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I often use very short microbreaks during the day to doodle away at some music. Let me show you. This is a snippet from the latest thing I've been chipping away at for a couple days here and there.
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It's not perfect. It's still unfinished, even if it's further along than most of my other projects, so maybe this technique of working on something for a short while agtually works for me. The mix is really hard to get right with so much going on and I had a lot of trouble mixing the low end. I wanted a deep kick but also the bass and they loved to clash in unpleasant ways. Hope it's listenable at least
You know what this needs? An orchestral breakdown. Dunno if I can make that happen, but I'll try!
@Talon Yes an orchestral breakdown, then the main part again and for the radio eed,it that'll be enough. Then make a club mix with beats and the bass line at the begining and at the end so we can mix it on the live gigs. That would be cool.
Didn't know you're into this Trance music. Me and another blind friend from the uk we have a trance project together, and Trance is I think the hardest edm genre to get right when it comes to mixing. I say that from experience.
@djtt88 Are you making music or running a show a podcast or any kind of live mix? I'd like to have a listen if you have something to share. @Talon
@pvagner Well, I used to do some dj mixes for radio stations years ago. Now me and my friend mostly focus on the production side of making music, so not that much dj sets, but we might have stuff happening soon. We'll see about it.
@djtt88 @pvagner Always wanted to get some DJ gear to mix, but yeah the production part is what's most fun for me as well. Trance is incredibly difficult to get to sound right and even if I'm pretty happy with how the track turned out until now, I still think it could be a lot better. There are so many loud elements that all want space in the mix, and then of course the deep kick with the falling tail and the sub love to clash, so it's a fine balance of EQ and compression to get there. Or at least it was for me, not sure how other producers do it.
@pvagner When I meant mixing I meant the mixing of the track when producing. Sidechaining stuff around the kick helps a lot for me. Even using stuff like multiband sidechaining.
@djtt88 @pvagner yup, that's also what I meant. I have a bunch of sidechain buses, one for sub, another for chords and other elements, etc. But getting it very full, loud and consistent is quite difficult.
@djtt88 to be honest I just think it sounds pretty and it kind of ended up that way. I didn't start it with the goal of making a trance track. I just had the melody in mind and it naturally turned out like that. I'm actually pretty unfamiliar with the genre(s) as a whole.
This is actually pretty fire!