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Already looking forward to @fosdem next week?

Saturday afternoon, don't miss our talks on @libreoffice Technology. Noel Grandin will not only address the “elephant” in the Dev Room, but also show how to turbocharge him. 🐘 ➡️ 🏎️

Hear about interesting challenges in a massive codebase!

Sa. 4.2, 16:10 🕓 #LOtech Dev Room 📹

#LibreOffice #fosdem #fosdem23 #foss #opensource #collabora #collaboraoffice #collaboraonline #cool_dev

LibreOffice’s New App Icons Make a Bold Statement #opensource #libreoffice
comparison of old and new libreoffice app icons

Krásný den přátelé #fediverse a naší instance. Aktualizoval jsem Nyní naleznete ve svém profilu, záložku My Portfolio.
#opensource #pixelfed #czech #boost
Karta My Portfolio v Pixelfed Další nastavení My Portfolio
Nastavení záložky My Portfolio

Looking for an analysis of #opensource boards, membership and #governance models. We are doing some thinking about bylaws and changes @hotosm (I am chair of the Governance working group). #leadership #boards

Open Source should not be restricted to a walled garden. When you appraise your app as being "open source", always consider making it available openly as well – and not just "available at Google Play".

Good options include of course #FDroid or, should your app not fully comply there, the #IzzySoftRepo – but the least you can do is tagging your releases and attach a signed release APK 😉

Oh, and of course make sure to declare a #foss license for it 😄

#Android #OpenSource #apps

We're excited to share that #GUADEC2023 will take place between July 26-31 in Riga, Latvia!

Details on the CfP and Registration, coming soon!
#GUADEC #GNOME #opensource #events
The GNOME conference GUADEC. Riga, Latvia, July 26-31, 2023

I am thinking about transitioning to @libreoffice, moving from Office 365 seems very odd to be honest but I want to support FOSS. Hows your experience with Libre Office?


Ardour developers ask for help from users - it's really easy to do and we can all make Ardour a bit better :)

Read more here:

#Ardour #AudioProduction #MusicProduction #Audio #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #LinuxAudio #FreeSoftware

Applications for #Outreachy internships are open!

Outreachy is seeking interns for the May to Aug 2023 internship cohort. Read more:

GNOME is interested in sponsoring three projects this year, make sure to keep an eye out for our projects in early Feb.

#internships #opensource

CONFIRMED! I'll see you at #FOSDEM next month!

This will be my first conference since (checks calendar) E3 in 2017!?

I'm looking forward to FINALLY saying hello to many of you in person and sharing a few beers and laughs!

#FOSS #OpenSource #Linux

"The Venn Diagram of the Techbro": perhaps the most succinct summary of the paper.

A _very_ interesting and thorough report on toxicity in #OpenSource communities on #GitHub, including a few suggested avenues for improvements.

Let's all strive to do better.

#Community #OpenSourceBehaviours
Figure 3 from the linked paper, showing a Venn diagram of the Entitled, Insulting, and Arrogant labels for toxic interactions.

S aplikací Delta Chat není e-mail nudný. Schránku promění v chat


@delta #opensource

The #CreativeFreedomSummit starts tomorrow!

We've got just shy of 170 folks in our Matrix/Element chat room where the event will be taking place.

You can follow as videos are posted to our PeerTube account right here on Mastodon / in the Fediverse by following this account:

Learn more and join us at

#opensource #art #creative #fedora

The next alpha of 0 A.D. will feature an experimental Vulkan backend! It took 1.5 years of refactoring to get there but it will open new opportunities in the future!

You can test it and report bugs by downloading the development version of the game.

More information here:

#vladislavbelov #vulkan #gamedev #opensource #pyrogenesisengine #0ad
Vulkan and 0 A.D. logo over a round greek shrine with a tile roof in a Mediterranean setting. The caption says "Experimental Vulkan Backend Support"

The #CreativeFreedomSummit will start in 4 days, January 17-19!

Over 100 people have joined us in our Matrix/Element chat room from which the event will be streamed, and we look forward to chatting with you.

(Learn more here:

We'll be covering @kdenlive, @Blender, @penpot, @inkscape, @GIMP, and @krita.

but that's not all... (1/2)

#OpenSource #art #Fedora
Text at top: Interested in free software and Open Source creativity? Join us!

Logo design of three users in blue with a red pencil, green marker, and purple paintbrush hats. Logotype design text to the right side: Creative Freedom Summit
Text underneath: Hosted by the Fedora Design Team

Text below: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
January 17-19, 2023
Online/Virtual & free to attend!

Button graphic at the bottom text: Swipe to learn more. Small hand swiping icon

Background is a blue to white gradient, top to bottom, with a blue swirl pattern. Heading at top: Topics. Subheading text: At the Creative Freedom Summit, you’ll learn more about:

Text body:
Graphic production automation, multi-page, and maker + design processes in Inkscape. Inkscape logo to the left.

