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Hello dear friends of #Android #FOSS! Are there any #Magisk users among you? If there were a module repo with only FOSS modules in it and an Android client to it (which would, like the F-Droid client, support adding your own favorite repositories), would you use that?

  • YesYesYes! Where is it? (39%, 56 votes)
  • Probably. (28%, 40 votes)
  • Rather not. (10%, 15 votes)
  • Huh? What is a Magisk? (22%, 32 votes)
143 voters. Poll end: in 2 days

Hello! It's time for an #introduction !

I'm the #fediverse embodiment of the #FOSS Governance Collection.

Ever need examples of how other FOSS projects or non-profits do things like voting, privacy policies, codes of conduct, and stuff like that? Then we're the project for you!

The collection is fully catalogued and searchable, thanks to the excellent @zotero #FreeSoftware project.

Follow us to stay up to date on news about the project!

Finally another #AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg 🥳 with 74 updated and 1 new apps:

* Contacts Import: Import your CSV contacts from a desktop client without any cloud syncing

And don't forget to update your F-Droid client: 1.16.1 was just promoted to be the "suggested version", bringing a lot of improvements (especially if you're still on 1.15.x) – speed, faster index fetching, no more 160% download bars 🙈

Enjoy your #free & #foss #Android #apps from, at & with #FDroid :awesome:

🎉 We're growing! Our global #FDroid community is pleased to announce that we now have an official governance plan and a brand-new volunteer Board of Directors. We're excited to work with them to keep improving the leading all #FOSS mobile app catalogue!

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Android

Oh cool. Looks like Odilia is coming along pretty well. 0.1 is close to release! Wayland is going to have to be patched to, I think, allow some commands, but it's happening!

#accessibility #foss

Found this on other account. Please boost for reach: Fedora Linux is focusing on accessibility for the next five years. I'd love to see people with disabilities, very much including blind people, comment on this. If you're interested in Linux, or free and open source software, your voices are valuable. I hope Fedora finds our voices valuable too.
#accessibility #linux #fedora #foss

Alert for my #TKCompanionApp: a user has found an unauthorised copy on Google Play:
That is NOT my app!! It's could be modifidd from the original in an unknown way, and surely a #FOSS #copyright #violation!
My app is _only_ available through @fdroidorg at or you can download F-Droid-signed APKs from @Codeberg ( or the GitHub mirror: and nowhere else.

I just had a super productive discussion with some talented designers and developers within #GNOME. I’m happy to see some long-wanted but often-delayed work being picked back up, and excited to be involved in the process!

I think we’re gonna get some thing spiked out and prototyped, but spoiler alert: it’s to do with making GNOME feel more your own while considering the needs of app authors and distros, and even other toolkits. 🌈

#GNOMEdesign #FOSS #OpenSource #Linux #FLOSS

Content warning: Flaming hot take, rant

#AndroidAppRain at today with 15 updated and 2 new apps:

* NekoBox: universal proxy toolchain

Aaand I'm excited to announce that one app returned fully FOSS, and will soon show up as reproducible at F-Droid (so you can cross-update)!


* Amethyst: Nostr Client for Android

will soon be the first Nostr client entering F-Droid, if I didn't miss any.

Enjoy your #free, #foss & #libre #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

I’m so glad Element sends me emails with the latest messages in conversations. Otherwise I wouldn’t see them. Element on Mac is pretty awful to use, Element on iOS sucks as far as I’ve tried to use it, and on Windows it’s okay but sometimes focus jumps to an older part of the conversation. It’s like Discord but worse lol. Ah well. That’s where all the FOSS projects are so that’s where we have to be if we want to be a part of them. Oh, on Android Element is pretty good. Go figure. I have no idea about Linux. Last time I tried it, I had to press down arrow a lot for Orca to read a single message cause it would

just read

a line

like this.

So I bounced off that pretty quickly.

#accessibility #element #foss

What a day! Two more apps got all their AntiFeatures stripped and are libre now. For one of them that means not only the return to my repo at a quarter of its size (85 MB => 24 MB for the "fat APK" with all ABIs), but also (spoiler) its going for the next goal and entering F-Droid soon™. Stay tuned!

#Android #foss #apps #FDroid

You know what, I haven’t come across a lot of Black Linux users on this Mammoth Site! Heck I have barely come across any Linux users of colour on here for that matter! If you’re a Black or POC Linux User, make yourself known!

