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Hi everyone! The games for blind gamers 3 game jam has ended! But that means we have 27 games that want YOUR feedback and submissions! Give these creators some love! #GameDev #Blind #accessibility

OnePlus 12 Review #Android #accessibility #OnePlus

Here's my periodic reminder: alternative text for images is important! It makes your images accessible to people who are blind and provides context for the neurodivergent (like me!).

HOWEVER! Writing appropriate alternative text can be very hard, especially if you don't have a lot of practice.

If you see an image missing alt text, don't be a jerk about it.

If you post an image and can't add alt text, don't be a jerk about it.

#Accessibility and #community go hand in hand. If we're all willing to be a little vulnerable with each other, we can help each other build a space that is accessible for everyone.

Edited to fix a spelling error 😁


Take a hint: an input hint

There's a new #GNOME initiative, and this one's for everyone:

1. Identify entry widgets
2. Evaluate their purpose, and add `input-hints` and `input-purpose` properties judiciously, none is also fine.

Better #Accessibility, better #OSK experience, better software 🙂

ChatGPT Voice Conversations Feature: Why Is It Special, and How to Use It? #GPT #AI #Android #Accessibility

@the esoteric programmer On linux #Accessibility is working fine with #GTK4 if a screen reader is already running. I think you can try to follow the tutorial you like and try to pay extra attention to the keyboard navigation, focus handling and labelling controls that don't have the text by default.

So excited to announce that I am one of five honorees to be granted the 2024 SXSW Community Service Award! This was something I simply wasn't expecting and I'm absolutely floored to be recognized for my work in accessibility :). If you're attending and would like to meet up, please let me know and maybe we can figure something out! More info and link below:

#SXSW #Accessibility #Blind

GNOME attaches great importance to #accessibility, so I vote for a #Fedora with #GNOME 😺

And since disabled people really need a particularly stable and robust operating system, I will even go so far as to recommend the immutable Fedora Silverblue version.

We had a question from someone asking, what Mastodon client for Windows do people use which is accessible with NVDA. I thought here might be the perfect place to post that question? What do YOU use, or how do you access Mastodon on PC? Please let us know!

#NVDA #NVDAsr #Software #Recommendation #WhatDoYouUse #Accessibility #A11y

Ableton on Live 12's #accessibility revolution: "When you say 'accessibility is not on your roadmap', you’re cutting out a lot of musicians from being able to use the tools that you make"

As a front-end developer, there are some things that jumped out to me in the recent screen-reader survey. I'll share a couple of them, but keep in mind that I don't typically use a screen reader myself. You can take a look at the results yourself at:

@frontend #a11y #accessibility #WebAIM #frontend

Yep, cool feature! Try it out when you get it! #accessibility #andorid #ios #google

4) Last October, Google launched Lens in Maps (formerly Search with Live View). This feature uses AI and augmented reality to help you find information about nearby stores. Now, this feature has been upgraded with screen reader support, so you can point your phone’s camera at your surroundings and have TalkBack read the place’s information out loud.


What's the easiest way to get up and running with a screen reader? :bunthink:

I want to try putting on a blindfold and using #Willow exclusively through a screen reader to test its accessibility

#accessibility #a11y #askfedi

It seems there is a fail-safe way to show how much the GPT behind Be My AI can hallucinate - the slips of paper inside fortune cookies. Both a friend and I have had false results with these in two different languages, none of them being English, over a different period of time. Any experiences? And that's my random post for the morning. #Accessibility #Blind #AssistiveTechnology

So uh, the Mac has this interactive fiction client, called Spatterlight. And it’s amazingly accessible! Anyone with a Mac should seriously check this out. It even has Voiceover actions!

