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Microsoft announced their latest round of FOSS fund recipients. We're thrilled to share that @NVAccess are among this quarter's recipients. From:

"A project of the Microsoft Open Source Programs Office, the FOSS Fund provides up to $10,000 USD in sponsorships to open source projects as selected by Microsoft employees."

Congratulations also to The GNU Compiler Collection, Urllib3, CLAP & MSW.

#OpenSource, #FOSS #Free #Software #NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility #A11y

The thing I want to shout from the rooftops is: THIS IS POSSIBLE.

#opensource projects can hire UX experts, who gather quantitative & qualitative data, and who then recommend specific choices. Maintainers don't just have to guess how to design good, usable features and interfaces.

Yes, even for command-line tools.

Yes, even without a big company running the project. We got grants:

And tool*chains* can pool resources to invest & learn together!

News from #LibreOffice's Quality Assurance (#QA) and Development communities: in March, they resolved 429 bug reports. Learn more, and give them a hand: #foss #OpenSource

Love ❤️ #LibreOffice? Come and meet the worldwide community that makes it, at local events! For instance, we were recently at the InstallFest 2024 conference in Prague: #foss #OpenSource

So, this will be my last contribution to this thread, and, you, in particular. Not for lack of interest or an unwillingness to teach, but, you mentioned that Apple and or Microsoft, and, I'd even extend Google into this pool, that they have money so can dedicate resources to accessibility but there's a key thing they all do that, so far, few or even no distro or otherwise maintainer has done. Listen to the users without pointing the finger back at them. That requires no money. This is key. You say you want feedback and you really want to learn, but you actually dismissed other blind professionals in this thread, people with decades of experiences, and then told them, even, that they were wrong and that it works just fine for you, but then you said it yourself you're not disabled. You didn't listen, you immediately went on the defensive and then made us prove ourselves to you. Apple, and Microsoft, don't behave like this. They also understand that accessibility is as good as the tech infrastructure, and make it usable and accessible from the ground up. My biggest issue with you, and others like you, in the #Linux space, is that refuse to really, and I mean really, listen, to what experts are saying. I've used accessible Cocanut on a VM, and it is a good start. The point is that the ORCA infrastructure needs a lot of work and then some. You all really, and I mean really, need to understand why these bigger tech companies and even other #OpenSource developers actually take the time to get feedback from Disabled users, but not through pull requests or complicated ticket tracking. Come to where the lowest tech people are and get feedback, like these other tech companies do. I use a ton of fantastic #OpenSource tools on Windows because the devellopers actively engage with the community and don't just point and say learn tech! Or it works for me, even though you do not know how to use a screen reader properly. Listen instead of pointing. @gnomelibre @anantagd @objectinspace @techsinger @jorge

Just bought a #DELL 3190 laptop, new for $150 (11.6" screen, 64GB eMMC). It's fully supported on #Linux, and even if it has a Celeron N4120 CPU and only 4 GB of RAM, it'll work fine with #Mint, or #XFCE (and #Gnome/ #KDE if you don't mind some minor lag). Not opening too many browser tabs will ensure that the swap file won't get used too often.

If you're on a tight budget this is a good option, as it also has great battery life too at 10 hours with Linux.

#linuxmint #ubuntu #opensource #foss

Calling all #LibreOffice users: Power up ⚡ and become a LibreOffice contributor, like Adam Seskunas! Learn new skills, build a portfolio of experience, and have fun on the way: #foss #OpenSource

CURL Up 2024

Let's meet @bagder and the other #opensource developers of the #CURL project

📅 May 4-5, 2024
📍 Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪
🏨 Best Western Hotel
🎤 English

Vyzkoušej @AntennaPod za mě nejlepší apka na podcasty a hlavně #opensource Je i na Fdroidu.
Teda jestli nemáš IOs @lubosblazek

‼️ This week's Dev update highlights the ongoing work to enhance Jami's reliability and user experience.
👀 Read more about the progress on mobile testing, bug fixes, and UI improvements for both Jami and JAMS.

