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Here's a service that will let you track your Metrics on Mastodon, no mention of other services in the Fediverse #Mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration #Fediverse

Apparently #Twitter sent some ridiculous #API pricing to academics ($42k/month).

In other news: #twint got un-archived.

So I want to stress that I CANNOT INDEPENDENTLY confirm this but I trust my source:
There is apparently an ongoing issue at Twitter that boils down to:
Musk fired everyone with access to the private key to their internal root CA, and they can no longer run puppet because the puppet master's CA cert expired and they can't get a new one because no one has access. They no longer can mint certs.
My limited understanding in this area is that this is...very bad
#Twitter #infosec

Twitter’s $42k-per-month API prices out nearly everyone



Not only does Elon Musk not have a clue what he’s talking about, but this is *exactly* what he tried to do at PayPal, claiming it needed a full “V2” rewrite of the code when it didn’t.

Instead, it shifted resources away from key areas, caused PayPal to lose much more money to fraud, and eventually got him ousted as CEO.

Last month, I wrote about Elon Musk’s time at PayPal and how he’s repeating his mistakes from that period:

#tech #elonmusk #twitter #paypal
Elon Musk tweets, “A small API change had massive ramifications. The code stack is extremely brittle for no good reason. 

Will ultimately need a complete rewrite.”

Twitter Suspends Copyright Holder as Musk Outlaws ‘Weaponization’ of DMCA

#Anti-Piracy #dmcaabuse #elonmusk #twitter #DMCA

I predict Twitter 3.0 will be called

When you log in, you'll be greeted with a tab featuring the latest updates from Elon himself! gold members can watch his livestreams, and premium plus members can even submit a question!

The next tab is finances, where you can see your account balance, apply for a loan, insurance policy, credit card, or pension plan. $5 a month is added to your balance each time you renew your monthly subscription.

There's the marketplace tab, where you can buy a range of physical products, content from your favourite creators, and services.

There's tabs for Tesla and SpaceX. If you want to drive your new EV, you'll need to subscribe to the silver tier of first.

There's the "for you" tab, where you can access the content you purchased, as well as get personal recommendations for financial products, products from the marketplace, and exclusive content from Elon and his businesses you might have missed.

Wait, you ask, where do I post a Tweet on this thing? Oh honey, that option only appears if you registered for the creator plus or marketing bundle.

As for the newsfeed? I think it's still accessible. You just need to activate it in settings, then go to the "more services" tab, then tap on the hamburger menu, then switch into developer mode. But to access it, you need to have the developer subscription bundle first.

#Twitter #TwitterDown #Elon #ElonMusk #BirdSite

I am not a tech person. I had absolutely *no idea* about effect of #Twitter using algorithms on my feed. I figured it just sent me things based on my overall interests, learning from my follows, RTs, etc.

And...maybe that was true? I don't know. But now, 2.5 months into using #Mastodon, my feed here is enriching.

I truly underestimated what it means to self-curate. #Art, #Knitting, #Books, #Science, #Politics,'s a dinner party in an art gallery in a bookstore.

And so, we've come to the end of the road.

After a few weeks of trying, I finally figured out how to log back into my last remaining #Twitter account. I knew it was there but couldn't remember the email or password. I just spent weeks trying different combinations. Now that I'm finally in, I've requested an #archive of my data and I'll be deleting it later today once the archive has been downloaded.

Don't be sad because it's over; be happy you're screwing over a #billionaire one account at a time.

#Twitter looks very broken to me right now.

Now speculating on how long that will last and it will mean another #mastodon migration.
Twitter web app showing an empty list of messages instead of my timeline.

This is an on-point, punchy letter which displays a thorough understanding of the issues. SENATOR MARKEY DEMANDS MUSK REINSTATE #TWITTER’S #ACCESSIBILITY TEAM, ONLINE FEATURES FOR USERS WITH DISABILITIES.

Hey #newhere people, there are now more of you arriving here and I would like to find out why.

What made you come here now, why didn’t you come earlier?

