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Here is the official GoFundMe page for AJ Owens, a mother of four killed by an as yet unarrested white woman whose door she knocked on in Ocala, Florida on Friday, June 2. #JusticeForAjikeOwens #AjikeOwens #Mastodon #BlackMastodon

Jsou tady někde zájmové stránky typu autíčkáři, muzika, elektromobilita či podobně?

#Friendica používá k tomuto #forum, ale nevim, jestli třeba takový #Mastodon vůbec něco takovýho umí.

Chybí mi tu autíčkáři, elektrický přibližovadla, fankluby automobilek, analýzy UA války a podobný čistě tématický skupiny - sledovat jedince je fajn, sdružovat je by možná bylo lepší :)


#Friendica (ehemals #Friendika, ursprünglich #mistpark, erschienen 2010) ist eine freie #Software für ein verteiltes soziales Netzwerk. Der Fokus liegt auf wirkungsvollen Datenschutzeinstellungen und leichter Installation auf eigenen Servern, welche insgesamt unabhängig operierend das dezentrale Netzwerk des #Fediverse formen. Wie auch #Mastodon versteht Friendica das Protokoll #ActivityPub.

Logo von Friendica

Let's keep #Mastodon welcoming!

If you see someone cool with few followers:
Follow them so they don't post into the void!

If someone made a thoughtful post with no replies:
Be the first to write back!

If you like something someone said:
Say you heard them with a favourite!

Setting replies to be unlisted by default is a really nice Moshidon feature.

Opening Mastodon pages IN Moshidon from a browser simply by sharing the url is GAME CHANGING!

I love the bottom toot button too!

#Mastodon #Moshidon #Android #MastodonAndroid #AndroidMastodon @moshidon

A screenshot of the 'open in app' UI for any Mastodon links.

K. I have literally spent the last 3 days either unfollowing people who aren't doing alt text, or turning off reblogs of people who are boosting stuff without alt text.

All just as a kindness to my brain so I don't have to constantly double check before I boost.

My timeline has just been full of stuff without alt text lately and it is sad and it is frustrating.

So gentle reminder, tell us about your images. A lot of people count on it.

#altText #kindness #inclusion #mastodon

If you were going to start a photo blog on the Fediverse, which software would you use?

(and I’d love to hear why in the replies…)

#Photos #Blogging #Fediverse #Pixelfed #Mastodon #Calckey #Photography

  • Pixelfed (85%, 439 votes)
  • Mastodon (9%, 47 votes)
  • Calckey (1%, 10 votes)
  • Other option (3%, 20 votes)
516 voters. Poll end: 1 week ago

I took a bit of time to clean up the running list of audio fiction creators with accounts on the #Fediverse to make it more inclusive of all Fediverse accounts, not just #Mastodon.
Peruse the list on that page and find some fun folks to follow. And if you want on that list, there's a simple form to fill out on the page.



If I'm not wrong, the possibility to click on a button on a toot image in order to see the alt-text has disappeared (at least on my server). Now we have to move the mouse over the image and wait. I'm not convinced by this UI choice. I feel like I might be less motivated to complete the alt-texts in details (e.g. sometimes I would include light puns) if less people are tempted to read them. Is there already a discussion happening about this? #mastodon #alttext

Want to be able to move your Mastodon posts (including images and videos) when you move instance?

The first test version of my tool to do exactly that went live last night! 👉

It's still in development, so you might run into some hiccups, but it does work. Let me know how you get on with it 🙏

#MastodonContentMover #Mastodon #Fediverse

Everyone seems to admire #Mastodon, but now I saw a repost from a scam/troll account disguised as Microsoft. they also put a "Verified" badge near their name. That's why a very small number of official corporations' and celebrities' accounts will migrate to Fediverse, in my opinion. #Fediverse needs either a verification system or at least a notion of verified instances, love it or hate it.


Integration of the #Fediverse and #Mastodon Identity standards into the software that powers #WikiPedia & other Wiki's is so important I find it hard to express.

It is the first big step of integration between the Wikipedian and Fediverse communities, and it has been massively under-noticed and not gotten nearly the attention this deserved.

I'm all for it, want to find ways to help & hope this is the beginning of much more integration to come. 🔥


📢 Releasing Draftodon v1.3 📢
A new update to #Draftodon my #Mastodon integration for @drafts is available

🆕 public urls are now appended to your published drafts 🔗
🆕 quote post action 💬
🤏 minor changes, documentation improvements and 🐛-fixes

details and how to update below ⬇️
(🚀 appreciated) [1/5]

Public service message to everyone using #Mastodon:

1) Mastodon is not the only software used in the fediverse. There are many other options you can try, while still interacting with the same people.

2) Mastodon is not where most of the innovative fediverse design happens. All those features you want, like quote posts and better search? Other fediverse apps already have them.

3) Sometimes all you need to do is use your Mastodon account with an app that isn't the "official" one.


hey, you have made a mistake in the shownotes. We want to follow at the #fediverse not only on #mastodon😉

#Mastodon: Why do some people in replies get their names mentioned twice? I've seen it with at least two people so far. Whenever they're in a conversation, they appear twice. It is very strange.

#Mastodon interactions just make me happy. Make me feel like I actually belong here and it's not just an algorithm recommending my posts to someone. Anyone else feeling like this? I know for me it's past over a year and I still enjoy that feeling of being here. :)

Last night one of my toots got targeted by a bunch of bad people. My notifications were full of slurs. I noticed they are all from the same one instance that allows shitposting, trolling and hate speech. This kind of targeting and toxicity would been allowed on #Twitter and #Bluesky but on the #Fediverse and #Mastodon I can just block the entire server once and for all.

