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Tuba is a Magnificent New Mastodon App for #Linux - #opensource #gtk #fediverse
tuba linux fediverse client

Hello! It's time for an #introduction !

I'm the #fediverse embodiment of the #FOSS Governance Collection.

Ever need examples of how other FOSS projects or non-profits do things like voting, privacy policies, codes of conduct, and stuff like that? Then we're the project for you!

The collection is fully catalogued and searchable, thanks to the excellent @zotero #FreeSoftware project.

Follow us to stay up to date on news about the project!

Automattic, the company behind WordPress is now the official author of the ActivityPub plugin. This is pretty big news, since it allows every WordPress website to be a potential fediverse server.

In this piece I take a look at the potential impact on #fediverse culture, zooming in on how tagging your WordPress posts makes them show up when you search for a specific hashtag here on the fediverse.

How do you think this will change the fediverse?

Read at:

Who's checking out #MozFest next week? We'll be in virtual attendance, and this is one of the talks we're excited about (for obvious reasons):

▶️ Dialogues & Debates: Making the Fediverse | Mozilla is joining the Fediverse in 2023 to co-create its future. What are its greatest opportunities and limitations? How can we scale methodology and not solutions? What is the public discourse square of the future? Who is building it?

#Mozilla #Fediverse #Mastodon

Are you a #Fediverse developer?

There's a new initiative by @gabek (the lead developer of the Fediverse livestreaming platform @owncast) called FediDocs. It aims to provide an easy-to-find set of documentation for how to federate with a Fedi platform, in order to promote better federation between platforms.

The FediDocs website is still very new and empty ( but if you are a Fedi developer please contact @gabek about contributing info on federating with your project.

Hallo, ich habe auf dieser Instanz (aktuelle RC) ein Problem mit der Suchfunktion. Wenn ich nach Hashtags suche, werden mir generell keine Treffer angezeigt. Suche ich nach dem gleichen Begriff, nur ohne "#" werden mir Treffer angezeigt, die auch den jeweiligen Hashtag besitzen.
Beispiel: Eine Suche nach "#Fediverse" liefert null Ergebnisse. Suche ich hingegen nach "Fediverse" werden zig Treffer angezeigt.
Irgendwie scheint die Suche nach Hashtags kaputt zu sein?
Ist das sonst noch jemanden aufgefallen?
!Friendica Support

Gerade habe ich mal wieder in meine #Hubzilla Instanz geschaut. Ich bin wieder fasziniert davon, wie angenehm es ist, dort durch die ungelesenen Posts zu schmökern! Das ist so genial und so auf keiner anderen Instanz Software zu haben.
Würde der AP Support besser sein (und die Community dahinter nicht so evangelistisch), würde ich sofort Hubzilla als meine Hauptsoftware für's #Fediverse nehmen.

I’m Ewan, a #British college student who does #Programming in #Python and #Poetry as a #Hobby.
I’m #Atheist, #Socialist, #Disabled and #GenZ. I am very experienced with the #Fediverse.
I have many interests, some of which are:

- #Coding
- #Poetry
- #Language / #Linguistics
- #Gaming on #PlayStation and #Nintendo
- #Dogs! I have 5!

I don’t really know what I’m doing with my life lol.

Here's a service that will let you track your Metrics on Mastodon, no mention of other services in the Fediverse #Mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration #Fediverse

It’s moves like this that make me believe the Fedi will be split in a few years. Indie Fedi and Corp Fedi. Also, be sure to #FediBlock any of their instances on sight. Embrace, extend, extinguish! I wish the #Fediverse is more equipped to handle these kinds of corporate takeovers

This is really good. In this article @pluralistic explains and criticises academic research on the #Fediverse and also presents some new information and context. It's a gold example of how good and useful this kind of #journalism can be.

I’m not entirely happy the most visible innovations in online technology in the past ten years have been entirely motivated by the ad industry (pivot to video, short form content) or selling artificially scarce digital goods (NFT, Metaverse).

On the bright side, the #Fediverse is a breath of fresh air with no obvious way of exploiting it for profit. It’ll come, of course, but it wasn’t the original motivation for its creation and it’s already something.

I generally think it’s good for different #Fediverse software to support different features, but #Mastodon choosing not to support #Markdown is surprising. runs #Pleroma, which lacks some Mastodon features, but it does have Markdown.

