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When writing articles or documents in general I'd occassionally like to add pictures into the document e.g. a photo or a screenshot. While doing this I am always asking for help from someone else because I'm #blind. Can you give me some recommendations how to make sure the image is right size and it does not overlap the text or the other way round? Either pure HTML, or wordpress or markdown. #a11y #askfedi

Peter Vágner reshared this.

HTML <img> tag with an image scaled down should work, depending on how big you want the image to be.
How much scaled down? Does 800X600 using image makick convert sound reasonable?
So that depends on what the image is. If it's detailed and a main subject, like a photo, a screenshot, etc, I would say something like 1024x768 for photos, full scale for screenshots.

If it's an icon or profile picture, something like 32x32 is better.