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If you're a fan of the free open source e-mail software Thunderbird, you might want to follow their official PeerTube account:


(You can also follow their Mastodon account at

If you just want to browse their PeerTube videos without following them, you can watch them all at

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Hey friends. Recommend me a simple, competent, email client for Windows that supports multiple IMAP accounts.

TBH I was happy with Windows Mail but New Outlook wants to store all my non-MS emails in the MS-Cloud and I'm not having that.

I used to use @thunderbird way back - is that safe from the AI craze?

#IMAP #email #emailClient

On this day three years ago, I received my to date most scary #email - I'm not used to death threats,

... which over time of course turned out to be harmless.

Thunderbird is an email client with built-in support for PGP encryption.

Messages are encrypted/decrypted in the client and remain encrypted on email servers, this is client-side encryption.

Some email providers support PGP encryption server-side, this method could be vulnerable to third-party decryption of emails.

Client side encryption:

Mastodon: @thunderbird

#Thunderbird #Email #Encryption #OpenPGP #PGP

I installed the latest version of #Thunderbird today after a long time, and it's really great. However, I personally miss important features like a 'from-full-address' column or the implementation of the ManageSieve protocol.

Kudos @thunderbird

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I’ve been with Tuta for many years now. I first moved off a mainstream option to get #encrypted #email from a service provider who gave a dam. However, over time it has become way more than that. I feel part of the @Tutanota #community, a place where there is some heart and soul. Their #customersupport is second to none with actual considered answers (no mile long threads to get understanding- they get it straight away). And the design just keeps on giving! #gratitude for your service!

🎊 Looking for a sweet way to celebrate #dataprivacyday? 🎉

Why not try dropping #BigTech in favor of a more private #email provider. 😎

We've got you covered with a full comparison so you can have your #privacy cake and eat it too! 💪🔒

Even as development has resumed on Thunderbird, criticisms remain over its stability and features. For those frustrated by Thunderbird’s issues, there may be a solution: Betterbird, a fork of the main Thunderbird client.

#thundbird #betterbird #email

🎊 Before you #OwnTheNight, ask yourself who really owns your #email mailbox. 💃

With Tuta, all your data is #encrypted on your devices before it is sent to our servers, leaving only you with access to your files. 💪🔒

This is #privacy done right.

Guten Morgen. Wer sie noch nicht kennt, sollte unbedingt einen Blick in die Empfehlungsecke werfen. Diese enthält meine aktuellen Empfehlungen zu verschiedenen Themen wie Messenger, Werbeblocker, werbefreies YouTube, Passwort-Manager, Suchmaschinen und Co. 👇

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Seriously tired of web sites with faulty email validators. This time it's that won't accept my address, and instead of any acknowledgement of the issue, answered that I should use another address when creating an account. That's too bad, especially since their GPL licenced sheet music for Linux seems quite good. #tuta #email #musescore @Tutanota I am a "Revolutionary" subscriber. Last time I bought the "recharge code" on digitalgoods Bitcoin ask me a fee of 2/3€. Recently I paid more than 10€ in fees for small transactions for the same network: this is a dramatic scenario where the fees cost more than their transaction. My subscription style is "only crypto" and I would like to pay with different cryptocurrencies like XRP, XDC, XEC, ETH, etc. Currently my favorite wallet doesn't support XMR. So Tuta has to find a solution or different crypto partners.


Resolved: Microsoft Outlook Blocking All Email from Domain as Spam.

This is just another example of how much power Microsoft has. But sometimes I'm not sure they really know what they're doing.

Anyway, dealing with Windows email users (businesses and individuals) can be a nightmare.

If you plan on using your own email server, sooner or later you'll be playing this game too.

#microsoft #outlook #hotmail #email #spam @Tutanota

Version 0.4.0 (Codename „All Engines Running“) of not only brings support for #UnifiedPush but also a UI refresh. The e-mail client for Android now supports Material U / dynamic colors.

#autocrypt #opensource #email

Note that requires an e-mail server that supports #JMAP. (There aren’t many providers that support it so is currently more for the adventurous / self hosting type user.)

Walled gardens might be OK for plants, but not for email. Did you know our average donation in 2023 so far is $17.44? For the price of a bouquet, you can donate to help liberate email from corporate walled gardens, and help privacy bloom. 🌻 Rest assured, ANY donation amount makes a difference!

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Email #Privacy

I have been with @Tutanota for years. Tried others but always come back to this Germany-based crew. Recommended if you want a little less surveillance in your life.

#Privacy #Email

sadly that is nothing new.

