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I really loved @thunderbird 's first episode of their new podcast, ThunderCast! And wanted to shout out on Mastodon for this awesome community. #thunderbird #opensource

Our podcast is now available on the outstanding @tilvids, and we've created a separate channel just for the show.

So check it out, subscribe, and enjoy!

#PeerTube #Podcast #OpenSource #Thunderbird #Email #Productivity

Welcome to the debut episode of the Thunderbird podcast, which we're affectionately calling the ThunderCast!

#Thunderbird #Podcast #OpenSource #Email #Mozilla

If you're an #iOS #developer, love #opensource, and have a certain passion for email, you should definitely keep an eye on the #Thunderbird careers page!

Within the next few months, we'll be hiring someone to help us lay the groundwork for Thunderbird on iOS. When that career opportunity goes live, we will announce it here.

(So yes, we can 100% confirm we plan to develop an iOS version)

I read that the goal for #k9mail is to have feature parity with #thunderbird on the desktop. Does this mean k9 will be/already is an #RSS client? @thunderbird @k9mail

I updated my #Thunderbird Beta, and was welcomed by the redesigned navigation bar, part of the Supernova roadmap.

I quite like the UI changes so far, well done @thunderbird 👍

You're looking at the #Audacity project for Episode 1 of Thunder⚡Cast, our new monthly podcast.

We recorded it on Friday, and it's being edited into shape this week. Expect it before the end of the month. We'll share the RSS feed when it goes live.

#Thunderbird #Podcast
An Audacity project, with 3 separate wave forms being edited, representing 3 speakers on a podcast.

The recent #Thunderbird changes in Daily build are awesome, it's a lot easier to use it in my Surface (especially with the message pane turned on, because previously I couldn't).

I'm a long term #Thunderbird user and can't remember having any issues with it. As long as you're willing to take a bit of an oldschool approach (not a bad thing) to handling your emails, you should be fine. Maybe "oldschool" is the wrong word. It's just that you don't have the conversation-style UI that many clients have nowadays. In Thunderbird, every email is just an email.

Alright, @mozilla.

I'm trying @thunderbird.

It has been 5+ years since I used a desktop email manager/application. And I haven't ever used Thunderbird (and only, really, used Outlook).

It will now host my 15+ email addresses.

Wish me luck.

#FOSS #OpenSource #Mozilla #Thunderbird

While K-9 Mail is developed in the open, following its development on GitHub can be somewhat tedious for a casual observer. So we’re trying something new and summarizing the most notable things that happened in the past month as we head down the exciting road to Thunderbird for Android!

#OpenSource #Thunderbird #Android #K9Mail #Mobile #Dev

Only just read that @thunderbird have taken over K9Mail. Wow, I've been using K9 for years, and this is truly excellent news. The Beta is already looking great, and the roadmap promises some exciting changes this year. #thunderbird #opensource #email

You think Thunderbird is customizable NOW? Just wait until Supernova! Here's Alex talking about his favorite Supernova feature: customization!

#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Email #PeerTube

My Favorite Thunderbird Supernova Feature

You think Thunderbird is customizable NOW? Wait until you see what our Product Design manager is cooking up... This video is part of a larger "Meet The Team" series of conversations. Read the entire interview on the Thunderbird blog at

In this ongoing series of conversations, we introduce you to the people behind the software you use every day.

When and why did they fall in love with technology? What does their day-to-day schedule look like? What attracts them to open-source projects? And what’s their playlist of choice when hacking away on #Thunderbird?

Let’s kick it off with the person leading the charge on Thunderbird’s modern redesign: Product Design manager Alex Castellani @alecaddd!

@thunderbird Hi! I used #Thunderbird back in 2004 couple of years. Maybe it's time to try again? 😅

Here's an early look at some fun content we're launching next week!

We're calling it "Meet The Team." It's a series of conversations with each member of the #Thunderbird team, about stuff like:

☑️ When they fell in love with tech or software programming.

☑️ What attracted them to #OpenSource.

