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@debacle @Jookia Ⓥ @pep @Robert Kingett Just a little correction. #Conversations on #Android is the most accessible chat app I've used. No matter which screen reader I'm using daily and I like it verry much. #Dino on #Linux is partially accessible. The issue is incoming chat can't be navigated through with arrow keys similar to other #GTK read only text entries.

Today's #AndroidAppRain in my repo brings you 2 new apps (next to 4 updated apps):

* Transportr (on request by the devs as there are currently problems with the F-Droid build due to non-free dependencies)
* Smart Edge: music status under the pinhole camera

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain at today with 3+3 (updated/added) apps:

* DataBackup: backup app data (requires root)
* JaMuz: Audio Player synced with JaMuz Desktop
* OpenToday: organizer

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

+ Translate You: translator using the LibreTranslate API
+ HopToDesk: remote desktop software (cross-platform)
+ Otraku: unofficial AniList client

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

I guess, your F-Droid repository offers apps for this... providing this for older #Android versions.

What do you think about #Android #Privacy Indicator? It's a little dot showing up in your status bar when an app accesses your microphone, camera, location or other sensitive data. (became first available on Android 12)

  • useful (59%, 381 votes)
  • not useful (4%, 28 votes)
  • I don't have this feature (Android 11 or older) (34%, 217 votes)
  • other (see comments) (1%, 10 votes)
636 voters. Poll end: 2 days ago

@fdroidorg is dedicated to enforcing #FreeSoftware for #Android apps. There is big money pushing hard to make people slip, Google is one of those. I've been working on free software since 1994, and from what I've seen, this approach is the only way to make progress. If no one enforces it, then everyone just slips into proprietary software.

Thema: Wetter

Kleine Wetter App mit Daten von

Kleine Wettervorschau Deutschland
Wettervorschau, basierend auf Open Data des Deutschen Wetterdienstes.

#Android #OpenSource #App #fdroid #1thema2apps

"The Tutanota apps are Libre software, and we wanted to publish our Android app on F-Droid. We wanted our users to be able to use Tutanota on every ROM and every device, without the control of a third-party like Google. We decided to take on the challenge and to build our own push notification service."


#Tutanota #FDroid #Android #PlatformIndependence #SoftwareFreedom

SmallTalk is a minimal, modern, friends and family focused Android messenger. Heavily inspired by Whatsapp and Signal, powered by Matrix.

Its goals are to be reliable and stable, and have a tiny app size.

It recently started supporting UnifiedPush, and publishing beta releases on Google Play:
And the IzzySoft F-Droid repo:

You can find out more about it at

#matrix #messenger #chat #android #app #UnifiedPush #smalltalk

#AndroidAppRain (autumn 🌧️ – September goes on) with 50 updated + 2 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg plus 6 updated + 3 new (+) apps in my repo:

* Al-Azan - Prayer Times
* Reader for Selfoss: RSS Reader
+ File Explorer: file explorer with java/kotlin compiler (IDE)
+ Portarius: manage your Portainer sessions
+ TimeR Machine: highly customizable interval timer (workouts & more)

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps with #fdroid and with the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain today with 45 updated + 3 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg and 6 updated + 3 new (+) apps in the #IzzySoftRepo:

* FutharkBoard: keyboard with Elder Futhark runes
* Local NLP Backend: UnifiedNlp backend, successor of Deja Vu
* Personal Stuff: track, manage and remind you of your own stuff
+ movies_app_flutter: maintain your favorite movies
+ SmallTalk: minimal Matrix client
+ SMS Predator Scan: scan for predator SMS

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

Dessert? Second #AndroidAppRain now at @fdroidorg with 60 updated and 1 new apps:

* Nitter: Android client for the popular Twitter frontend

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

Today's #AndroidAppRain brings you 7 updated and 4 new apps in the #IzzySoftRepo at

* K9Keyboard: a T9 keyboard
* Local NLP Backend: UnifiedNlp backend using only local data
* MouseRemote: use your Android device as a laptop touchpad via local Network
* Saber: cross-platform handwritten notes

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain this weekend brought you a bunch of updated apps in the #IzzySoftRepo – plus 50 updated and 6 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* LavSeeker: find a toilet near you
* FFShare: compress images/videos before sharing
* Massive: track your reps and sets in the gym
* PX:VW - converter: easily convert static units to adaptive units
* Rivia: encryption tool
* Zulip: chat for distributed teams

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

Uh, #AndroidAppRain: 1 updated app at #GuardianProject, 53 updated and 2 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg & 8 updated + 2 new (+) in the #IzzySoftRepo:

* OneTimeAlarm: Alarm reminders which delete themselves automatically after firing
* SkyTube Legacy: Legacy version of the Youtube front-end
+ AnimePipe: NewPipe fork with additional sources
+ Lunar Launcher: a launcher with a low memory footprint and clean interface

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from & with #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain today brings you 38 updated apps at @fdroidorg as well as 6 updated and 3 new apps in the #IzzyOnDroid repo:

* Starlight Launcher: search-focussed, extensible launcher
* AIS-catcher: turns your android phone with a chep DVB-T dongle into a portable AIS receiver
* MACsposed: add support for MAC Address spoofing to Android 12 (needs root + Xposed)

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

Double #AndroidAppRain today with 57 updated and 1 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg & 9 updated + 2 new (+) apps in my repo:

* Feudal Tactics: strategy game
+ Collector: universal information stream reader aiming to replace RSS
+ Monitor Internetless: locate and control your phone remotely without internet connection

Oh, and ViMusic returned to my repo on special request by its author.

