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X is a dumpster fire and Threads didn't work because capitalism. So hoping this platform fills the Twitter void. I'm a public historian that loves to talk about history, current events, and media. #history #historian #politics #twitter

I think most of us who came from #Twitter were at least vaguely aware when we were on Twitter that our posts there were being being analyzed and monetized. For many of us, moving to the fediverse WAS opting out. Building bridging services to be opt-out rather than opt-in leaves us with a greater deal of uncertainty than we had in that situation, and leaves us dependent on the reach of accounts with ~400 followers to let us even know there's something to opt-out from.

The US #Supremecourt has declined #Twitter's legal challenge to publicly disclose national security subpoenas. 👨‍⚖️

At Tuta, we pride ourselves on #privacy and #transparency. Our warrant #canary is live and regularly updated. This is one reason among many that keeping your data securely #encrypted within the EU has major privacy advantages over the US. 📣

You can check out our transparency report and live warrant canary here:

Do you think that #Mastodon is more “siloed” than #Twitter?

Accounts of personal experiences welcome - we might use them in a article…

Please boost around!

  • Yes: Mastodon is more siloed (40%, 4 votes)
  • No: Mastodon is not more siloed (30%, 3 votes)
  • It depends (on what?) (10%, 1 vote)
  • Don’t know / see results (20%, 2 votes)
10 voters. Poll end: 2 months ago

✨ Friendly reminder ✨ #Mastodon is older than:

* The fall of #Twitter.
* The birth of #Bluesky.
* The birth of #Threads.

If you feel like your timeline is empty, that nobody interacts with you, or that this space seems abandoned...

In summary, if you miss the artificiality of The Algorithm©, remember that you are the person in charge here 🤗 And that this is the most beautiful gift a social media platform can offer to anyone.

Mastodon has a lot of active accounts. Therefore, make your experience here more relevant by:

* Following other users.
* Interacting with them.
* Following hashtags (this is how you replace the recommandation algorithms).
* Following bot accounts (some are really great and useful).

This is gonna be fun 😊

Ayer me abrí una cuenta en #threads para ver cuál es el rollo. Después de un día saco cuatro conclusiones:
1) Primera ventaja: entras por primera vez y tienes de golpe gente a la que sigues, que te siguen y contenido que leer. La integración con #Instagram es la clave.
2) En un minuto sabes cómo funciona, es el antiguo #Twitter básicamente.
3) Si no ofrece nada más, en cuanto pase el hype irá decayendo, como ha pasado en EEUU.
4) Yo prefiero :mastodon:

Hmm... looks like #Threads (I think I just blocked my own post with that hashtag) will be muscling in on the #Fediverse.

I will not be following anyone posting from threads, not because they are bad people, or uninteresting, but because they will bring the dross with them. The period 2016-2020 on #Twitter was nearly unbearable because the heartfelt and justified outrage filled everyone's feeds. The cycle repeated when the rat bought the sinking ship.

I have decided that the quality of my online life is better without such drama. I read the news; I follow what's going on, but I'm not here to talk about it all. So I won't follow anyone posting from Facebook's services.

The #CSAM clusterfuck just became even more shitty:

Dutch researcher Danny Mekić has looked at #advertising data from #Twitter & says that the @EU_Commission's #DGHome has used #SurveillanceAds based on prohibited data categories to target people with #disinformation about the #ChatControl proposal.

#YlvaJohansson's department specifically targeted people in member states that had been critical of her proposal but excluded people who are likely to value #privacy.

#ElonMusk has been caught refusing to remove #nazi propaganda from #Twitter and is now being sued in Germany, where they take these matters seriously. After being sued, the solution which #Elon chose to deal with it was to hide some nazi tweets in the lawsuit from Germans, but not to even remove those small number of tweets from Twitter as a whole. Please tell me again how Elon isn't supporting nazis. Not that anyone can see the nazi tweets for all the #TwitterDown issues

Twitter (finally?!) removed Easy Chirp's API access. My accessible Twitter web app is officially dead. ☹️ #a11y #twitter

You guys argue about threads. Im just going to enjoy Elons meltdown.

#Twitter #ElonMusk

Right now the #Fediverse feels like a treehouse village full of ewok scientists, #Bluesky feels like the first week of senior year at a gifted college where everyone's doing amphetamines and no teachers are around, and #Twitter feels like a once-popular neighborhood playground where the tarmac is crumbling, it's always twilight, some of your friends are still clustered nervously near the edges, and crowds of bullies are moshing in the center.

От себя тоже поприветствую всех пришедших и дам несколько советов.