I love seeing new #pixelfed apps like @vernissage and working with them on compatibility and feature support

I don’t see them as competition to my #pixelfedApp, quite the opposite, they represent a healthy open ecosystem.

It’s my job as the @pixelfed maintainer to support them to the best of my ability and encourage alternatives that benefit our community.

This is what makes the #fediverse so special ❤️

Let's look at an example, backups and security, currently on #mastodon and the whole #Fediverse the is an understanding that nothing is actually private (ok mastodon keeps telling white lies about this, i don't blame them) so we trust our admins not to spy, and we don't stress about the lossyness of it all.

Add the security of secret chat, and you add a whole another stress to running an instance. Why do we need to do this?

So it's #FollowFriday, here are today's picks!....

➡️ @FediFollows If you're new to Mastodon start here! Daily #recommendations of all sorts of accounts covering everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.

➡️ @MonotoneofBill He plays trombone & provides a constant stream of ridiculous #jokes, what's not to love?

➡️ @mastodonusercount Watch the #Fediverse numbers tick up fast towards 10million users...

#WhoToFollow #NewHere
Reeeeaallly bad jokes from Monotone of Bill. So bad, they're good...

"Should you leave Twitter for the fediverse?" (You should at least try!) #twitter #socialmedia #fediverse

Guten Morgen liebe Menschen auf #Mastodon, #Pixelfed und im restlichen #Fediverse.
Ziemlich genau ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass wir im #Pfälzerwald waren. Von riesigen Felsen, Bäumen und herrlichen Formen eines #Sonnenaufgang|s haben wir einiges mitgenommen und genossen.
Trinkt Tee und Kaffe und habt einen schönen Tag!

#fotografie #natur #landschaft #Pfalz #Morgen #Wolken
#photography #nature #sunstar #landscape #sunrise #throwbackthursday #cloudporn
#art #fineart #mastoart #fediart
Guten Morgen liebe Menschen auf #Mastodon, #Pixelfed und im restlichen #Fediverse.
Ziemlich genau ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass wir im #Pfälzerwald unser Unwesen getrieben haben. Von riesigen Felsn, Bäumen und herrlichen Formen eines #Sonnenaufgang|s haben wir einiges mitgenommen und genossen.
Trinkt Tee und Kaffe und habt einen schönen Tag!

Zu sehen ist ein Sonnenaufgang mit Wolken im Hintergrund und eine Felsbank mit Bäumen im Vordergrund.

I still think...there needs to be a better #Fediverse/#IndieWeb client out there, one which preserves the web view better than the custom one, plugged into screen reader APIs that I have used for a bit; better than Sengi (because screw you, electron), and that just works. I have such an idea, but I don't know whether I'll ever achieve it.

@Trude @Fedi.Tips Your account address can say as much or as little about you as you want it to say. For complete control, you could run your own server on the domain of your choice. Otherwise, just pick what sounds good to you, as you have done. The difference here in the #fediverse is that you have two parts to your account address rather than only one part. So really, choosing your full account address is just like choosing an email address for yourself. The important thing is that you like it.

What operating system do you use on your computer(s)/laptop(s)?

Select all that apply.

Please BOOST for maximum exposure across the #Fediverse

#Poll #Polls #PollOfTheDay #POTD #Question #Questions #QuestionOfTheDay #QOTD #Linux #Windows #macOS

  • Windows (38%, 1130 votes)
  • Linux/Unix (49%, 1471 votes)
  • macOS (43%, 1306 votes)
  • Other -> Comment below! (2%, 69 votes)
2973 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

No počasí nám o víkendu moc nevyšlo. Celou noc u nás prší. #dobre_ranko přátelé #fediverse

Ok, friends, this is awkward...

I moved too fast.
When I switched instances to, I hadn't realized that we are defederated from and other large networks.
While I understand the reasoning, I don't want to be cut off from such a large population of the #fediverse
How do I reverse that move in the most efficient and loss free manner?

Do I set up a redirection from to my old home? Do I have to stop the redirection from there to here first?
Does the 30 day waiting period apply?
How can I avoid loss of followers?

Anyone actually knowledgeable and not just guessing - please help.
#mastodonhelp #mastotips

#Mastodon 4.1.0 is coming soon and it has many #accessibility changes and fixes. It includes the ability to add #alt on images by editing posts after it has been posted. No more need to edit post, remove image, add image again and add description. Other changes too.

