amazing #accessibility work behind the scenes, AND you can still customize the experience to give your users the very best of your app! Check out
Tommy's talk: Catch up on accessibility in SwiftUI! #wwdc24…

Asking on behalf of a friend who is losing their vision: what screen reading software do you use?

Do me (and them) a favor and boost?

#ScreenReader #accessibility

In a thread yesterday it was made clear that disabled people who don't use something that we might call "assistive technology" are still covered by accessibility guidelines.

They might use:
- autofill / autocomplete
- predictive text
- zoom / text size
- high-contrast or forced colors
... there are more, I'm sure.

I feel like I need a name for this - like browser or OS "accommodations"? Do they already have a name? I'm trying to search for more similar uses.

Thank you!


Somehow, I feel like Braille Screen input on the iPhone is even *faster*! Like, much more responsive.

#wwdc #accessibility #blind

Anyone know the repo where I can start filing #Accessibility failures in Jitsy Meet mobile for iOS? Would love to move my team to it for meetings but we're blind and they are less tech savvy than I am. When can I be tired?

shrug. I think honestly these days you need both. Certain apps work fantastic on iPhone and garbage on Android, and other times its the exact opposite. Use Telegram? Probably want ANdroid. Use the arlo smart home app? Probably iPhone. Invested in the Google ecosystem? That'll be Android. Oh, you wanted to access something on an iCloud backup from five years ago? Yeah, that's an iPhone. Do you use a mac for work? iphone. Do you use Windows for work? Probably Android if you want to link it to Windows. Do you like mobile but just can't stand VoiceOver for some reason? Android has multiple screen readers so pick one. With everything going app-first or even app-only these days the reality very quickly becomes that if you want to do all the things, you need more than one phone. That's what #accessibility is, now.

I maintain a CLI application and I’m wondering about accessibility. What does an accessible CLI look like? What sort of patterns are good or should be avoided? Any good examples out there? Or research papers?

I have some ideas, but I’d prefer to learn from others first.

#accessibility #programming #softwaredevelopment

Anybody else running #iOS 18 beta with VoiceOver experiencing a crash as soon as opening VoiceOver settings>speech? I was thinking it was because I use ESpeak, but uninstalling it didn't seem to fix it. #Apple #VoiceOver #Accessibility

Very amused to note that we can now use the personal voice created last year or newly created personal voice with Voiceover. Kinda sounds terrible though. There is a few seconds of delay on my iPhone 14 Pro

#accessibility #a11y #WWDC24

The first voiceover related thing I should highlight is the availability of a Voiceover tutorial on iOS and iPad OS 18. It seems to be quite good.

#accessibility #a11y #WWDC24

As usual, I'll be doing #iOS and #iPadOS #accessibility testing with the new operating systems that Apple is about to release. I'll post the findings in this thread.

Considering the rumers, I suspect more instability. If you can, wait till people have at least given things a go before installing new beta operating systems on your primary devices. It won't be fun.

#WWDC24 #Apple

If you're one of those who is considering taking the plunge into #iOS18, if you've already done it, or even if you're just curious and want to track reported issues, I've created a forum topic over on @AppleVis to have a centralized place to talk bugs/issues.…
#iOS #Accessibility #Apple #Beta

Images without text alternatives is a huge problem. The issue is magnified when the image is a link. Realize that screen reader users receive no valuable information when the image wrapped with a link is missing a text alternative.

Ensure that all images, including those that act as link, provide appropriate text alternatives.

#DigitalAccessibility #Accessibility #A11y #UXDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment

PiccyBot Review: AI is There to Describe Your Videos, too… #AI #Accessibility #Piccybot

Oh GitHub.

@sclower filed a discussion item (with @jscholes confirming) and since I was bumping into it during a call today I also made a video:…

A lot going on here:
• Verbose.
• The instructions sometimes lie.
• Some triggers are a problem.
• Fake-dialog has issues.
• Those are links, not disclosure triggers.
• Verbose.
• Also, verbose.