☑️ What their day-to-day looks like hacking on Thunderbird

☑️ And whatever else we decide to ask them and they're willing to answer!

We'll start with @alecaddd's origin story... Stay tuned for more!

Here's something we haven't heard in months: "I thought Thunderbird was dead!"
Hi, I'm Jason. In May 2022 I was blessed with a dream job: running #Thunderbird comms + creating content for our newsletters & blog.

Goal #1: erase any doubts about Thunderbird's future in the public eye. I'm thrilled to say it feels like we accomplished that, and I believe YOU helped.

Our team LOVES the engagement & community spirit here. It's a personal daily highlight for me.

Keep the conversation going 💙

Content warning: Disroot first impressions

A recent #Thunderbird Daily build introduced a nice, subtle change to the Application menu, aligning it with the window action buttons.

And a small green dot indicates that an update is available.


just seems like Thunderbird has evolved more in the last year than it has in the last 10. Loving it and a daily #thunderbird user with all my email accounts “unified.”

Thank you, I found the current UI quite "old".
It's hard to find beautiful AND practical interface for mail client.

#thunderbird #foss #email #opensource

Thunderbird 115 "Supernova" will be intuitive and welcoming to new users, while remaining familiar and comfortable for our veteran users.

See how we're accomplishing that balance with this preview of the new Folder Pane:

#Thunderbird #FOSS #Email #OpenSource

The Thunderbird community is constantly submitting feature ideas to improve Thunderbird.

But these ideas need upvotes and discussion to get traction. Check out the latest suggestions and add your voice to the mix at

#Community #Thunderbird #Email #FOSS #OpenSource

Consider this: the average length of time someone in the United States owns a car is between 7 and 8 years.

When we think about how many #Thunderbird users have had a LONGER relationship with our software, it's easy to understand why there are such passionate (positive or negative) reactions to us talking about change.

Please keep the feedback coming. We appreciate it, and we appreciate you.

Pencils and pens look very old as well. That's because they dither very slightly around an evolved functional shape that happens to be quite simple.

I'm glad that I can choose whether to "enjoy" having the shape of my tools arbitrarily rearranged. I don't need to have scrollbars shrunk, whitespace added, tail fins, uncomfortably skinny jeans, optical function of glasses shrunk, etc.

But even so, please don't confuse fashion accessories with tools, #Thunderbird

We have a target Release Candidate date for #Thunderbird 115 Supernova: April 11.

At that time, what you'll see in our Beta channel (version 113) should match up with what you'll experience in version 115, minus some polish.

As always, we'll do our best to keep you posted!

@ericdere Thunderbird for iPhone/iPad is planned.

#Mozilla #Thunderbird #iPhone #iPad

Big fan of both #thunderbird and #K9Mail so this news is getting me excited about the future of both!

This week, we are very happy to welcome Wolf Montwe to the team!

Wolf will be joining @cketti in working full-time on #K9Mail development, and ultimately #Thunderbird for #Android.

For the record, this officially doubles the size of K-9's core development team 😄

Watch for a more formal introduction from Wolf next month on the Thunderbird Blog!

as a long time user I'll welcome any UI/UX refresh, reworking legacy code isn't always glamorous or pretty but it needs to be done at some point.

Having a lean and flexible base for future builds is great for performance but it also attracts more contributors.

Email these days seems like a captured space. #Thunderbird and other #opensource clients alleviate that suffocating reality.

this is a good read. It really makes me hopeful about the future of #Thunderbird. It feels like it's in good hands with good leadership and an authentic vision. I hope some of that bleeds over to #Mozilla and subsequently #Firefox. Because JFC, there doesn't seem to be the same level of cohesiveness or vision over there.

#Thunderbird Product Design manager @alecaddd answers a burning question with some important history, a look into the future, and some real talk.

Some of these talking points might be divisive. They might touch a nerve. But we believe in being transparent and open about both our past and our future.

So far these only have been once-offs, but i hope to be able to do them annually.

#KDE #Thunderbird #Fosstodon #Disroot #AutisticiInventati