#blind #description #photos #photography #Fediverse

I shouldn't have been surprised that #Mastodon previews in iOS 16.4 work with LPLinkView and not just messages, so developers can easily add Mastodon embeds to any app. I suppose this will make things lot easier for app developers of Mona or Ivory.

#Apple #Fediverse

OOOOOOOO! iOS/iPad OS 16.4 developer beta has full preview support for #Mastodon URLs in Messages. Shows attachments, threads, and more. It looks good. Nice accidental discovery. I was trying to send a link to my #elevenLabs demo thread from this morning.

#Apple #Fediverse

I'm continuing to poke around in the corners of the #Fediverse like a technically savvy person who no one would mistake for a developer and discovering interesting things actual developers know.

Like... I just found out that likes from #Mastodon on photos cross-posted from #Pixelfed show up on my @evopix account!

So imagine sharing an Instagram photo on your Twitter account and having the Twitter likes showing up as likes on Instagram!

How cool is that?
From Big Lebowski. Text reads "Dude very cool very cool"

This is a Friendica group dedicated to #Fediverse news. What are the advantages of a group over a hashtag?

Groups can do things that hashtags can't. For example, groups:

* are moderated
* can re-share content
* can speak as a group

Joining and contributing to a Friendica group is easy. To share your posts to @Fediverse News, follow these steps:

1. Follow @Fediverse News
2. When sharing Fediverse news, tag @Fediverse News
3. The @Fediverse News group will then re-share your post

This is an actively moderated group. Be sure to stay on topic, or your posts will be removed.

Remember, you don't even need to be a Friendica user to join @Fediverse News. Because Friendica is part of the Fediverse, this group is available to everyone -- including people who use Mastodon!

I still really enjoy watching people migrate from #birdsite and realize what life is like without an algorithm deciding what you see.

Some still struggle with the idea of being their own algorithm. But, once you embrace the freedom that gives you - to create your own experience - to turn social media into SOCIABLE media - the idea of going back becomes repellent.

The #fediverse rocks. I have met and experienced the most amazing people here! I would have never encountered them on birdshite. The algorithm would have seen to it.

Naše instance :mastodon: :arch: byla aktualizovaná na verzi 4.1
Hezký víkend přátelé #fediverse
Seznam změn:

If you want, you can move your Mastodon account from one instance (server) to another.

Moving lets you take your followers, follows and some settings with you.

1. Create a new account on the instance you want to move to, but DO NOT delete the old account.

2. Log into your NEW account, go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account, click on "create an account alias" and follow the instructions.

3. Log into your OLD account, go to Edit Profile > Move To A Different Account, click on "configure it here" and follow the instructions.

4. On your OLD account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Data Export and download the settings and follows lists.

5. On your NEW account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Import and upload the lists you just downloaded in the previous step.

After doing all these, your old account will redirect to the new one, and your followers will transfer automatically (with a short delay).

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

Pro ty co mají rádi #urbex , který zahrnuje fotografie opuštěných staveb, jako jsou nemocnice, školy, továrny, kanalizace, tunely a jakékoli další budovy, které společnost zanechala, se záměrem je prozkoumat, tak určitě začněte sledovat tento účet
👉 Má super #fotografie
#pixelfed #mastodontips #fediverse

As I've mentioned, I've been working with some people to launch, a Canadian #Fediverse instance which is a long-term self-supporting sustainable operation based on the member-owned co-operative model.

There's an online conversation today; invited so far are people who signed up as potential technical contributors, but if you might be interested, drop on by:
CoSocial Tech Volunteer Kickoff - Wed, Feb 8 at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST

Let's talk about engagement on the #fediverse:

The @EU_Commission has 71k followers on #mastodon. They have 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

This same post got:
363 boosts on Mastodon
110 retweets on Twitter

So the exact same message got 3 times as many engagement on mastodon, in absolute numbers. And that happened with only 4% of the follower count on Twitter!

Ya'll reaaaally love trains over here 🚆

Thanks for being here EC, and please give us more trains!
screenshot of a post by the EC on Mastodon about new trains. It has 363 boosts
screenshot of a post by the EC on Twitter about new trains. It has 110 retweets