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Habt ihr einen Tipp für mich, wer hier richtig gute # für Menschen mit # oder blinde Menschen schreibt? Ich würde gerne hinzulernen und reines Bücherwissen hilft mir nicht weiter. Ich muss es mal sehen.
Do you have a tip for me who writes really good picture # for people with # here on Fediverse? I'd like to learn and pure book knowledge is not helping me right now. I'll have to see.

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If you use a screenreader to access the internet, there's a guide to Mastodon written specifically for you at:

It's written by @changeling and you can support their work by donating to

(For those who don't know, screenreaders are used mainly by blind and partially-sighted people to read aloud what is on the screen. It's important for websites to be accessible so they can be navigated by screenreaders.)

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Tagging @weirdwriter if you have the time for a screen reader question, no obligation.

# # question derived from conversation with @donkeyblam -

How do screen readers handle the letter thorn: þ ?

If the screen reader is set to Icelandic, I assume it processes it normally. What if the screen reader is set to English? I have seen people use a thorn to represent "th" in words. Can screen readers process this as a "th" sound even in English?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I'm cosmically terrible at #, but should probably get some info down here. Not sure where I belong yet, so have a this. Feel free to interact!
Everything #, #, #, #
Learning #, # enthusiast, aspiring # and #
#, #, #
# (# # #)
#, #, #, #.
Madness as art, #, doesn't appeal to the masses. Socially awkward. Approximately person

I challenge anyone who's fedi experience is improved because of image, GIF, video, or audio captions to take the time to personally thank at least 3 different people each week for describing their media!
Should it be expected at this point? Yes in most cases I think so. But reminding people that taking the time to do it is making a tangible positive impact, and causing others to see the social benefits at the same time is a great way to encourage people to do it more.
If you can't find many examples on your personal feed, just use the media only filter on your local and federated timelines; they shouldn't be too hard to find after that!

# For those that are new, Hi! I'm Talon! I mainly talk about #, # and # - I mean to talk about more but for some reason that never happens.
Webdev during the day, audio game dev and music producer at night. Oh I also make sure sorta kinda mostly runs.
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I'm gradually going #, with some expected pauses here in #.

I haven't talked about it much, publicly anyway. Like most of anyone's life, it's nobody's business but mine. But, today I spent a few hours searching for information on what to expect during this process, and didn't find much. So, I thought I'd write my experience up as it happens, for the next person who needs it.

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When writing articles or documents in general I'd occassionally like to add pictures into the document e.g. a photo or a screenshot. While doing this I am always asking for help from someone else because I'm #blind. Can you give me some recommendations how to make sure the image is right size and it does not overlap the text or the other way round? Either pure HTML, or wordpress or markdown. #a11y #askfedi

Right, ##introductions post time :)
Name's Florian. I'm located in the Netherlands, where I spent my time #programming, studying #infosec and doing all sorts of things that have to do with #accessibility, the latter mainly because I am a #screenReader user.
I, to a point, enjoy rejecting barriers and paving the way forward for others who get told XYZ isn't possible as a #blind person, which I can count myself among.
I write articles , give talks and create content to further those ambitions; anywhere from how to learn #languages with a screen reader to how to make websites more accessible and anything in between. #AMA is a thing, in case anyone is curious.
Hobby-wise I enjoy learning about linguistics, about people and about various other pursuits I casually flip between, including audio engineering, interpersonal relationships, ethical non-monogamy and , occasionally, just why a banana tends to be yellow. It ...varies :)
I'm hoping to find like-minded folks to follow as I explore. :)