#Microsoft literally weaponizes it's position as "#TooBigToFail" #eMail #provider and comstantly make up excuses like "no #SPF / #DKIM / #DMARC records" when they themselves don't comply with it.

Consider involving all #regulators you can ranging from #FCC to @EU_Commission to @BNetzA to forve Microsoft to stop this shite...

I'm delighted to announce that #Libervia has received a new grant from #NLnet #NGI0 to develop an #email <=> #XMPP gateway.

This project will not only convert normal messages but also transform mailing lists into #pubsub based forums. It includes UI/UX enhancements on Libervia, end-to-end encryption, and advanced handling of attachments.

More at:

Google Is Always Watching! 🤯 Protect your online identity by dropping Big Tech and creating a Tuta account today: 🔒

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👉 You can follow our YouTube channel for more #Shorts: ❤️ (But we still love Mastodon the most!)

The Tuta Team is composed of dedicated privacy activists who are working hard to protect your online data!💪

With a wide array of backgrounds and expertise we are committed to providing you with the world's most secure end-to-end encrypted email experience!🔒

This is privacy done right.🎉

Check out our new additions and get to know the crew who is fighting to make the internet a better place! 👉

#privacy #teamwork #diversity #encryption #email #postquantumcryptography

Exciting News! The email domain is now available to all users taking advantage of our new subscription plans.🎉

Grab your name at now!

Enjoy the convenience of a 4-letter domain name and the privacy you've come to know and love.❤️ 🔒

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Avoid missing attachments in Thunderbird with attachment keywords that you can customize!

Go to Thunderbird Menu > Settings > Composition, and scroll to 'Attachments.' Click on 'Keywords' to maintain YOUR custom keyword list. 📎

If you're, ahem, strategically not attaching documents when you say you've attached them, you can turn reminders off across Thunderbird in Attachment Settings - or disable reminders for the current message when the attachment reminder pops up. 😉

#Thunderbird #Email

Dnešního rána jsem se rozhodl skoncovat s Outlookem a přejít i na Macu na Thunderbird.

A to potom co mi Outlook udělal v mailech na 2 ze 4 schránek zřejmě nějakou jeho chybou IMAPu paseku viz. screenshot 🙈

@thunderbird #email #IMAP #Outlook #Thunderbird

Like the legend of the phoenix, we're resurrecting Mozilla Send, an end-to-end encrypted file share service, and bringing it under our wings as Thunderbird Send. In this clip from S1E5 of the ThunderCast, developer Chris Aquino gives us a sneak peek of the new - wait, old - er, reborn project!

Learn how #Thunderbird Send will help you overcome your file upload woes, respect your privacy, safeguard against abuse, and hopefully change your #email experience for the better.

#Development #Mozilla

Finally. 😅

My account with Tutanota seems to be activated. Oddly, I received no notice of my activation, but I was able to confirm it is working by sending an email from Tutanota to Gmail and replying from Gmail to Tutanota.

I don't understand why Tutanota would not notify my account being activated. If I had not decided to check, myself, I would have not known. 🤔

Nevertheless, it works. 🥳

#Tutanota #TutanotaEmail #Email

cc: @Tutanota

We're not done with Thunderbird Supernova!

As promised, we will continue to improve the UI and functionality of message threads and Cards view.

We outline the upcoming changes in our Thunderbird UX mailing list here:

A mockup with developer comments is also available from the link.

💡 If you have valuable feedback to offer about this, please reply to the mailing list so our developers & community see it!

#Thunderbird #Email #OpenSource

The "New Outlook" demands that when adding your #Gmail account, you also give Microsoft a copy of all your Gmail email, contacts, and calendar data.

The "Learn More" link confirms:

"Syncing your account to the Microsoft Cloud means that a copy of your email, calendar, and contacts will be synchronized between your email provider and Microsoft data centers."


Good time to switch to @thunderbird, folks!

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Miliony e-mailů určených členům americké armády za poslední roky skončily v Mali kvůli tomu, že autoři místo armádní koncovky „.mil“ omylem uvedli malijskou doménu „.ml“.

Installing new brand new Thunderbird 115 115 SUPERNOVA! 🎉🍾

Supernova represents a modernized overhaul of the software – both visually and technically – while retaining the familiarity and flexibility you expect.

Get the details here:

Kudos to @thunderbird for keeping this bird flying!!! 🙇

#thunderbird #email #emailclient


With this year’s version, we’re delivering much more than just another yearly release. Supernova represents a modernized overhaul of the software – both visually and technically – while retaining the familiarity and flexibility you expect.

It's your first step into the future of Thunderbird.

Get the details here:

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Email #Supernova