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Content warning: Musing about the end of Pinafore development and official Mastodon UI accessibility shortcomings, long post


For any blind users of the GoXLR audio interface or anyone considering one, we now have a much more accessible app that lets you configure and use the device thanks to the goXLR on Linux project.
To get this to work on Windows you need to have the official drivers installed and make sure that the official goXLR app isn't running. Some sections of the UI still need some #a11y work, but the mic setup, mixer and rooting pages are all working really well. #noxp

I love how the first beta of @MonaApp is version 5, which also so happens to immediately follow the current version of Spring for Twitter - 4, and looking at the app it really feels like a continuation. There are some missing features - local timelines, push, posting CW's and I can't figure out how to expand warnings with VoiceOver, but everything else - the customizable actions and scrolling tab bar, filters, post translation, all the extra accessibility settings it's all there and working beautifully. Can't wait for the Mac version to come out as well. #noxp

Content warning: missing quote tweets