#Jami #opensource #P2P #App #TechTrends #PrivacyMatters

We hear you: it IS frustrating that Thunderbird doesn't have a proper conversation view! It's finally time to answer WHY, and explain what we're doing to solve it.

It all started about 20 years ago...



#Thunderbird #OpenSource #Development

Today, at Open Forum Europe Capital Series, our @EC_DIGIT_director_general Veronica Gaffey, talked about our goal - increasing the maturity of open source in Commission.

"Many #OpenSource project have sizeable European communities. If we collaborate, Europe can remain at the forefront of open source."

I am getting tired of reading about the #xz #security issue as if it is all about issues within #opensource. It is much bigger than that, and those takes conflate the problem with the solution.

So I wrote "The xz issue isn't about Open Source" here:

"You have to understand, we’re responsible for taxpayer money here. We can’t just make a donation to your open source project."

— a national government who relies on #Matrix when being asked to support it financially

Read more about the problem and some initiatives that are responding to it:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS #funding #xz #sustainability

Open source infrastructure *must* be a publicly funded service, and funders need to support maintenance – not just new feature development 📣

This is on our minds this week in the wake of the #xz news, and as we continue to seek funding to support #Matrix.

Read the latest from project lead, @matthew:

#OpenSource #FOSS #OpenStandards

Hi @AntennaPod people, thanks for all your hard work! Very happy with your FLOSS app. IMHO the best podcast available on Android. Looking forward updating to the latest version. Keep up the good work!

#Android #Podcasts #FLOSS #OpenSource #Software #ThursdayTip #ThursdayThankYou #Fdroid

Schleswig-Holstein geht voran:

#LibreOffice statt M$ Office
#Linux statt Windows
#Thunderbird statt Outlook
#Nextcloud statt Sharepoint

Das Kabinett hat den Startschuss für den Umstieg auf freie Software gegeben - ein Gewinn für #IT-Sicherheit, #Datenschutz und die heimische Digitalwirtschaft.

Langfristiges Ziel ist die vollständige digitale Souveränität des Landes.

Wir ziehen den Hut und wünschen eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung!🎩

#OpenSource #DigitaleSouveränität

Somebody compiled KDE version 1 on Debian #Linux 13. It is a miracle that you can even able to compile it. Source #opensource

Question! Why should local governments use taxpayers’ money to buy proprietary, closed software from a single vendor? And what happens to citizens' data? A solution is to move to free and open source software like #Linux and #LibreOffice – which is exactly what Schleswig-Holstein is doing: #foss #OpenSource #privacy

Tomorrow's the official start of #30DayFOSSChallenge! We've got a few people chatting in the #matrix already:

Feel free to join us. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look here:

#foss #floss #opensource #freeculture #degoogle #indieweb

Any experienced C developers among my followers? #BoostsWelcome.

Expat, arguably the world's most popular #XML parser, is understaffed and without funding. As #xz has shown, situations like this are dangerous.

Last month, maintainer Sebastian Pipping put up a plea for help at

(I would help myself, but my C skills barely surpass "Hello, World".)

Found via @timbray -

#SoftwareSupplyChainSecurity #OpenSource #OpenSourceMaintainer

I think the #xz incident is teaching us that our infrastructure is dangerously fragile in the face of well-organized/funded attackers. The response isn’t “try harder” or “donate to your OSS project”, it needs to be institutional, professional, and at scale.

So, here’s my proposal, called “OSQI”, aimed at starting a how-to discussion:

For World Autism Awareness Day, we want to highlight Open Autism, a group dedicated to developing open source software specifically for autistic users and the people who support them.

Many of us know how important it is to have free and open source options for our technology needs, and autistic needs are no different.

Learn more!