✅ Заполните профиль и поставьте аватарку. Неплохой идеей будет указать там ваши увлечения или вид деятельности.
✅ Напишите что-нибудь: приветствие, пост о себе (тут используют тег #introduction
✅ Листайте ваши локальные и глобальные ленты, и подписывайтесь на тех, кто интересен - тут нет алгоритма, который будет подсовывать вам контент. Набрать свою ленту нужно будет самостоятельно. Также возможно вам будет полезно зайти в настройки и установить языки контента, которые вы хотите видеть в ленте.
✅ Общайтесь с людьми.
✅ Не бросайте как только Twitter опять даст заднюю - дайте свободным соцсетям шанс, они могут вас удивить.

Эти простые советы могут помочь вам не заскучать и заинтересовать других людей подписаться на вас.

Если будет интересно почитать про Mastodon и Федивёрс в целом - список статей и постов по этой теме есть внизу на нашем проекте-лендинге Fediland:

Добро пожаловать и удачи!

#Mastodon #Fediverse #twitter #migration #TwitterMigration #log #новичкам #newbies

Lest anyone doubt that Twitter was idiotic enough to release code that would cause a race condition and result in its own users executing a DDOS attack on it, here's the network console readout from Firefox showing all the network requests blasting away.

Of course I immediately closed out my connection because I'm a good person. Oh, but it's the weekend and Evil Sheldon is in control so I kept the party going for a while since Twitter insisted on it.

#TwitterDown #Twitter #MastodonMigration #DDOS #TwitterFail #SelfDDOS


A program under which the NSA collects internet communications from various US companies such as #Google #facebook #twitter under the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 to turn over any data that match court-approved search terms.

2/4 🧵

I hoped, it will have the function 'read from oldest, but load the newest' (like TweetCaster did at #Twitter). Sadly this function is stll missing.

Why we're here and not at the hellsite.

#Twitter is expected to end its participation in the EU's code of practice of disinformation in the coming days.

The code of practice is a voluntary rulebook that contains measures meant to counter online disinformation.

Dnes to vidím tak. V 11:56 zapnu #twitter
11:58 rychle opuštím #Twitter a další přihlášení bude po MS v hokeji.

This is a brilliant release from the National Federation of the Blind about why they are scaling back #Twitter and how they have embraced the #Fediverse by coming to #Mastodon.
They truly understand the benefits and the culture here which promotes the engagement of #blind people.
@nationsblind #feditips

The same people who got us into the mess that led to the #Twitter implosion are doing the same old stuff. Good to see the tech press taking an interest in the appalling BlueSky terms of service.

> In a pretty meaningful way, “speech and reach” is the model of #Twitter today. You just don’t get to choose your recommendation/discovery algorithm.


> The only way to effectively fight harassment in a social network is effective, contextual moderation. The Fediverse showed that having communities, which embody that context and whose admins and moderators focus on protecting their members, is pretty damn effective here. This is exactly what BS is not doing.



BlueSky is cosplaying #decentralization

> Almost exactly six months after #Twitter got taken over by a petulant edge lord, people seem to be done with grieving the communities this disrupted and connections they lost, and are ready, eager even, to jump head-first into another toxic relationship. This time with BlueSky.

- #BlueSky seems designed to get secondarily centralized in the "reach" layer (as they call it)
- moderation is an afterthought
- Jack Dorsey


"Twitter is no longer reliable" said a post by New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Agency. It announced that real-time bus and train service alerts would no longer be available on the platform.

Last week, major emergency weather accounts faced disruptions over Twitter’s API access.


#Google buys an entire #Twitter EVERY SINGLE YEAR to make sure we don't ever use its competitors' products.

Yes, twitter really did mockingly label the Canadian national broadcaster CBC as "69% Government-funded Media".

Similar broadcasters like the BBC and Australia's ABC surely have to follow CBC and stop using twitter, now that its toxic clown of an owner has shown what contempt he has for them.

If he is prepared to use his platform to paint childish graffiti on their accounts, I can't see why any serious entity would want to have anything to do with twitter.

#CBC #twitter #twittermigration #BBC #ABC

Update on WP to Twitter plugin (I wonder what that could be about) by author Joe Dolson #twitterAPI #elonMuskTwitter #wordpress #twitter #fail

People need to understand.

#Google isn't a search engine.
#Facebook isn't a journal to share with your friend.
#Instagram isn't a public photo album.
#Twitter isn't a micro-blogging website.

They are all advertisement companies.

Been working on a new project the last couple of months and it's finally ready for beta release!

#Fedimeister is a #Java based #Mastodon client (available for #Linux, #Windows and #MacOS under the Apache #opensource license) with a focus on #writing and #journalism. Features:

* Break long texts into threads
* Scheduled posting
* Hashtag research
* #Twitter quote tweeting emulation


#KCRW #Radio: KCRW leaves Twitter as platform labels NPR as 'state-affiliated' #Birdsite #Twitter #NPR