I’d like to chop it up with folks about my favourite set of Unix-like operating systems, without fear of you know... Micro Aggressions... LOL

#BlackFediverse #BlackMastodon #Linux #OpenSource #FOSS #LinuxCommunity #POC

Law enforcement use closed-source "secure" communication tools to catch criminals, but this compromises the privacy of law-abiding users. Exclu, An0m, EncroChat - these all prove why only open source software can be trusted. Read more! 👇

#communication #privacy #lawenforcement #opensourcesoftware #foss #opensource

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and you know, if a project, website, whatever, cannot, or will not, for whatever reason, accommodate people with disabilities, just say so on the home page. If a Linux distribution doesn’t have an accessible installer, just say so. If a distribution isn’t sure if its desktop and apps are accessible, don’t sit there and call it “your OS.” Be straight up and say “this distribution hasn’t been tested for accessibility.” Do y’all know how much time that would save disabled people? If we know your software isn’t accessible, we’ll look somewhere else. If we don’t, we’ll run into “Okay how do I start the screen reader? Alt + Windows + S? Oh that’s not working. Alt + F2, Orca, Enter? No? Well that was a waste of 30 minutes.” And honestly, no one likes wasting their time.
But if you have tested your distribution’s installer, and set up accessibility flags and such, like Debian, let us know, loud and proud. Reach out and welcome us. And try not to shrug your shoulders and grunt when your distribution doesn’t work on our hardware. If your website is nice and clean and fast, and you’ve had a blind person try it, and they’ve thanked you for giving a damn, shout it, loud and proud. Be proud of your support for people with disabilities. But also understand that blind people aren’t the only disabled population out there, and reach out further. But if your stuff works for even one set of the disabled population, you should be proud of that.

#accessibility #foss #linux #web

Heavy #AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg today with 80 updated and 5 new apps:

* Chip Defense: tower defense game with a microprocessor theme
* Simple Contacts Pro SE: extended version of Simple Contacts Pro that supports separate address fields
* ente Authenticator: end-to-end encrypted authenticator
* Symphony: offline music playback
* Joplin: back again! notes & tasks with sync between Linux, macOS, Windows

Enjoy your #free & #foss #Android #apps from, at & with #FDroid :awesome:

Alright, @mozilla.

I'm trying @thunderbird.

It has been 5+ years since I used a desktop email manager/application. And I haven't ever used Thunderbird (and only, really, used Outlook).

It will now host my 15+ email addresses.

Wish me luck.

#FOSS #OpenSource #Mozilla #Thunderbird

So I'm sitting here reading the blog post I just posted about, and I'm thinking "you know, Linux *could* be a wonderful OS for someone that likes lightweight, portable stuff like Pandoc, Fountain, Markdown, all that. Like these kinds of people that have a disability are just *waiting* for something like Linux, where they can have a light, simple interface that's also effective and nice. But nope, disabled FOSS, like NVDA and LibLouis, and TWBlue, and Eltin, all work on the backbone of a proprietary operating system. I rhetorically ask, why is that? Why do we need to use Windows to run a mostly FOSS system? LibreOffice is FOSS. Yet, what system do you see blind people running it on? Windows. Pandoc is FOSS. Yet, what system do you see blind people running it on? Windows. Why is this?

#accessibility #foss #linux #blind

Please boost for reach: Fedora Linux is focusing on accessibility for the next five years. I'd love to see people with disabilities, very much including blind people, comment on this. If you're interested in Linux, or free and open source software, your voices are valuable. I hope Fedora finds our voices valuable too.

#accessibility #linux #fedora #foss

More on Mint. So, delightfully, when I booted up the VM today, Orca started on login, and after login too. So after you turn it on, it comes on again. That's very, very nice. Not only does that tell you when your computer is ready to go, it lets you set what DE you start with and such.

#accessibility #Mint #Linux #foss

Interesting #FOSS project retrospective from the #SumatraPDF developer:

Lots of opinions I share, some less so. Good food for thought though. :)

So, on the [Linux Mint homepage](, there's a downloads link. Whenever I press Enter on it, it expands, but when I arrow down, there's just the collapsed Project link. Even when I just press Enter on the Download link and press Tab, the thing just collapses and I'm put on the Project link. I remember finding a way around that, but a user hopeful about Linux and ready to try it will probably think "Wow if their website is like this, I don't wanna know what their distro is like."