#introduction #neuhier #Twitter

  • The improved site (3%, 6 votes)
  • Elon’s Twitter shenanigans (87%, 162 votes)
  • Something else (comment) (9%, 17 votes)
185 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

Okay, from now on, I am starting to make mental notes of people who constantly post about #Twitter dis or #Elon dat, and will eventually unfollow them.

Folks! The man is a fucking fascist, and Twitter is now his shitshow. We DON'T need constant moaning about it here. We know.

Let go of Twitter and move on!

"Should you leave Twitter for the fediverse?" (You should at least try!) #twitter #socialmedia #fediverse

Imagine Zuckerberg looking at the train wreck that is Twitter and thinking, “I’d better do what Elon’s doing.”

#Twitter #Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg announces plan to charge users for account verification and “impersonation protection.”

Wait, what? Mastodon does not charge me for keeping my account secure? Seriously?

#twittermigration #twitter #facebook #2FA

#Facebook following #Twitter in charging users for account verification.

Twitter users: OMG, the #birdsite isn't working.

And: OMG, Musk is charging for 2-factor authentication now!

And: OMG, Musk is amplifying right-wing misinformation!

And: OMG, Musk is hanging with Rupert Murdoch!

And: OMG, abuse is rampant on Twitter now!

Also Twitter users: Here are another hundred tweets creating thousands of engagements that improve Musk's ad revenue.

You're not “fighting a good fight” on #Twitter. You're just helping Elon Musk win!

One thing being overlooked in this matter of requiring $8 Twitter Blue for 2FA discussion is that in order to pay Elon you need to give him a credit card number. This provides him with your real identity and exposes you to potential credit card theft if that information were to be compromised.

Signing up for $8 Twitter Blue compromises your anonymity and financial security and Elon is making it a requirement for 2FA.

#twittermigration #2FA #twitter #infosec

Elon Musk said Twitter would take legal action against an employee who he said was the source of a Platformer report that said Musk's tweets had been artificially boosted.

Platformer reported Wednesday, citing engineers, that Musk asked 80 Twitter engineers to find ways to promote his tweets after President Joe Biden's tweet about the Super Bowl received more engagement than his own.

A Twitter user asked Musk on Friday whether the Platformer report was false.

Musk replied: "The 'source' of the bogus Platformer article is a disgruntled employee who had been on paid time off for months, had already accepted a job at Google and felt the need to poison the well on the way out. Twitter will be taking legal action against him."

#elon #twitter #clown #platform

Elon Musk says Twitter will take legal action against a 'disgruntled employee' who the CEO says leaked false information to suggest his tweets were boosted

#narcissism #news #Twitter #Elon

I just realized people can't mass follow or gain bot-followers on #Twitter anymore. I remember the times when regular people gained tens of thousands of followers with different tools and pretended they're Internet celebrities.

#Mastodon is ultimately even better, because in here these kind of games are not possible nor make any sense.

Social media is not a competition. I hope more people realize this after the downfall of the bird site and the uprising of decentralized web.

#Mastodon is like a relaxing #picnic at the park with #friends. #Twitter is like the #HungerGames, where there is no rules and anything goes, you are all alone, can trust no one, and don't ever know if someone is a friend or enemy. Thank you Mastodon for letting me have another day at the park surrounded by friends!

I know there is a lot going on at Twitter right now, but here's one more thing. Twitter is ignoring #GDPR requests from people to delete their DMs.

At the moment, when you press delete on a Twitter DM (an individual message or conversation) the DM isn't actually deleted from Twitter's servers, just your inbox view.

So people in Europe have been making requests for Twitter to blitz all their messages. It hasn't properly answered them. And now regulators are looking at it

Full story here:

#Twitter #gdpr #infosec #technology #news #wired

Since I am seeing new folks coming in from the birdsite, a few thoughts for you:

1. Take a moment to read

2. Hashtags are your friend. Follow them. Use them. Capitalize each word in them

3. You will miss things, and that is the point.

4. For accounts you don't want to miss, click the bell in the profile or make a list

5. Boost!

6. Be here to make connections

7. There is no algorithm to game

8. Add descriptions to your images

#Twitter #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

Twitter is ending free access to their API tomorrow, so Easy Chirp will be dead. ☹️ Two resources about the API:
#twitter #apps #api #a11y

Ah, so now he wants you to produce free content for his dying, unstable platform, after threatening you, on a whim, to shut off your free access. I see.