#accessibility #macOS #apple #InteractiveFiction #Spatterlight

#GNOME Clocks' timezones dialog is not really keyboard-friendly. These two #accessibility issues I filed would probably be easy for a newcomer to fix:

I just had to fill in an online #DBS form This is a government-run website and it, was, shit! The #accessibility of the page was disgustingly bad.
On-click combo boxes for date pickers, edit fields that are read-only, areas you can't tab out of, no idea how you do this if you're purely a keyboard user, luckily #NVDA got me through the process but that was one time I actively went looking for an accessible version and I didn't find one. Know what I did find though? Their so-called 'accessibility statement' down the bottom, and it reads like corporate tripe and a load of old waffly bullshit of the highest order.
I don't know the last time a website pissed me off and almost stumped me in such equal measure.

The single best thing about the reversibility of multimodal models like GPT-4 is that with the ability to generate Alt Text, #Blind people can now judge books by their covers! 📚👁️‍🗨️💡 #Accessibility #AI #Innovation #TechForGood 🚀🌐

Hey Google Chat UI people:



If anyone knows of any concrete evidence that Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA adversely impacts people with disabilities more than others, I'd be grateful if you could share it with me.
I searched but could not find any; on the contrary, I found at least one study showing that Invisible reCAPTCHA is equally usable for disabled and non-disabled people.
To be clear, I'm not looking for theoreticals, I'm looking for concrete evidence one way or the other.

Be My Eyes 2.2 for Android was released today. It adds the capability to share images from other apps to be used by Be My AI.
#accessibility #Android

I finally got around to writing up some of my thoughts on the Deque CPACC course, just in time for #axeCon

Deque University CPACC Prep Course: A Disabled Perspective

#accessibility #a11y

We've had great feedback on our recent In-Process article on creating portable copies of NVDA. A lot of people use them for testing out beta's of new versions, particularly 2024.1. Have you been trying the 2024.1 betas, and do you use a portable version to do it? If you'd like to find out more, check out our article here:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #Testing #Beta #NewVersion #PreRelease #Accessibility

I know that the mastodon team are suggesting you turn on #hCaptcha for signups to your instance, to combat the spam wave provided by a rudimentary script that doesn't have the smarts to get around it.

I vaguely remember, however, that people have previously raised #accessibility concerns about it. Does anyone have any experience with the accessibility or lack there of, of signing up to instances that use this feature?

If it is indeed inaccessible, I don't consider this to be a reasonable solution.

So apparently server administrators on the #Fediverse won’t be able to name custom emoji in their native languages and expect them to work in Mastodon, because according to @Gargron non-ASCII signs are hard to input and diacritics shouldn’t change the meaning of words:

No, in my view emoji identifiers shouldn’t be ‘straightforward to input for everyone’. Custom emoji are local to a server; they should be straightforward to input for the users of that server. People from other servers don’t ever have to type their names (unless their administrators choose to add them to their own server), so their ability to type them is completely irrelevant.

Why should a server made specifically for people speaking Russian or Japanese have to use ASCII for their emoji identifiers? Their users have no trouble typing Cyrillic or Kanji signs; it’s what they already do when they make a post; it’s how they normally talk. Why force them to use a different language/alphabet when typing emoji identifiers?

Moreover, linking the username issue makes no sense whatsoever. Usernames are typed across servers and it makes sense to impose stricter technical limitations so more people can read, write and recognise them. This is not the case for emoji; you rarely ever need to type other servers’ emoji identifiers. Normally you don’t even get to see them; you only get to see the picture they represent! Assuming server admins do their job responsibly, there is zero added confusion for anyone involved.

I understand that Unicode is complex, language support is challenging and compromises might be necessary at times. But can we please accept the existence of different languages and writing systems as a reality that we should try to accommodate for, rather than change or circumvent? Yes, a and á are different signs. Yes, they might radically change the meaning of a word. That’s not a proposition for us to accept or reject; that’s the reality of our multilingual world, and should be the basis of our discussion.

#lang_en #accessibility #a11y #custom_emoji #development #emoji #emojos #free_software #internationalisation #internationalization #i18n #languages #localisation #localization #l10n #Mastodon #multilingual #programming #software #Unicode

So, Envision is doing this survey. It says to choose my country. I can't type U N to search ahead to United States. I can't hit the End key to move any nearer to it. So I closed the tab. I do *not* have time for AT companies that can't test any outgoing communications, or media, or surveys, or whatever, for accessibility.

