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Browsing Github last night, I came across two interesting, potentially accessible open source projects related to radio.
1. Salamandra Radio - an automation software for station in its early development. Screen reader specific fixes have been mentioned in the release notes and so were hotkeys, although these do not seem to be documented anywhere; the app starts in Portuguese by default but a change to English is possible in the settings; also buttons in the toolbar do not seem to be labelled but upon focusing them, a tooltip is read out so we can go by those to tell what the buttons are doing.…
2. Axios - a simple radio player supporting the Radio Browser API. It is accessible in a similar way as Salamandra, allows for searching the directory, playing whatever is found, and controlling the volume.
Feel free to explore, hack, spread the word or do whatever else you usually do in such cases.
#Accessibility #Blind #ScreenReaders #Radio #OpenSource

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Hve yhou contacted the developers of the first to know if they can fix the unlabeled toolbar buttons? I no longe rlisten ot online stations as I have about 6 million songs at my disposal.
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Nice nice. Even though I don't listen to any form of radio now a days except to get traffic updates, I want the #blind to have options.
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Thanks for the hint! Salamandra indeed looks interesting, although tab navigation is still very cluttered for my taste. I've left a star to follow the development, maybe I'll consider this for a small project. Axios however needs a little more work to make it useful for us.

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@radiorobbe Yeah, I saw the table in Axios being rather messy, reading parameters rather randomly and inconsistently but otherwise it did what it advertised for me.