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Krásné páteční #dobre_ranko přátelé #fediverse
Asi bude víkend bez běhu a kola. Navštívil mě #moribundus 🤒

Hey @yatil - I came across your #accessibility in the #fediverse post:

I'm currently working on a #chess game that can be played over Mastodon, and I'm keen for it to be as good an experience as it can be for everyone. I've done some research, have a prototype, and now I feel like I can start talking to users...

Would you be willing to offer your thoughts, and could you recommend a few people I could email or chat to?

Hosting my own #mastodon instance has been SO fun! I was worried I'd feel like I'm on this island alone.. but it has been the exact opposite. The #fediverse and federation really works!

You can find answers to your questions about Mastodon and the Fediverse straight away at:


If you can't find the answers you need on the site, ask me and I will reply.

(By the way, my replies aren't publicly-visible because most people don't need to see them.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Tumblr Will Join Mastodon and the Fediverse #Fediverse #Tumblr #ActivityPub

Wie Fragen an das große Fediverse stellen?

Hallo miteinander,

im Fediverse tummeln sich ja ein Haufen Menschen. Ein unglaubliches Wissen, könnte man da anzapfen. Aber: wie stellt man seine Fragen an diese vielen User, die man selbst gar nicht kennt? Einfach nur den eigenen Beitrag/Frage gut mit Hashtags ausstatten, ist so alleine vielleicht nicht zielführend, oder? Wenn ich mir so ansehe, was im globalen Stream des Fediverse los ist, dann wird da eine Frage schneller untergehen als man "piep" sagen kann.

Das wäre so, wie wenn ich mich in New York, London, Paris, ... im dichtesten und eiligsten Gedränge auf einem Bahnhof hinstelle und laut in die Halle frage, ob mir hier irgendwer einen Tipp geben kann, wie man dieses oder jenes macht ...

Da scheint es mir sinnvoller, jemanden direkt anzusprechen. Aber, wenn man keinen kennt? Und wenn, vielleicht hat derjenige dann gerade gar keine Zeit oder weiß die Antwort nicht und ein anderer wäre in diesem Moment der bessere Ansprechpartner. Eine breitere Streuung scheint mir nicht ganz verkehrt. Aber wie geht man da vor?

Habt ihr da Tipps?

!Friendica Support

#Fediverse #neuhierfrage #immernochneuhier #fragenstellen

Recently I've been boosting #introductions of new people I see here, and since the #Fediverse is so reliant on a good social graph to have a nice timeline, I think everyone should do the same. I've been tailoring my introduction boosts to suit the type of content I usually toot about, but whether you do that, or whether you reblog every one you see, it'll help newcomers make some connections.


(Starting new thread)

Check out

Which seems to be the best directory of #fediverse style software I've seen

The ActivityPub ecosystem

We have a big world to build.
In this talk, I’ll discuss some of the cool stuff that’s been built, and cool stuff we still need.

Evan Prodromou


Hi Nirdiganta and Amruta,
I think there might be a few misconceptions about #Mastodon and the #FediVerse, which are in need to be clarified.

At several places you talk about an american-centered approach or gaze.
Fact is: the #FediVerse and especially #Mastodon are NOT American at all, but German/European.
The're some USAmerican Servers. Most current #Mastodon Servers are to be found in the German speaking countries of Germany and Austria.

If you're wondering what the #Fediverse is, here's a good video explaining it #Twitter #TwitterMigration

What is this Federation thing?

What do people mean by federation? What does it mean to have a decentralized system? The big barrier for new users coming to Mastodon and the Fediverse is a concept that's really quite old, but has an unfamiliar fancy name. Let's demystify it and get you started.

Fediverse image is CC licensed from axbom and can be found here -

What is this Federation thing?

What do people mean by federation? What does it mean to have a decentralized system? The big barrier for new users coming to Mastodon and the Fediverse is a concept that's really quite old, but has an unfamiliar fancy name. Let's demystify it and get you started.

Fediverse image is CC licensed from axbom and can be found here -

Content warning: Alt text and boosting

Would you like to see #ActivityPub on #Flickr? #fediverse (x-post from

  • Yes & already pay. (24%, 111 votes)
  • Yes & would start paying. (21%, 97 votes)
  • Yes, but only for free. (46%, 208 votes)
  • No, work on other stuff. (14%, 63 votes)
446 voters. Poll end: 14 hours ago

:fediverse: #Mastodon and/or the #Fediverse is only "ad-free" if we keep it that way.

🗑️ Report commercial #spam and #advertising to your local server admin and let them know you don't want it on your instance.

Hey friends! is now open for signups 🎉🇨🇦❤️

@andrew and I built it as a hosted-in-Canada, capital-region-focused (but open to all Canadians) instance.

