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About 6 months ago I got a bee in my bonnet about the quality of current codecs. I ended up doing more than 1000 encodes, comparing various codecs, presets and quality settings. A little over a month ago I wrote something up about it.
#AV1 #ffmpeg #x264 #x265

@Arch Linux packages #ffmpeg 4.4 in order to satisfy some dependencies. Funy thing today, now using pacman, I am just updating to ffmpeg4.4-4.4.4-4

While we are at it did you all know there is an #MP3DirectCut for #Android that is accessible too?
For cutting MP3 and AAC files I prefer MP3DirectCut as it also supports losless volume normalization and fading.
#LoslessCut uses #ffmpeg under the hood and I like to use it for other file types, for generating chapters, working with cue files, concatenating tracks, syncing audio in video files and similar.