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# recommendation for # keyboard users: on settings, hotkeys, check the box to use left and right arrow to change focus rather than columns. It's a much more convenient function, since you can use numerals for columns (1-6).

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

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i like sausage rolls
i like justice and equity
i like making forms for public services more accessible #

i’m learning # ( # )
i’m learning product management #

i’m in # in the #
i’m in the team building 👑 GOV.UK Forms

Updated my guide to Mastodon for writers and readers including more links to instances and a brief description on how to mention others # # # # # # #

Project ENABLE is a great place to find universal design resources. It is a grant-funded project geared specifically toward accessibility and disabilities in libraries # # # # #

Content warning: Tip on replying

Hey, I'm Darek Kay 👋

I'm a # # and an # advocate, currently working at IBM. I love sharing what I know through my #, # and # at conferences.

I enjoy hiking, board games, escape rooms and playing the guitar/keyboard. Lately I've been diving deeper into # as well.

I prefer reading and writing less frequent but more substantial posts.

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Reposting this from four days ago to add hashtags:

I'm in communication with a new Mastodonian who is looking for a "Mastodon app that is accessible to the blind" -- I've asked for clarification as to which platform but I think that any information posted might be helpful to *someone*.


Content warning: software

New # #
👋 Oh, hi there.
Late diagnosed with #. I'm interested in #, #, #, # and # (especially overlaps). For work I try to make this big ridiculous Web of ours more inclusive. Keep it weird out there, people. Ex-BBC. He/Him.
🇺🇸 🇬🇧
Hand drawn sketch of Michael shows he is a bald man, wears glasses and has a somewhat overgrown beard. Expression is attentive and smiling slightly.

If you use a screenreader to access the internet, there's a guide to Mastodon written specifically for you at:

It's written by @changeling and you can support their work by donating to

(For those who don't know, screenreaders are used mainly by blind and partially-sighted people to read aloud what is on the screen. It's important for websites to be accessible so they can be navigated by screenreaders.)

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Is it # time again?

Hi, I'm Geoff (he/him). I've been here for a little more than a year, I think.

I write # for a living, at a certain large charity in Toronto. I'm in accessible publishing, but I really only have a toe in #.

I take pictures. Some of the pictures are of cats. # #

I’m Eric Eggert, a web # expert.

I have worked with W3C’s WAI in the past, including writing tutorials and helping redesign its website. Then I worked with Knowbility for some years in the US space and recently I have joined Axess Lab.

I also lecture as part of the Content Strategy course at FH Joanneum.

When I’m not working, I enjoy Lego, TV Series, podcasts (#, #), hiking and (very recently) riding my new e-bike.

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"Sorry blind people, hope you can swim."

You can credit my colleague in your # powerpoint, who took this photo outside of our office.

Tactile sidewalk strips for blind people. But they end abruptly on the edge of the sidewalk right next to a small lake. Making it easy for someone to fall in the water.

Howdy folx, here's a # / # !

I'm an engineering and environmental studies student.
I'm interested in energy (from buildings to food, especially in relation to solar).
I'm passionate about accessibility #
My hobbies consist of computational history, cultural memory work, beading, and mushrooms. Sometimes I do digital art and graphic design.

I am #, #, #, and Burmese Chinese.

I should do a #, since last time was on my old instance.

I’m GB. I’m a UX designer in Austin. I’ve been designing software/web products and services for ~20 years (I started early). I’m an advocate for inclusive design and #, and I barely talk about work here, but always up for shop talk.

I’m cis he/him, but I love the shit out of all y’all. I’m a dad, hubby, and subject to the true rulers, our 2 cats. I’m into fancy tea, weird music, and you.

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I challenge anyone who's fedi experience is improved because of image, GIF, video, or audio captions to take the time to personally thank at least 3 different people each week for describing their media!
Should it be expected at this point? Yes in most cases I think so. But reminding people that taking the time to do it is making a tangible positive impact, and causing others to see the social benefits at the same time is a great way to encourage people to do it more.
If you can't find many examples on your personal feed, just use the media only filter on your local and federated timelines; they shouldn't be too hard to find after that!

Introducing the Accessibility Inspector in the Firefox Developer Tools
The built-in Firefox Developer Tools just received a new family member. The Accessibility Inspector allows you to inspect your website's exposure to assistive technologies. Introduction As a web developer, have you wondered what your web site might look like to a screen reader for the blind? Have you w ...
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For Android developers, if you have fast swipe actions for doing things like deleting an item, upvoting a post, favoriting an item, playing an eppisode, stuff like that, consider using accessibility actions.


What is super important and awesome at the same time, # / # experience is amazing too!
#a11y #UX

I'm using linux gnome on @ArchLinux_Community since 2012 all with orca. There are a few quirks and I have to be prepared for some compromises here and there but newertheles I like it. Technically speaking we do know linux #a11y is a mess and it needs refreshing in regard to modern technologies though.

When writing articles or documents in general I'd occassionally like to add pictures into the document e.g. a photo or a screenshot. While doing this I am always asking for help from someone else because I'm #blind. Can you give me some recommendations how to make sure the image is right size and it does not overlap the text or the other way round? Either pure HTML, or wordpress or markdown. #a11y #askfedi

OK, when does #nvdasr get rid of that ol' MathPlayer already?
RT @zorkow
A New Year, an all new Speech Rule Engine
V4 release in #TypeScript with
* Support for Norwegian, Swedish, Catalan
* 2D Braille output
* New rules in YAML format
* and more

Supported by @texthelp @NumFOCUS @AAF_1919 @MathJax @idescat

#a11y #STEM

So, a blind person bought a Pinephone, wanting to put Mobian on it. Since Debian has given such good accessibility features on desktop, it should give just as much accessibility on mobile. Debian on mobile should have blind users' backs. Right?

Wrong. This is just what I've been saying for the past year or so. And now, for this person who has spent their hard-earned money on a Pinephone, it's too late. Now all they have is an expensive paperweight. There is an issue created for this, though.

#a11y #debian #mobian #mobile #foss #accessibility