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A few seconds of time here and there can really add up! When you need to send an email NOW, you don't want to backtrack through menus...

So we've added a floating Compose button to K-9 Mail version 6.500 -- available now to test in Beta, on both F-Droid and Google Play.

(Learn how to access the Beta here

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Will be on K-9 too introduced Mozilla/Thunberbird sync for mail accounts?
@opensoul Syncing between K-9 Mail and Thunderbird is absolutely part of the plan.
Good! Thanks! 👍 🤠 😉
@zwovierzwo Yes. Unlike stable versions, beta versions on F-Droid are not marked with a “Suggested” label. You have to manually select such a version to install it.

To get update notification for non-suggested versions you need to check ‘Settings > Expert mode > Unstable updates’ in the F-Droid app.
Can I be critical with you guys? I really love what you're doing, but I dislike floating compose buttons. Especially here. Most of the time I want to read emails and not write them. And when I write one, it's most likely a reply. I think composing a fresh new email isn't needed often enough to warrant an extra floating always visible button.
@fell An option for this in settings would be a good idea
@rafal06 @fell You can always be critical with us, especially when you're being polite and constructive like this.

I'm passing your great feedback on to the team.
@rafal06 @fell But also:
Settings → General settings → Display → Show compose button ;-)
my biggest request for Thunderbird is that there be an option to customize keyboard shortcuts. For example, using Delete to delete an email. Every other email program has this keyboard shortcut, built in. An option to assign Delete for this function would be heartily welcomed.
Just installed, hoping for a good experience on android.
@zwovierzwo It isn't called Thunderbird yet. That transition will happen this summer.
...and it's big! And Red!!
As said, please make optional - and a little smaller.
I like it! But it looks like you deleted the large widget I was using. It disappeared from my home screen and I can't add it back.

>A few seconds of time here and there can really add up!

If one keeps up this excellent strategy, one eventually has a whole minute!

:crazy: 😜