In response, I will be discontinuing all my projects that rely on Twitter's API, and I advise you all to do the same, rather than let him decide their fate.

#twitter #TwitterAPI #TwitterBots
A screenshot of a tweet from Elon Musk:

Responding to feedback, Twitter will enable a light, write-only API for bots providing good content that is free

but you need to get your act together re timeline consistency. Too often you do something (like right now: quitting the app and updating) and you find yourself on the top of your timeline instead of where you stopped doomscrolling.

How do you convince people to switch over from #twitter to #mastodon if such basic shit isn't working?

Japanese users reported #TwitterAPI-accessed accounts being frozen a day ago. Twitter disabled Movetodon's access about 8 hours ago.

You don't have until next week.

The casualty is not the FediVerse. The casualty is the people who relied upon free-of-charge #Twitter, directly or indirectly, for everything from authentication to robot-posted pictures of possums. They've lost all of that.

They were always the product, not the customer, of course.


#Twitter has banned #Movetodon from the API, so it no longer works.

Fedifinder still works, so that's an option at least for a little while.

While it's nice to have a bunch of people I followed for years on #Twitter back but in the #Mastodon... I'm gonna have to re-tweak my filters now I have more people I'm following.

It's getting stressy in here much like Twitter was with the (valid, important) politics and environment content.

Let yourself filter that out, if you're already aware of a lot of those issues. Don't marinate in it. It's real bad for you.

While #Google #Meta #Microsoft #Twitter & #Amazon are laying off tens of thousands of people to satisfy shareholders, #Tutanota continues to grow.

Welcome with us Wren, Johannes & Noah! 🥳

Join us if you are a developer wanting to fight for #privacy!

Some #Twitter things that the company didn’t build or invent itself:

• Twitterrific was the first mobile Twitter app

• The word tweet made its first official appearance on Twitterrific

• The hashtag was from Chris Messina

• Advanced Twitter Search was originally Summize

• Twitter bought TweetDeck

• Live stream was from Periscope acquisition

• The official Twitter app was originally Tweetie which they purchased from Loren Brichter

• Mentioning people with an @ was user driven and wasn’t linked to accounts because they didn’t consider conversations to take place on Twitter initially

• Quote tweet was adopted from people copy+pasting tweets and adding RT in front of the copied tweet

• Threads were built to accomodate existing user behavior

Did I miss anything major?

[update 29/1] lots of additions in the replies that I thought should get added here

• Image attachments added after third party services like imageshack/yfrog, and twitpic became super popular.

• Twitterrific was first to officially associate Twitter with a bird

• Retweet was adopted from user behavior (you couldn’t comment or add context using the official retweet so many people kept using RT until Twitter introduced native QT)

• Scheduling, posting across accounts, and team/shared accounts were from Hootsuite

• Popularity of short link services like isgd and bitly lead to tco url masking

Something that people may not have been aware, in my corner of Twitter in those early years, people interpreted RT not as retweet but as reply to. So they weren’t replying by hitting the reply button but by manually quote tweeting and adding RT after their response.

There’s enough confusion over RT so I’m gonna add this example

To je přesně český #Twitter. Místo radosti, že nevyhrál Bureš, řeší budoucí hradní mluvčí Markétu Řehákovou.

Hey everybody, will you please boost this and help my friend @hauntedhideaway find her #librarian peeps on here? 📚

She lost her beloved #Twitter community of fellow #librarians and would like to build a new group here. Help a gal out!

Thanks in advance!!

#library #books #bookstodon

i don't think i've ever yearned to listen to @gruber Talk Show more than this one, reminiscing w/ @chockenberry about early days of iPhone and #Twitter. Almost 3 hours long!