It's also generally wonderful that most servers won't tolerate discrimination, shitposting (like actual hate posting, not jokes) and those who do are easy to ban. It's nice to know I don't need to wait or get 💩 emoji as answer from support etc. Instead I can just block them all with one click and move on with my life.

Btw thought I already blocked, but if you did the same mistake and it left unnoticed, please #Fediblock:

The thing about Twitter is that it really lacks a lot of the features you'd expect from a true Mastodon replacement.

For example, there's no way to edit your toots (which they, confusingly call "tweets"—let's face it, it's a bit of a silly name that's difficult to take seriously).

"Tweets" can't be covered by a content warning. There's no way to let the poster know you like their tweet without also sharing it, and no bookmark feature.

There's no way to set up your own instance, and you're basically stuck on a single instance of Twitter. That means there's no community moderators you can reach out to to quickly resolve issues. Also, you can't de-federate instances with a lot of problematic content.

It also doesn't Integrate with other fediverse platforms, and I couldn't find the option to turn the ads off.

Really, Twitter has made a good start, but it will need to add a lot of additional features before it gets to the point where it becomes a true Mastodon replacement for most users.

#twitter #mastodon #twittermigration @fediverse

@Tuxi :Friendica: 🐧 ✅ @Friendica Support

Are messages to my #followers always sent as PN? Well, I have that at #mastodon somehow different in my head. But what really bothers me is the fact that all recipients are listed in the PN. Actually a noGo

@Friendica Support Hi all. I noticed that Calckey accepts my posts that go to my followers as DM and lists all my followers in the post. This is not in my interest at all. Is there any way to use the abstract function to send my posts only to #friendica and #mastodon?

We need more music plugin manufacturers here on #Mastodon. Perhaps it's time to gently coax them into putting 'that thing' behind them.

Content warning: Calckey accessibility is improving

To make up for the notorious lack of #humour on #Mastodon, I'll tell you my all-time favourite joke.

@Igor Warneck
ach so und selbst auf #Mastodon erkennt man am Screenshot das es #Friendica ist ... dafür ist das Logo Rechts in der oberen Ecke

Wenn Du dazuschreibst auf welcher Plattform, wird es leichter mit der Hilfe. Von #Mastodon aus kann niemand erkennen, das Du #Friendica meinst ^^

cc: @helpers

Anyone else seriously enjoy writing captions for images here on #mastodon ?

I love it! Hope they make someone out there chuckle. 😊

A caption within a caption. Inception.

Screenshot of the image caption editor of Mastodon. It has Martian space lesbians on the right hand side. And on the left the following description text.

Midjourney generated art of two women. A blonde woman with long her embracing a brunette with short hair who is desperately clinging on to the blonde. They are both wearing red clothes that look vaguely futuristic and military. The blonde is missing a finger on one hand, and the brunette's elbow extends beyond the point where it should, as only AI-generated art does. The overall vibe of the piece is cute though and definitely romantic.

Just opened my #Mastodon home timeline only to find 3 consecutive posts with no #AltText. One of my favorite things about Mastodon and the #Fediverse is the culture of #inclusion for everyone, and a huge part of ensuring inclusion for #Blind and #VisuallyImpaired users simply requires that sighted posters describe images they post. So, please don't skip the alt text. Thanks. #Accessibility #a11y #BlindMastodon

Ha -- you learn something every day. The "Roam with Mastodon" extension on Chrome adds a share on Mastodon icon to every tweet.

#Roam #Mastodon #twitter

Tweet showing Mastodon share icon

I disagree with the current CEO of Mastodon about his stance on mid-sized instances. We don't want to be run in isolation, we are part of the Fediverse. "Normal users just want the default", he can repeat that as many times as he wants, it doesn't make it true because of that.

Diversity is the DNA of the Fediverse and Mastodon is just one part of the whole. Thousands of people spend their time and money to make it successful. Anyone who dismisses that and single-handedly tries to market the Fediverse as a Mastodon brand and use "crowding out" techniques to prevent users from even being encouraged to choose an instance from a diversity will ultimately fail.

I am super disappointed with the direction Mastodon Corporation is taking. If there is not enough headwind here soon, then sooner or later it will lead to a schism.

#Mastodon #MastoAdmin #fediverse

A post from gargron on the Mastodon Discord with the following text:
"My opinion is increasingly that servers in that valley between single-user/family and giant end up being good for whatever community wants to use them to be isolated amongst themselves, but really rather clash with the expectations of a random person who just wants to use something that isn't Twitter."

ℹ️ Update: 24 hours have passed and there has been no public information from the leadership of on any plans to prevent future abuse.

They have enabled the "request an account" feature to prevent automatic signups. While this is good, it is unclear if this is only a temporary action. Removing it would not prevent future spam.

Therefore we are extending our limits on the domain until at least Monday in hopes a prevention strategy is announced by then.

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon

⚠️ As with many other instances, we have temporarily limited due to a high volume of spam originating there right now.

The limit will be in place for 24h after which we'll re-evaluate their ability to moderate their instance.

You can still interact with anyone from there who you follow as if nothing changed. You can still find and follow new people through search, boosts or direct links. But content from accounts you don't follow will not be visible.

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon

Guess I have to use my range for something good for a change. Please read and #RT if the #Fediverse is important to you.

A few days ago, @Gargron, maintainer of #Mastodon and the big instance, wrote a blogpost explaining how the official app will soon feature his instance as a default.

Voices of the community weren't heard. He even doubled-down on it.

We have to prevent this change.
Please Eugen, #DontDoTheElon.


Eugen’s misguided moves on Mastodon

One of the many reasons I have my eye on #GoToSocial aside from the many #Accessibility conversations I've had! First, prioritize scailing down, not up, but just really great stuff here about anti harassment and safety measures and so much more good things that #Mastodon seems to be actively neglecting for the sake of mass adoption. #Fediverse