#accessibility #foss #linux #mint

So I ran Linut Mint in a VM in Vmware workstation 16, and pressed Enter on the grub menu, and got this

B. 28375B]
piix4_smbus SM8us Host Controller not enabled!
sd [sda] Assuming drive cache: Lurite through
#foss #linux #mint

So I know it’s only been like two or three people so far, but sighted developers asking how to use Orca on Linux to test for accessibility, shows that the time is fast approaching where accessibility is going to matter on Linux. I don’t know if it’s gonna be the explosion of the SteamDeck, or FOSS communities, or the rising interest in non-corporate computing and social networking and stuff. But this is already trickling down. Developers are needing to know about accessibility. They use Linux. I’m so glad to see KDE working on accessibility, and I hope that, one day, blind people can boot up a Linux installer, be told how to enable a screen reader, be guided through setup and onboarding after installation (with no unlabeled buttons please even though it’s just a slideshow Gnome (And an accessible Internet accounts adding process)). Shoot I’d even be glad to write tutorial information for it, like I did for QuickDocs in Fedora. But the time is now to focus on it, not when accessibility hits the FOSS community like a train. And I appreciate every single developer that comes to me, wanting to learn and understand. It’s miles, **miles** better than not giving a damn.

#accessibility #foss #linux

Hello everyone! I'm Dan Gero. I'm an amateur #musician, and I love working with #Vocaloid and #vocalsynth programs. I am an aspiring #linguist, and am currently studying #Japanese. I am also #blind, and I am an advocate for #foss, #opensource, #a11y, and #disabilityrights.

#AndroidAppRain again at – today with 14 updated and 1 new apps:

* Sensify: sense all your device sensors

(when asked, the author created a special FOSS flavor with all the proprietary dependencies and trackers removed 🥳)

Enjoy your #free & #foss #Android #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

Hey y'all! Does anyone see any reason or hardware on this laptop so that it won't work well with Linux? Last time I tried Linux on this machine, accessibility didn't run very well. I'm trying to see if that's a hardware issue.

#foss #Linux #laptop

@IzzyOnDroid #opensource at its best:

I recently installed vector pinball from @fdroidorg - great to kill some time, and especially fun because of the sound effects and background music. Out of curiosity I followed the link to the README in it's github repo. In it, the author thanks the guy who added the sound effects and music, who wanted to try out a sound library for android and therefore sought out a silent open source game and created sounds and music for it. He wrote an article about it here:'Reilly%20Broadcast.html

So thanks to this exemplary #FOSS collaboration I'm having a good time, whenever I have a five minute break.
A screenshot of vector pinball. Looks great. Unfortunately the awesome sound is not captured in the image.

#AndroidAppRain again, at @fdroidorg with 1 new (*) and 45 updated apps plus at the #IzzySoftRepo with 2 new (+) and 11 updated apps:

* Lightning Address to Invoice: allows paying to email-like Lightning addresses from unsupported wallets
+ Geomag: calculate the geomagnetic field model
+ Graded: track and manage your school grades

Enjoy your #free & #foss #apps with #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

If I were to donate to KDE, if that's even possible, how would I designate that it should be spent on furthering the accessibility goals?

#accessibility #kde #foss #linux

Unfortunately going with "permissive" license is not really being generous: it is giving legal justification to others to use your code to exploit users.

As I personally look at Free Software from the "consumer protection" angle, I don't think the so-called "permissive" licenses are ever a good idea.

#FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom #FOSS

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 32 updated and 2 new (*) apps – and at with 10 updated and 1 new (+):

* GuessThatPokemon: guess pokemon names and you capture them (game)
* TouchDroid: use your Android Device as Touchpad (not new, rather re-branded)
+ Ping Utils: utilities to test network connections

Enjoy your #fee & #foss #Android #apps with/from #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

Special shout-out to @shiftphones thanks for supporting our team! If you haven't heard of #ShiftPhone, you might want to take notes. They build #sustainable electronics and also deliver their own #FOSS #android blend called #ShiftOSL, which comes with #FDroid preinstalled.

#AndroidAppRain today on @fdroidorg with 43 updated & 2 new (*) apps, and on with 7 updated and also 2 new apps:

* Image Resizer: a simple image resizer
* omWeather: watch the weather for cities and locations you are interested
+ Battery Tile: Quick Settings tile to show current battery state
+ Farhan: helps you with smartphone addiction

Enjoy your #free & #foss #Android #apps with/from #FDroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

#AndroidAppRain (1/2) at @fdroidorg today brings you 41 updated and 3 new apps:

* Mealient:unofficial client for the self-hosted recipe manager Mealie
* aShell:a local ADB shell for Shizuku powered android devices
* Burning-Series: watch numerous series online for free

Enjoy your #free & #foss #Android #apps from, at & with #FDroid :awesome:

Content warning: Satire, FOSS, accessibility

Are you coming to #CSUNATC23? It's on in just over two weeks in Anaheim, California! NV Access will be there, sharing the latest news and info about your favourite #foss screen reader, NVDA! If you're going, we'd love to see you there! Please drop us a line if you'd like to organise a time to meet. #NVDA #NVDAsr #conference #screenreader #csun #csunatc #csunatc2023