#a11y #accessibility

I'm not sure if this is an #NVDA bug, an #NVDAJP bug, or a #Windows bug, but I've noticed something. Anyone have this issue where the home key jumps to the top of the previous line instead of the current line you're positioned on? It happens to me in Notepad and #TWBlue, and it's super annoying. #Blind #Accessibility

If you're a #screenReader user and struggling to find the start of responses in the #ChatGPT interface, you can instruct it to add a heading at the start of each one:

1. In the web interface, press the "User" button.
2. In the menu, choose "Customize ChatGPT".
3. In the dialog that comes up, the second multiline text field is labelled: "How would you like ChatGPT to respond?". In this field, you can add something like: "Whenever you respond, prepend a level 1 heading in the Markdown so I can easily find the start of the response with my screen reader.".
4. Near the end of the dialog, ensure that the toggle switch is in the on position, which will confusingly mean it has a label of: "Disable chat preferences". But this does mean it's enabled.
5. Press "Save".

In my experience, this works for something like 96 to 98 percent of responses, and is probably possible with other models too.


A few responses I'm not interested in:
1. I hate AI.
2. I hate OpenAI.
3. I hate ChatGPT.
4. OpenAI should be better at accessibility (true but unhelpful).
5. "This is a level 1 heading, should it be level N?"

Adrian Roselli shares his approach to creating Alt Text.

#DigitalAccessibility #Accessibility #A11y

Are you interested in accessibility on Mastodon? Are you blind or do you know someone who is blind and wants to use Mastodon?

There is a Mastodon-compatible accessibility app for Windows and Mac called TweeseCake which is designed for blind and sight-impaired people. You can find out more on its website at

You can follow the developers of TweeseCake at @app

(Thank you to @sasquatch for info about this 🙏 )

#Accessibility #Mastodon #Blind #Blindness #Disability

We prefer NVDA, and I'm sure we aren't biased at all :) But, it is free and open source, has a great community, a quick start guide to get you going (and training material if want something more in-depth), made by a charity, and regularly updated :)

#NVDA #Accessibility #ScreenReader

Please boost for reach: There's an open issue on Github about adding scripting support to Retroarch. This would enable scripts like the Pokemon Access mod to be ran on Retroarch, hopefully allowing blind people to actually play the game while mobile. I tried it out and am already making a team in Pokemon Emerald, and in the woods in the first few areas of the game! If anyone is good with adding Lua to things, or if anyone is good at modding games and wants to enhance the Pokemon Access scripts, I'd really appreciate you looking into this.

Github issue:…

Pokemon Access:…

#Pokemon #accessibility #gaming #blind #emulation #emulators #Retroarch #retro #BlindGaming

We often think of Philanthropy purely as donations by the rich, but it is something we can all do. Philanthropy is broader: "the desire to promote the welfare of others". How can you promote the welfare of others this week? Do you know anyone who might benefit from knowing about NVDA?

#pw24 #PhilanthropyWeek #philanthropyawards #Philanthropy #Queensland #Giving #Innovation #NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility

In June 2023, Mick & Jamie, NV Access founders, were honoured with the Philanthropy Innovation Award by Queensland Gives. Last night, we were invited back for the launch of Philanthropy week 2024. We are pleased to share this photo of James, Mick and David Oliver (CEO Speld QLD).

#pw24 #PhilanthropyWeek #philanthropyawards #Philanthropy #Queensland #Giving #Innovation #NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility

I am not the only one to say this:

Please remember that WCAG itself is the bare minimum of #accessibility. Conforming to WCAG does not guarantee something is accessible. It does not even guarantee something is usable. All WCAG does is provide you with a starting point. Lots of WCAG failures suggest the page has not even made it to the starting line.

Which I say at the end of this post comparing free automated WCAG testing with manual testing:…


#Accessibility tip: if sharing an image of text on social media along with a link to some original source, that link is a lot easier for people to reach if you place it directly in the post instead of the image's alt text.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: Accessibility still Trails Innovation… #Samsung #Android #Accessibility

aria-label is one of a number of secondary methods to label native HTML UI elements. It works in some scenarios, less well or not at all on others. Get the details on it's proper and effective usage.

#HTML #ARIA #WebDev #WebDevelopment #DigitalAccessibility #Accessibility #A11y

#AccessKit question. I'd like to recommend this to developers so they can make their projects more #accessible. I noticed there's no documentation. Is it easy enough to learn without the need for documentation? If not, I'm hesitant to recommend something that I know developers are going to struggle with. It's tough enough asking them to make their apps accessible when they don't know much about us, let alone asking them to learn a new library with no docs. #Accessibility #Blind #VisuallyImpaired