Please boost so folks can find us! 👀

#fediverse #twittermigration #canada #ontario #ottawa #canpoli

OK, so this is interesting. Some major organizations have now set up their own Mastodon instances:

European Union: EU Voice >>>
German gov: Explore >>>
Internet Archive: Explore Internet Archive >>>

#twittermigration #mastodon #fediverse #governmentInstance

How does 'mastodon' compare with other social networks **for you** when it comes to 'engagement'?

[I see lots of posts from big accounts saying that engagement here is much greater than elsewhere but want to see if it is true for a larger sample size]

*mastodon( read #fediverse )

  • less engagement (20%, 12 votes)
  • same (13%, 8 votes)
  • slightly more (17%, 10 votes)
  • a lot more (48%, 28 votes)
58 voters. Poll end: 4 days ago

Hello !Friendica Support,

is it possible to block a #fediverse platform like peertube completely, or do I have to block each instance individually?

Since Peertube is obviously only moderated on the fewest instances, I would find a #whitelist concept very good.

#question #peertube

I finally hit the deactivate button on my Twitter account last night. After being on the platform for 15 years, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

But cheers to new beginnings 🥂 🍻 #mastodon #fediverse

This is epic! Someone created this PR, Pull Request, for a better alt text reminder for images and descriptions for other media! #Accessibility #Mastodon #Fediverse

Hab Mal eine Frage ans #Fediverse
Wenn es ein Update gibt für z.B. @Tusky
muss ich das selber installieren ( wenn ja, wo finde ich es?) oder geht das automatisch? 🤔🫣

Do you want to publish long form texts on the Fediverse?

You might want to try @writefreely, a writing platform which focuses entirely on the text and has a minimalist interface to reduce distractions. More info at:


...and servers to join at:


Because it's part of the Fediverse, you can follow Write Freely accounts from Mastodon.

You can also set up your own server to create your own blogging community.

#Fediverse #WriteFreely

Dear #Fediverse: We are looking for a good solution to collaboratively create and maintain a #list of #open #source technologies for #gardens from #software to #hardware.

the solution should
* offer public visibility (via html)
* be easily editable (with or w/o account)
* have a version history
* be low tech
* hosted by other good people
* open source (of course)

extras for some style features, data fields and federation

tips welcome, boosts as well.

Towards End-to-End Encryption for Direct Messages in the #Fediverse

GitHub proposal here:

#mastodon #crypto #cryptography

With this new wave of #TwitterMigration I took another look at this old, but wonderful blog post, explaining why the Fediverse is doomed to fail by capitalism standards. Honestly? I hope it fails from a Capitalist point of view #Mastodon #Fediverse

Why Mastodon and the fediverse are "doomed to fail"

Judging by the amount of media coverage Mastodon is getting, you might conclude that it's already dead. Of course, plenty of folks have predicted long ago that Mastodon won't survive or is dead in the water.

Wait, then why are there more than a million active accounts on Mastodon and other fediverse platforms? Why are there thriving communities for art, language learning, and academia? Why have I had far more rewarding interactions on the fediverse than on Twitter?

There seems to be a contradiction here. A vast number of people find Mastodon, Pleroma, WriteFreely, Pixelfed, and the many other wonderful fediverse tools useful, yet we hear about these platforms almost entirely by word-of-mouth, not from the technology sections of major news sites, or even dedicated tech blogs.

A bottom-up gift economy is funding instance operators and developers via Patreon, OpenCollective, LiberaPay, Ko-Fi, and similar tools. Again, this seems remarkable in its own right, given the predominant business model of the Internet (advertising and surveillance). Why isn't that a bigger story?

The truth is that the dollar amounts here add up to a very small total. The Mastodon main project acount on Patreon is only raising about $5,800 a month as of this writing. That still doesn't even add up to the salary of a single Silicon Valley engineer. Typical medium-size instances raise funds in the $50-$100/month range to cover their costs.

One way to look at this is that the return on this investment is incredible. A vast global community is deriving enormous value from the fediverse, with a tiny investment of funds. But another way to look at it is that there's just not enough money in it for it to be interesting.

In a capitalist media ecosystem, the primary frame of reference for understanding the world of technology is profit. If something doesn't generate profit, has no obvious pathway to profit, and isn't backed by people who are viewed as experts on making profit, it is assumed to be a failure by default. From that point forward, any success is accepted reluctantly, slowly, or not at all.

The headlines to be found on tech news sites like TechCrunch are as consistent as they are mind-numbing:
  • “Enterprise architecture software company LeanIX raises $80M Series D”
  • “Randori raises $20M Series A”
  • “MonkeyLearn raises $2.2M to build out its no-code AI text analysis service”
If the dollar sign is not in the headline, it's in the content. Profit (real or imaginary) is the lens that distorts everything.

That's why I won't read in mainstream publications about, a social network for reducing waste. They won't tell me about the amazing work that Framasoft is doing to build platforms like Mobilizon (for managing events) and PeerTube (for sharing videos).