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, with & from #fdroid :awesome:

Heavy 🌧️ outdoors – #AndroidAppRain indoors: 44 updated + 3 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg & 2+2 (+) in my repo:

* AAAAXY: nonlinear 2D puzzle platformer
* Mavinote: note-taking
* Remote Video Camera: stream video/audio between two phones
+ Bluetooth GNSS: use external Bluetooth GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou receivers
+ MovieLab: browse movies and TV shows

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from & with #fdroid :awesome:

AntennaPod is a free open source podcast manager app for Android devices. You can follow at:

➡️ @AntennaPod

There's more info on the website at

It's available through @fdroidorg and Google Play.

#AntennaPod #Podcast #Podcasts #Podcasting #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Apps #Android

When will you start selling directly in stores worldwide? I'd honestly be thrilled if one day when walking to my local mall I'd see a #Librem device alongside all those boring #Android / #Apple phones.

#AndroidAppRain ! 64 updated & 5 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg + 4 updated & 1 new (+) app in my repo:

* Discuz Hub: app for the Disquz forum
* Mieru Plugin: multi-protocol plugin for SagerNet
* Stitch: stitch screenshots
* Trains Locations: 🤷‍♂️
* TUIC Plugin: multi-protocol plugin for SagerNet
+ MJ PDF Reader: well, a PDF viewer

Enjoy your #free and #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

Time for #AndroidAppRain: yesterday 8 updates, today 4 and 1 new (+) apps in my repo – plus 23 updated and 2 new (*) apps at @fdroidorg:

* Hydra: access to Ghent University wherever you are
* FluffyChat: the Matrix client (not new, but back again)
+ Moxxy: experimental XMPP client

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain today with 3 updates in my repo & 36 updates plus 6 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* Bangle.js Gadgetbridge: GB for the Bangle!
* Everest: math puzzle
* MyHackerspace: hackerspaces status and information using SpaceAPI
* Réseau Discord Artivain: check if a Discord ID is listed there
* SimpleX Chat: e2e encrypted messenger without any user IDs
* Water Me: Plant Watering Reminder

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps from, with and at #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain today with 8 updated apps at as well as 44 updated and 1 new app at @fdroidorg:

* Wire: Secure Messenger

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps with, from and at #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain today with 10 updated apps in my repo plus 56 updated and 6 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* AirMessage: use iMessage on Android (Mac needed)
* AVIF Viewer: view .avif images
* HardWhere: Asset management app for snipe-it
* Linkbox: simple link manager
* Linux Command Library: manual pages and more
* Trivia You: Quizzes & more (design your own)

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

Recently a friend recommended me to try out this awesome looking GPS navigation app specifically designed for visualy disabled users.
Seeing Assistant Move:
Unfortunately I can't make it work on my Android 12 device. The app never receives GPS signal eventhough all the permissions are granted.
Do you know someone who is using it on Android? #Android #Accessibility

#AndroidAppRain today with 8 updated apps in my repo, as well as 58 updated and 2 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* Everyday Tasks: manage your daily tasks
* GSAK for Locus: Add-on for Locus map to import geocaches from GSAK databases

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android apps at, with and from #fdroid :awesome:

Is it me or is #Google slowly removing accessibility support from #android #aosp apps?
I'm running android 12.1 and included calendar and keyboard are no longer accessible. Keyboard is not a problem for me, as I am using 3rd party braille keyboards either soft braille keyboard or the one included within corvus suite of apps.
However I am unable to find an accessible calendar app.
Etar is partially accessible, only the agenda view is useable with the screen reader.
Simple calendar has accessibility issues.
Have you got some more tips?

#AndroidAppRain of the day, at @fdroidorg with 42 updated and 3 new apps:

* ArcheryStats: save archery scores
* OpenCalc: simple & beautiful calculator
* Wire: the messenger for highly secure communication

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, with and from #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain time! 7 updated and 3 new apps at today:

* CAPod: a Companion for AirPods
* D Note: a light-weight notes app
* Trivia You: supports different quiz APIs as well as creating and playing local quizzes

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain with 4 updated apps at IzzyOnDroid, plus 64 updated and 2 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* Fulguris Web Browser: light-weight with included ad blocker
* IdiomReplaceX Browser: text filtering web browser

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

Double #AndroidAppRain today, with 2 added (+) & 2 updated apps in my repo plus 14 updated and 1 new (*) at @fdroidorg:

* Birthday Countdown: countdown for your next birthday
+ Data Monitor: track your data usage (WiFi and mobile data)
+ Ionic Notes: simple notes app

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from and with #fdroid :awesome:

And there comes today's #AndroidAppRain with 7 updated apps in my repo, plus 5 updated and 4 apps at @fdroidorg:

* Camera Datei Folders: sorts camera photos into a date specific subfolder structure
* Dealing Sheet: make dealing hands of cards for games like bridge easy
* GreenStash: helps you plan and manage your savings goals
* Wassword: create complex passwords

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps from, at & with #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain again, though rather a light drizzle – at there were 7 updated and 1 new apps:

* Calculator: a simple Material Calculator and Unit Converter

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain again: 2 updated apps at Guardian (Tor browser), 11 updated & 2 new (*) at @fdroidorg – and 8 updated & 1 new (+) at

* Catcher: Permission monitor (monitors permission changes)
* Converter NOW: Unit Converter
+ crushr: Widget based to-do manager

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, from & with #fdroid :awesome:

Time for today's #AndroidAppRain with 49 updated & 2 new apps at @fdroidorg plus 4 updates in my repo:

* ClashMetaForAndroid: a rule-based tunnel
* 炒饭超Fun: a client for the ChaoFun community

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps from, at and with #fdroid :awesome:

I just installed K-9 #mail client for #android. This is the first time ever I've installed a non-Google email client on Android. I've always wanted @thunderbird on Android and since it seems K-9 will become that, I'm going to try to get used to it now. For a very first impression, I like it's simplicity.