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did you know you can play games in #? (and compete in scoreboards with friends in groups)

this is still a kind of unadvertised feature. It works completely # on top of Delta Chat without depending/trusting on any 3rd party service, all communication happens as usual via # messages between you and your friends

For example this tower building game, with fancy UI and music!!


And what about @delta ? I'm using it on my # and I can reach all of my contacts, because it uses #, and they don't need to install # to receive and send me messages...

Hallo !Friendica Support
wenn ich meine E-Mail Adresse für meinen Account ändern möchte - kann ich diese zwar eintragen, aber ich erhalte dann die Meldung "Falsches Passwort" ohne das ich eine Aufforderung zur eingabe eines Passwortes erhalten habe.

Ist die ein Bug oder habe ich da etwas übersehen?

# # # #

Email and # are the best technologies for circumventing the MSM blackout on progressive news. RSS Content aggregation is how to find the good content.
Curation throws out the junk, leaving what you see here.

A 10 minute video.

# # # # # # # # # #

Dear fediverse,

I would like to know how many E-Mail addresses you have and for which purpose are you using them?

Please vote and explain further in comments.

E. g.
1. for private communication
2. for work communication
3. for banking
4. for spam etc.

If you are interested in this topic, a boost is welcome.

Thank you :mastolove:

P.S: I'm asking because I want to move to a privacy focused E-Mail provider, but I'm undecided how many addresses I could need.

# # # #

Thank you for your continued work on the amazing #! It has definitely made many aspects of my life better over the years (especially the remote search!).

My only improvement wish is to your communications so you can get paid closer to a fraction of the actual value you have long been providing.

For anyone else, throw some support to the best # # # # app out there at:

(but WHY is this link not on your profile and contribute page!?)

Friends of the #. Lots of changes coming to the # # client in the next three months. Would love if you could all grab the Daily or Beta release and let me know thoughts and concerns as you watch the changes roll in.

Go to the bottom of site to choose version:

Feel free to ping me with your experience!

Messaging protocols. Let me think. #sms, #xmpp , #irc, #rcs, #mms, #matrix, #email

Why don't we make one app that works with all of these?



But we keep going! Facilitating conversations across platforms, decentralized & using open standards (like #email &, putting you in control of your data and workflow!

The support of our users & community has allowed us to do great things & the future is bright! 🚀


Don't forget! Tomorrow at 10 CET we start our #OpenPGP event with many wonderful presentations from the devs of Sequoia (including @nwalfield), @keyoxide, talks about GPG-based #email encryption for emails at rest, plug&play encryption for customer relationship management & more! No signup needed, just join the (BigBlueButton)room at 10 -> 🔐 👋 🆓
Photo of worn out sign with letters saying 'come in we're OPEN'. Source: Kevin Bidwell

Did you know there is very #accessible #email app for #android called #FairEmail. Version 1.1677 released today includes quick #accessibility fix where reply button within an email is easier to locate when using screen reader swipe navigation. If you are looking for nice email app give FairEmail a spin.
If you like it please do support the author by buying pro features from within the app or just donate at