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I'm surprised a startup hasn't attempted to release a screen reader with all kinds of ML buzwords. "Our AI uses our proprietary ML algorithm to classify custom controls! No need for extra work from app developers!" #blind #accessibility #a11y

How do you improve #AudioDescription? MANY avenues exist: social media, letter writing, phone calls, blogs, demonstrations. The one certainty is this: staying silent won't yield better results. Join the #blind centered AD chat on Fri, Feb 3, 4pm PT.


Announcing the next #Blind-Centered #AudioDescription Chat (Live)! Friday Feb 3 at 7 PM ET w/,,,, and me on Topic: AD Advocacy Through Feedback. Join us and tell a friend! #ADFuBu

#Computers for the #Blind. Offers refurbished #Desktops and #Laptops at very inexpensive prices. You can upgrade RAM memory, hard drive space, plus more. Plus you get a 1 year annual license for #Jaws free with the purchase. So for those looking into a #computer and wants to stretch their dollar and get upgrades that they might not be able to normally afford, check out this great #resource! You can call them at 1-214-340-6328, Monday thru Friday, 9 AM-7 PM, or visit their website at

A warm welcome to Blind Android Users, now on Mastodon at


Every week they release a podcast with news, information, guides and a few laughs.
#blind #lowvision #accessibility #android

These magnetic USB C adapters are truly fantastic! Recommended for anyone blind or visually impaired.
Available from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

✅ Makes fitting a USB cable easy - the magnet pulls the cable into place.
✅ Saves wear and tear on the USB C port.
✅ Can be used with chargers, wired earbuds and data sync cables.
✅ Acts as a quick release if the cable gets yanked.
✅ They work well with phones, laptops, and tablets.

#blind #lowvision #visuallyimpaired #a11y

Just got home to find that, ah yes the Windows PC has restarted yet again, and oh hey lookie just a few steps and I can use my PC again! Windows Hello, which was already set up with a PIN, and are you sure you don't wanna switch back to Microsoft Edge? Huh? What? You don't? Well you have to click the skip button cause the other one is dimmed and hope it won't choose something without you knowing haha. And did you know your PC is better with Microsoft 365? You did? You know you have it already? Oh good. Well you're ready to go! Enjoy!

Thanks Microsoft, I hate it. I wish I could be like all the sighted techies out there that can just pop in a flash drive with Fedora Linux on it, set it up, and not even have to learn that much of a new interface and how to do things. Or one of the less techie people out there that open up a MacBook and click the Internet icon and when you ask them how it is they strug and go "Well I mean it's just a computer."

#accessibility #windows #linux #mac #blind #a11y

So Aira should have done this instead of hiding things from the beginning.

Envision announces new glasses and different pricing models. The clarity of this announcement is fantastic.

#accessibility #blind #AI

To me, the root of all digital accessibility is the operating system. A lot of people ask me why I have 3 computers. No, I’m not rich, two of them were bought for me. The reason is that Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS all have different accessibility stacks, three different philosophies of how accessibility and screen readers should work, and different things that accessibility stack and screen reader(s) are good at.

For example, the Mac uses object navigation for everything within VoiceOver. Everything is an object, and you navigate mostly with the VoiceOver keys and sometimes you can get away with using Tab. On Windows, you primarily use Windows navigation commands, with Windows screen readers speaking any needed info. The Mac, to me, is great at writing, and email, because because it has good writing apps, and a good mail client built in. Windows is great for web navigation and games, and writing if you like Microsoft Word. The ChromeBook is good for Android apps and Linux kinda and that’s about it for me. Everything else, web, Windows can do a bit better.

#accessibility #blind #operatingSystems #screenReaders #a11y

6 + months since its premier, S6 of Better Call Saul, one of the most universally praised series in the history of tv, remains inaccessible to many in the #blind community. AD track exists, but isn't available on or US Do better AMC, with all your originals

There's so much work to do. Here's another example of how #AudioDescription lags behind captioning in terms of adoption and matriculation into entertainment. We need more legislation, and we need tireless #blind advocates to make it happen.

So I don't know just how widespread this issue is, but I read on a mailing list that in the new iOS 16.3, there's a Braille bug where if you open the notification center, with Space with dots 4-6, your Braille display disconnects from the phone. I can't tell you how insulting this bug is. Opening the notification center is something a person does on their phone tons of times per day. Any kind of quality control could have caught this bug. And yet, here we are. And it makes me so glad that, whether Google has a blind person sitting there testing every build or not, that TalkBack's new Braille support is pretty damn solid. No, it doesn't have the turn pages while panning, or automatic panning, or showing equations in Nemeth code, or even Grade 2 US/UK Braille, although it does have Unified Grade 1 and 2 Braille. But shoot at least it doesn't have iOS-level slap-in-the-face bugs.