If you talk to people about these projects and they respond with cynicism — “it won't scale”, “it's just a bunch of hobbyists”, “it can't compete” — what is really at work here is the default prejudice against bottom-up self-organization without a profit motive.

Mastodon and the fediverse are not doomed to fail (they are in fact succeeding), but they are “doomed to fail”, meaning that they will be unavoidably and repeatedly characterized through the distorted lens of a capitalist media ecosystem. Through that same lens, server Linux is only successful because it is used by corporations, and desktop Linux continues to be the butt of jokes, even though it is used by millions.

Spoken word performer Gil Scott-Heron famously had this to say about revolutions:
The revolution will not be right back After a message about a white tornado White lightning, or white people You will not have to worry about a dove in your bedroom The tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl The revolution will not go better with Coke The revolution will not fight germs that may cause bad breath The revolution will put you in the driver's seat
Whatever revolutionary potential you think technology like social media has, if it is greater than zero, it is very doubtful that the most promising such technologies will be widely recognized and celebrated.

But we have our own media now, and we are no longer dependent on the distorted judgments within the capitalist frame. We can celebrate our successes here, and build on them. We can operate platforms serving hundreds of thousands of people without a profit motive, and gradually expand the solidarity economy.

We won't win people over by default, and we will make plenty of mistakes along the way. But we must recognize, and reject, the biases at play that cause people to belittle, ignore, and misunderstand any initiative that's astonishingly successful without making anyone rich.

[@eloquence 2020-07-08, public domain]

If your instance is blocking an instance with folks you'd like to still read, you can add any Mastodon account to your feed reader (I like NetNewsWire myself) by using the following formula:

#feditips #rss #mastodontips #feeds #fediverse #twittermigration #migration

I’m #thankful for all of the volunteers running all of the #Mastodon instances out there who are trying to build safe, positive, productive communities. Who willingly give of their own time in addition to their family, work, and other obligations. Who put people before profit. Who believe that when we build bridges and connect with one another, we can accomplish anything together.

#thanksgiving #Fediverse

Wow, this is my 2004th toot. Damn, I missed my birth year by 1! :-( I can't exactly call myself an OG (what's a ☺️> but it *has* been over 4 years since I joined. And the fediverse has, by far, been the best social media experience I've ever had. Keep making cool stuff, #fediverse. Keep tooting!, an alternative front end to Mastodon and others, has a far better reporting feature and doesn't try to Twitterfy everything. It also runs much faster too! #FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #TwitterMigration

I hope, Mastodon never introduces automated block lists or importing block lists.

Should a feature like this ever become reality, it'll likely mean the end of the #fediverse as we know it.

Essentially, it'll incentivise server size over quality.

Blocking entire servers should always be a manual task. And always handled by real humans after doing real research. //

The Tuscon Sentinel is doing it right!

As the Texas Observer did, this news site has created its own closed instance on the #Fediverse and has key staff verified by being a part of this.

Well done✊


New unconsensual #Fediverse crawler by german corporate techbros. :blobcat_rolling_eyes: #FediAdmin

We're proud to announce that we went online with today! 🥳

#Search for profiles and tags across the whole #fediverse!
This does not only include #Mastodon but also all other flavors of ActivityPub.

We're proud to announce that we went online with today! 🥳

#Search for profiles and tags across the whole #fediverse!
This does not only include #Mastodon but also all other flavors of ActivityPub.

Are those of you here in the #Fediverse aware of the amazing resource that is

Let me introduce you.

It has a medieval village #background #noise environment with toggles you can use to increase or decrease the blacksmith shop and market and horse clops (among many others).

Oh, you want a coffee shop? Sure thing.
Rain? Thunderstorm? Gotcha.
Generic white noise?
RPG thrills? Of course.
Tame that #tinnitus? Yes!

Check it out!

#soundscape #WorkSounds

The main reason I'm hoping the #fediverse will become the dominant social network is because of how a profit motive affects "social" companies:

* MySpace: sold, then killed, then made a zombie.
* Facebook: Enabled multiple genocides via outrage amplifying algorithms, tracks your every move, even if you don't have an account.
* Instagram: Bought by FB, has become so obsessed with toxic positivity that museums have to show their art on onlyfans.
* Twitter: Lesser version of FB + Muskocalypse.

Big rumblings in the expansion of the #Fediverse have been happening recently.

#Tumblr has already promised to implement #ActivityPub (the protocol Mastodon uses), which will mean you can follow Tumblr accounts from here and vice versa. And today we a learning that #Flickr is also considering it!

This will be a massive expansion, which obviously carries some uncertainties, but I, for one, welcome our new federation partners.

This is the way the internet is supposed to work.

To je najednou odborníků na #Mastodon i #Fediverse obecně .... 🤔