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For personal reasons I won't be posting on Mastodon for the forseeable future. However, I just wanted to make it absolutely clear that this has nothing to do with the beautiful #fosstodon community. You guys/ girls have all been really good to me ❀️


Hi everyone at #fosstodon! New year, new instance. I moved here from #Mastodon to see how it works.πŸ˜€

I am Team #FOSS, #FSFE supporter, #Fairphone Angel & #openSUSE member at #Linux User Group #Hannover.


Welcome to anyone new in the #fediverse and #fosstodon !
I hope you like it.

If you want to recommend it to your friends, show them instead of links to the biggest instances. Federation makes this place so great!

#Introduction Hello #fosstodon!

Yet Another Twitter Refugee landing on the shores of the #fediverse #mastodon world.

I am fleeing the unleashing of the trolls in the impending Musk-alypse.

With >41K blocks and <3K follows on Twitter the noise to signal ratio is trending the wrong way. And it will get worse.

Looking for quality follows for: #technology #softwaredevelopment #golang #FOSS #Kubernetes #cloud #InfoSec #ISP #Infrastructure #meditation #physics #photography #CovidIsAirborne

Hi all! Joining #mastodon through #fosstodon.
I am a software developer, researcher and computer science university professor from #argentina.


If you're new to #fosstodon :fosstodon: and looking for a list of available emojis, you can find them here:

Seems like a good time for an "oops I never did a real #introduction" post.

Nice to meet you, my name is Andrew. I'm currently working on my Computer Science degree, and I have a previous degree in Ethics, History, and Public Policy. I'm looking forward to (continuing) chatting with you all!

I have too many interests to list here, but I'm on #Fosstodon because I love to code and I am a strong supporter of open source software. I also enjoy music, particularly classic rock and heavy metal.

I'm now a # patreon supporter. This instance is focused on open source devs. We're the ones who understand what it takes to deploy and maintain reliable sites. We're the ones who have been there. We've been that person building infrastructure with too few resources and too little help. If any community can rally to avoid the failure mode of expecting too much sacrifice from a small number of overworked, underappreciated devs, it's us. So let's do better.

δ½ ε₯½, #! My name is someodd. I like #.

Glad to meet you. Hope to make many friends here.

Here are the replacement apps that I’ve picked for now - Twitterrific for Twitter, Tootle for Mastodon (wanted to try the official Mastodon app, but it doesn’t support viewing the local timeline - a must for me on #Fosstodon ❀️), 1Blocker for ad blocking.