#iOS #accessibility #blind #Android #iPhone #a11y

Content warning: IOS, inaccessibility

Currently pouring over a sample exam sheet set for Finnish highschool students in German as foreign language in 2020 to assess the accessibility of the exam solution. It's got everything an accessible test needs: a table of contents, a good heading structure, native HTML 5 media player with almost perfect accessibility, native controls such as radio buttons and edit fields to give the answers.
The students were to pass the test by connecting their computers with an Ethernet cable to the examination machine running a special OS, presumably a fork of Debian. The test was taken by tunneling into the examination machine through the web browser and handling the exam in an accessible HTML from there.
Sadly, the audio recordings for the listening part do not seem to be available. Pity, as they reference Whatsapp voice messages. Would be fun to check for their authenticity based on the sound quality.
On that note: Do language exams in your countries reference modern communication methods or is it still a telephone? When I took my final in German, "Social media: pros and cons" was just a subject of the mini essay I had to put together as part of the writing assignment.
#Accessibility #Blind #Finland #Education #Languages #German

Please boost for reach

From Adrian Roselli: AI-Generated Images from AI-Generated Alt Text

My thoughts: Yeah I sat there and was like "Wow, image recognition is really good." And then I've read posts like this and I'm like yeah AI gives a loose idea, but it isn't going to replace caring, helpful people allowing us to appreciate their images, art, and so on any time soon. And he got hit with the way Apple's ML just goes "we don't recognize this so we'll call it a video game." As a blind person, ML generated descriptions are like a person who slept through a book summarizing it in 10 words. When an image is described by a person, it's more like experiencing the thing. And while I'll still use ML for when nothing else is available, it really shows the difference between "well it has Alt Text '' as opposed to "this has an excellent description that shows that the uploader of the image has a higher than average level of human decency.

#a11y #ImageCaptioning #blind #ai #ml #accessibility

Great opportunity for #blind and #PartiallySighted people in London who are interested in #art | This Friday 6.30-8pm, The Whitechapel Gallery are hosting a free #AudioDescribed tour of #ActionGesturePaint - a major show of 150 paintings from an overlooked generation of 81 international women artists. Email to book

Don't ever #donate to CNIB's guide dog program, or to CNIB ever, for that matter. What a fraud, but for those of us who are blind, yes I said blind and not non-sighted or whatever garbage language they are using, this is nothing new. #blind #charity #guideDog

OK, dumb #blind game dev question incoming:

In 2-D engines generally, or #Bevy specifically, what are the standard directions in which various angles point? I.e. which directions do 0, pi/2, -pi, and -pi/2 typically point?

Trying to migrate away from setting velocities directly, to routing everything through the same action/input systems. Now I'm hitting a bunch of corner cases where I took the data for a given scenario and made it behave how I'd expect. That's a bit harder when you're trying to standardize everything and realize everything is using axis and vectors slightly differently and none of it matches up.

Anyway, tried researching this but everything I've found wants to just show me a picture. I know how to do the math, I just don't know what unit vectors each angle points in.

@BlindGordon this is funny coming from the verge. Their website and blog posts are awful about adding alt text for their images. Irony aside, it’s nice to see a main stream publication encouraging people to write image descriptions for the blind. #Blind #Social #ImageDescription

Content warning: Programming

One of the biggest downfalls of being a small business owner… Writing and programming your website by yourself. It’s time consuming and a pain in the ass sometimes! #SmallBusiness #Blind #WebDev

Content warning: rant, Reddit, apps

Content warning: rant, foss, Linux, blindness

So um, yeah another blog has now written about the new TalkBack 13.1, and even linked to my blog post about it!

#a11y #accessibility #android #blind

okee goed, maar ik ben #blind, dus als ik ergens wil, ik heb op het start hogere steun dan gevone mensen.

My feature article on "Visualization for the Blind" was just published in the new Jan/Feb 2023 issue of @ACM Interactions. This is a high-level overview of making #visualizations #accessible for #blind individuals, sprinkled with my own personal experiences from beginning in the #a11y space. I even squeezed two Latin quotes in! And thanks to my close collaborator Jonathan Lazar for his mentorship. DOI: 10.1145/3571737 Read the fulltext here (no paywall):
Graphical abstract showing the first page of the feature article on "Visualization for the Blind". Full text here:

Content warning: Programming

People who use screen readers:

Are those alt text bots on Twitter actually useful?

Have long been suspicious of them since they bury the alt text deep in the thread and out of context, but none of use screen readers.

#Accessibility #ScreenReader #Disability #Blind #SightImpaired

So about the AIRA prices. You'd think with at least two state governments paying oceans of money to give their consumers state-wide AIRA access, AIRA could go easier on the blind community. But no. Of course not. Gotta get that inflation money! And yeah, I use AIRA. Shoot why wouldn't I? They, unlike Be My Eyes, have trained agents, can use GPS, search Google, Amazon, handle just about any digital task. But for those who aren't lucky enough to live in good ol' Alabama or, I think, Indiana, shouldn't have to pay even *more* unless they answer some questions correctly. Like who does AIRA think they're serving? Rich people? No. Unlike blindness organizations, people that are blind don't have that much money. Like how much more money does AIRA need in order to actually help more than the richest of blind people, or those who are privalidged enough to live in a sponsored area, or visit sponsored businesses? These states, or businesses pay for AIRA access.