#Envision #accessibility

I wrote an article about how to make hastags accessible. Did some #ScreenReader testing with #JAWS, #NVDA, #VoiceOver and #Narrator, which was fun!

Pretty long one though, contains a bunch of tables for comparison. Enjoy the ride!

#accessibility #a11y #html #JavaScript #WebDev #frontend

I’ve been vocal about the fact that when it was working well and before some of the recent changes to the UI, Castro Podcasts for iOS was in my view the best podcast app ever created.
It’s been through some hard times and even faced an existential threat.
But recently, it was acquired by a new owner. I covered this in a recent episode of Living Blindfully, and mentioned that the new owner promised to systematically get through the huge backlog of tech support requests.
Some of those requests related to Living Blindfully, because Castro and our podcast hosting company, Pinecast, were having issues.
Matt from Pinecast and Dustin from Castro now have this sorted, so Pinecast podcasts are flowing freely into Castro again.
Dustin from Castro got in touch with me earlier in the week. I can tell he’s serious and committed to returning Castro to its former glory, and even taking it to greater heights.
We briefly talked about some of the recent #accessibility regressions that have crept into the UI and I’m confident those will be attended to when some of the serious systemic issues are under control.
I am excited about the props ect of being able to return to Castro soon, and I have no doubt at all it’s in good hands.
Oh and a wonderful bonus. They’re even here on Mastodon now. Follow them here:


Axe-Con virtual conference is coming up in under a week! Presented by @dequesystems this year's theme is "Building accessible experiences". We are very pleased to be a donation partner for the event, alongside @blackgirlscode and the Disability Visibility Project. More info on the event and register for FREE to attend
#Axecon #Axecon2024 #Axecon24 #A11y #Accessibility

Updates regarding the Google Gemini app:
1. Google seems to be fixing the Send button not appearing for TalkBack users. It seems to be server-side as some TalkBack users do have the Send buttons and some don't.
2. While the app itself is available only on the US Play Store, its global rollout has started and, via side-loading, people can use it in many countries.
#Accessibility #Android #TalkBack #Gemini #Google #Assistant

I hope #accessibility folks here are signed up for Axe-con, Feb 20-22nd. I’m regularly impressed with the high caliber accessibility talks which are available to everyone for free. Deque’s axe is integrated into so many accessibility tools in 2024, and is playing such a critical role in evaluating against many WCAG 2.2 issues.

If you haven’t already, consider signing up:

There are amazing speakers. It’s free and also allows you to view many of the talks afterward.

I'm wondering how accessible TUIs (terminal user interfaces) are.

If I write a command line program that needs to ask the user to choose from, say, 10 options interactively, which way to do it is more accessible:

1) list the options labelled numbers or letters and then ask the user to type in the corresponding number/letter and press Return

2) use a "fancy" interactive selection mechanism with, say, arrow keys (that presumably redraws the "ui" as the user moves between options)

If someone would attempt to use such a program with a screen reader, would option 2. work at all?

And how about colors?


An older family member with poor eyesight is going to have necessary cataract surgery that will either improve or make the situation worse - and either way will make him very visually impaired for 1-4 weeks. He is very computer dependent.

Wondering if there is a simple explainer for making Windows computers and Android mobiles more accessible, like starting with the basics? Thinking Narrator for Windows, and Voice Access and Lookout for Android. Or someone reliable who could help him out remotely? (Would pay.) :boost_ok:

#Accessibility #AskFedi

The folks at have been working on creating TTS voices for a number of languages. Currently they are looking for testers of Setswana language (A Bantu language spoken in Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia). They have also just released a Nepali voice (used in Nepal). If you would like to try these, please visit their website or write to inq (at) louderpages dot org #Synthesizer #Speech #NVDA #Accessibility #A11y #Language #Africa #SouthAfrica #Neapl

Can generative AI help us write accessible code?

In this post on the @TetraLogical blog, I ask Bard (now Gemini), ChatGPT from OpenAI, and Fix My Code from userway for help writing accessible code:

#GenerativeAI #AI #accessibility