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True to its word, #Twitter rival #Mastodon has rejected more than five investment offers from Silicon Valley venture capital firms in recent months, as its founder pledged to protect the fast-growing social #media platform’s non-profit status.
No shady #algorithms or #hate #lies controlled by #tyrant business #sociopath #Elon "free speech" #Musk.

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Fedifinder: Extract the fediverse handles of your Twitter followings or list members and import them on Mastodon to follow them all at once. #RIPTwitter #mastodon #tools

Content warning: #TwitterMigration #RIPTwitter #Twitter

If you, like me, just can’t look away from the trainwreck that is Elon Musk’s management of #Twitter, be sure to follow @ZoeSchiffer on the bird site.

These updates are absolutely unreal. #riptwitter
Tweets from @ZoeSchiffer read:
NEW: Email from Elon to the engineering team: "Anyone who can actually write software, please report to the 10th floor at 2pm today. Before doing so, please email me a bullet point summary of what your code commits have achieved in the past 6 months" Elon Musk is also asking for up 10 screenshots of the "most salient lines of code" from Twitter engineers Again, no context as to what this is about. We know Twitter's engineering teams have been gutted by layoffs and resignations. What's next?
Tweets from @ZoeSchiffer:
NEW: In an email for remote Twitter engineers, Elon Musk says he wants to speak to people on video "only those who cannot physically get to Twitter HQ are excused") but "if possible, I would encourage you to fly to SF to present in person." He'll be at the office until midnight. 
I am having a difficult time believing this is real and I am looking at the emails.

How am I going to know things like this, stories that shine a light on hope and change, without Twitter? Great thread from @IjeomaOparaPHD? #RIPTwitter
RT @IjeomaOparaPHD
Twitter fam, thank you for helping me to find the family of the 9 year old girl from NJ who had the police called on her by her neighbor for collecting lantern flies. I connected with them & invited them to @yale for a Black girl led Science Tour! Yesterday—HIS…