#OpenAutism #WorldAutismAwarenessDay #OpenSource #Autism

Lots happening in the #LibreOffice project! In March, we had updates to the software, new user guides, Document Freedom Day, reports from meetups and more: #foss #opensource

Stuff I already wrote that other people might be open to reading this week, because of the #xz incident: Four Non-Dev Ways To Support Your Upstreams (Pass this along to executives who are asking "how can we prevent this in our dependencies?") Potential cross-project #opensource tools and practices that you/we can implement to help lighten the load on each other


Who needs bad April Fools' Day jokes when you have laptop lids! Today's lid is from @Unaccounted4

Things we are loving:
* Sweet, squishy mascots 🐧
* Sound haberdashery 🎩
* Science and swears 🤬

Rating: 1100/1010 binary references

#OpenSource #Community #WeRateLaptopLids

Advanced ways to help #OpenSource

- Have corporate policies allowing devs to contribute upstream; heck, encourage it!

- Support your OSPO. Give them budget for a FOSS Fund. Listen when they speak.

- Subscribe to Tidelift,,, and programs that auto-distribute donations to all your dependencies.

- Get listed on and promote it to other CEOs/CTOs.


I know this is not directly related to the recent Chinese (?) backdoor, but the XZ format has all kind of problems and I personally avoid using it. Having a better compression ratio is not a reason to prefer XZ, IMHO. See
#gnulinux #opensource #Debian

🚨 ⚠️ Emergency PSA: A critical security exploit was discovered in the xz package recently, used for compression and decompression on nearly all Linux distributions.

Rawhide users ARE impacted and should immediately STOP using Rawhide until the package update is fully rolled back. (1/3)

Security Advisory:

#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource #Security #Privacy

#LibreOffice’s #localization community translates the software’s user interface, along with its documentation and websites. We ran a survey to find out what tools the community uses, and how we can improve them: #foss #opensource

In true open source, the software is open to everyone on the same, neutral terms. If you are in need of an #opensource in-memory, key-value data store, check out Valkey, a community-driven fork of the Redis codebase by the former community contributors.

Today we're releasing #LibreOffice 24.2.2, the second update to our new 24.2 branch (with "year.month" version scheme). We've also updated the previous and older LibreOffice 7.6 branch too: #foss #opensource #news

#Jami est un #logiciel #opensource qui se pose en alternative libre aux solutions de #visioconférence plus traditionnelles comme Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, ou Teams. Il a été développé par les Canadiens de Savoir-faire Linux spécialisés dans les logiciels open source.

Source : @Fidel

Thunderchat Alert! 🚨

Community Office Hours start in ONE hour at 17:00 UTC! Today's format is Open Forum and FAQs, so bring your questions and comments and we'll bring the team! Find out how to join in the blog post:

#Thunderbird #Community #OpenSource

💡 The last Wednesday of March can only mean one thing...

#DocumentFreedomDay ✍️

Today we celebrate open standards: The ability for everyone to work and communicate using free software.

If you're using paid software that confines you see if any of the alternatives on my list of #opensource software can make life easier for you:

Includes (but not limited to) @cryptpad @thegoodcloud @piefedadmin @libreoffice @thunderbird @Tutanota @protonprivacy @plausible @GIMP @inkscape @session @signalapp @delta @efoundation @MattermostFR @element

Any I've missed, let me know!


#FOSS #DFF #DFD #decentralize

If you're an #opensource maintainer seeking a good task to give a less-skilled new contributor, ask them to do a discovery report on the project, such as:

Starting from scratch, try to get a local installation up and running, and note how long it took.

Take an hour to explore our documentation and fora, and tell us your impressions.

Given a demo install, try these common user tasks.


The #GNOME 46 desktop environment already landed in #ArchLinux and #openSUSE Tumbleweed 👏👏👏

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource

It's time for our Community Office Hours this Wednesday March 27 at 17:00 UTC and the topics are up to you! We'll answer live questions, questions sent to, and some of the questions we heard most at SCaLE! 🤔 🐧

Find out how to join us in the blog, and note the shift in day and in UTC! Silly spring time changes. 🗓️ ⏰

#Thunderbird #Community #OpenSource

A new @DestinationLinux has hit the road! (363) 😎🐧▶️

Check out #DestinationLinux 363: PipeWire Interview with Wim Taymans, Revolutionizing Audio & Video on Linux

#linux #podcasts #opensource #tech