#a11y #aira #accessibility #blind

My role as the only #Blind #Accessibility Specialist for #Lyft came to an end on Dec. 30th. 7 years of contracting and then there just wasn't a budget to keep my role going. A disappointing way to end my ride there, but it was a great journey while it lasted. Very happy to have been able to keep ridesharing accessible for so many people and introduce so many coworkers to the importance of #a11y and inclusive/empathetic design. If they can't bring me back, onwards to the next adventure!

I've thought about doing this for a while now.
#AltText is something I advocate for, as well as some other simple ways to make posts more #accessible and #inclusive. Let's make this #interactive.
Reply with an #image and I'll tell you what my #ScreenReader thinks it shows, as a practical #demonstration of inaccuracies, limitations and why alt text is better.
Edit on request: Not all screen readers can do image recognition. Alt text is the only viable way to be inclusive. #accessibility #blind

Decided not to set up the #SteamDeck for development because that's not what I got it for, and without a PC it's been hard to move ahead with ideas for making it more #blind accessible with #NVDA. But I got it back a few hours ago and have started making some progress.

First up, a small NVDA script exposing a configurable gesture to exit a content recognition result. Without this, you can OCR fine from the touchscreen but can't close the resulting buffer to open another one later, meaning you needed a keyboard to OCR games. Now OCR-accessible games with controller support are fully playable with only the deck.

Next up, accessibility fixes to make this user-mode gamepad driver and configuration UI more accessible. I used it to play ShadowRine in its default configuration last night, but next I'd like to get it working with Hearthstone.

Getting there, and I'll do a guide on all this at some point.

Biel Glasses and Panasonic demonstrate life-changing smart glasses for the visually impaired at CES 2023 #CES2023 #AR #blind #smartglasses

Morning Mastodoners! Today is #WorldBrailleDay, the day on which we celebrate the birth of Louis Braille and six little dots that have brought literacy and opportunity to #Blind people around the world for nearly 200 years. There's a direct line from a clever blind teenager in 1820's France developing the alphabet that now bears his name, to me, sitting in an office typing these words on a #Braille display using technology he never could've imagined.

I sent my blood pressure sky high.

I keep hoping to see #Publishers post accessibility guidelines for submission.

Several post the should be shunned Shunn as the perfect example.

First major issue - size 12 point font. I think I was 15 the last time I could read anything in size 12 of any font. At least 35 years ago!

Then he says to choose an easily readable font, and proceeds to list the two least readable fonts ever created!

Times New Roman and Courier are both like writing something in pencil, and erasing it half way out. And in size 12 point font - the rubbed out lines dance on he screen. In fact, ChalkDuster font is easier to read.

A readable font is Arial Rounded MT Bold six 18. Even then, it is sometimes too small to see.

I keep hoping #Publishers will begin to accept #Accessible written content.

Allow #Authors to use a font they can see.


#Accessibility matters.

Allow #Disabled, #Blind, and #DeafBlind writers to publish in your magazines.

It only takes a minute for you to reduce the size of the font, if you don't enjoy reading in a readable font. However, authors may not be able to read your notes and edits, if they are in an #InAccessible font and font size.

Which means they can't correct mistakes.

Oh, and nix the phone numbers. If I wanted to do a talky, I wouldn't be publishing.

#Writing, #Writing Tips, #Publishing, #PublishingTips

Please boost for reach: For Android power users, I'm looking for a good writing app. What do you all use? I'm trying to find one that's accessible, has good keyboard commands, hopefully ones I can use for navigating between headings in a document, that can combine different files, like chapters in a book, into one file, and export as different formats.

#a11y #blind #android #writing

Oh hey lookie Razer's audio app is pretty bad on iOS now, I didn't remember it being that bad. You open the EQ menu and oh hey no way to get out of it because there's no back button and the gaming mode switch doesn't press. ...

Except I have none of those problems on Android!

#a11y #iOS #Android #blind

ik zoek op #youtube een #video van #uitpakking van samsung galaxy a23 5g. Ja in #Nederlandstaal, maar met het gesprek, en zonder #muziek, want ik #blind ben. Helpt mij iemand misschien?

So since this does not seem to be widely disseminated knowledge, the RH Voice speech synthesizer engine allows for training your own voice models by associating sets of sentences in a text file with their corresponding recordings as wav files. There is a tutorial about this on the project's Wiki at:
I haven't tried it myself yet so can't answer possible questions, others have though so it surely works.
Happy hacking, creating SAPI, NVDA, Android voices or whatever else you imagine! ##SpeechSynthesis #Accessibility #NVDASR #Blind