Photography processing workflows in GIMP. GIMP logo to the right.

Digital painting with Krita. Krita logo to the left.

Background is a light blue to white radial gradient, with a white swirl pattern.

Bottom right repeats small hand swiping icon.
Heading at top: Topics. Subheading text: At the Creative Freedom Summit, you’ll learn more about:

Text body:
Video and audio editing workflows using Kdenlive. To the left is the Kdenlive logo.

Geometry nodes, grease pencil, and design process in Blender. To the right is the Blender logo.

Creating UI prototypes with and the roadmap of Penpot. To the left is the Penpot logo.

Background is a light blue to white radial gradient, with a white swirl pattern.

Bottom right repeats small hand swiping icon.

Přechod z Google Analytics zahajuji i u dalších webů. Přecházím kompletně na #opensource řešení #Umami, kde vím, jak je s daty nakládáno.

Aktuálně je Umami zavedeno i na miniaturním webu

Pokud by někdo chtěl licenci k Threema/Threema Libre pro Android, tak jich mám volných dost.✌️

Threema – šifrovaná anonymní komunikace – Web věnující se bezpečné aplikaci Threema a 6 ans

#opensource #wallabag #entrepreneur

The call for #GNOMEAsia2023 locations is open! Host this year's summit in your city by submitting a bid. More details about how to submit and what your proposal should include can be found here:

All bids are due by Feb 15.

#GNOMEAsia #GNOME #opensource
GNOME.Asia 2023 call for locations

The application for the May 2023 #Outreachy Internship round starts soon!

Next week Outreachy organizers will be hosting a chat about the internship's requirements and eligibility, focusing on the initial application.
Join it here:
or here:

#opensource #internship

Just finished a big project using @libreoffice and couldn't be happier with the results! The user-friendly interface and powerful tools made it easy to work efficiently and stay organized. Plus, the compatibility with multiple file formats made collaboration a breeze. #productivity #opensource #freesoftware #LibreOffice

Guess it's time for an #introduction

Hi, I'm Jan, a software developer who is probably way too obsessed with #Rust. Besides Rust, I'm really interested in #TypeScript, #WebDev, #WebDesign, #ProgrammingLanguage's, #OpenSource and so much more.

I like to keep an open mind for other people's perspectives, because, IMO, only then you can truly learn something new and form connections with each other. However, I do have strong opinions on certain topics.

Come say hi and let's be friends!🙂

Do #nextcloud All-In-One dorazila aktualizace na 25.x. Na můj vkus běžel update poněkud pomalu, ale doběhl a NC vypadá ok.
Akorát nejsem úplně fanoušek kulatých oken... #opensource

Each day I’m losing more and more respect for any self-proclaimed #OpenSource advocates still using Twitter as their main platform.

I have been watching the Interledger Summit 2022 session recordings incrementally over the last few weeks.

Unexpected delightful surprise was @todd presenting how @purism (the privacy-centric open source laptop and smart phone) stubbed out an entire two-sided app store marketplace based on Interledger and its related in-progress projects.

2023 is going to be breakout year for open payments.

#Interledger #openSource #payments #privacy

Můžete mi doporučit nějaký selfhost #opensource projekt prostředím podobný Mastodonu, ale aby byl uzavřený jen pro pár přátel?

Open source #CAD / #3DModeling advice?
I used #SketchUp a lot until it was bought by Trimble, for things like virtually rearranging my furniture; but left off b/c having some corporate entity come stomping in & start messing with my content at whim bothered me. Fast forward several years & one Twexit…
/con’t after hashtags

Proč používat vyhledávač V čem je lepší než ostatní?


Poděkování v článku patří: @archos , @Standa_K, @mkubant , @vsa a dalším❤️

#xoogle #librex #opensource

As a maintainer of OpenSource libraries and packages, there is something that kept feeling off in the whole Software Supply Chain discourse. I think this comes down to something simple.

I am not a Supplier.
You can read more explanation there


Za naší komunitu :arch: přejeme šťastný a úspěšný nový rok 2023. A všem našim podporovatelům moc děkujeme.

Soukromí není výsada ale právo. Zůstaňte s námi.

#opensource #fediverse
PF 2023 komunity Arch Linux Cz

Souhrn novinek Xooglu #1: SK instance, Wikipedia, oprava pro mobily a tlačítka


#Xoogle #LibreX #opensource

Hey you! Yes you! I want you to help the Kdenlive team meet their fundraising goal. Only a few days left and they're super close to the finish line.
#kdenlive #kde #opensource #linux

"For the past couple of years, the Firefox accessibility team have been working on a major re-architecture of the Firefox accessibility engine to significantly improve its speed, reliability and maintainability."
#Firefox #Accessibility #Opensource #ScreenReader

Používáte ještě někdo RSS čtečku? Mně se hrozně libí #TinyTiny, ale minimalistická #Miniflux je také super #opensource #rss

Content warning: Rant about bigotry in "cool" FOSS projects