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Marcus, you make a great case for No-QT. I'd like to support it with a seperate and totally benign use-case.

As a consumer of news—I'm not a journalist. I love #journalists. My whole #newbie #mastodon experience is made up of journalists (+ #lists)—I hope OP will consider:

When I am on the #birdsite I run through news, and QTs of news, as if on a coke-snorting bender. OK, yes QTs can give context and perhaps even nuance.. but all the 🔥​🔥​ hot takes 🔥​🔥​ give me a distinct feeling i had already consumed & digested any said article. I rarely linked through and actually read work of any said journalist, maybe a para or two—had to get back to ripping through those QTs!

Set aside for now the issue of harassing and trolling. Let's say my setup allowed me to ignore all that noise.. (it didn't, and I partook) but ignoring all that—I am still a very bad, dumbed down version of myself in the fastlane approach.

I've stated in a number of #introduction posts how mastodon forces me to slow down. Sometimes it frustrates me. But over here, and this is what I'd like the OP to grok: I actually READ the news. I jump to articles at least 6x as often; my bookmarks are actually meaningful; and LISTS! omg LISTS! Over there at least 1 in 4 (making that up i have no idea—but a lot!) bios are hostile to lists and will block you for inclusion.

Perhaps some of the non-features for journalists are inconvenient to work flow. But from POV of readers—wow. You have a smarter, engaged, joyful audience who actually reads your work.

As Twitter kicked me out of the so-called digital town square, I'm trying to embrace the open source Mastodon with high hopes.
Please say hello and help me to navigate through this new app.
#newbie #hello #India #twitter

Hi everyone! My name is Ahmed and I'm a blind university student studying English. I'm from #Iraq, born on January 6th, 2004.
I'm a #tech enthusiast and love exploring new technologies and gadgets. In my native language, I'm also a #poet and enjoy writing my own verses in my free time. I'm also a fan of local #food and enjoy trying out different dishes from my homeland.
Above all, I value life and cherish every moment.
I'm excited to be joining #Mastodon and look forward to making new connections and learning more about this amazing platform!

Content warning: #Tusky user? Get questions answered here, by the developers.

Hi #Mastodon #Newbie here. Can anyone explain the following situation. I've followed someone via the #Tusky app yet when I go in via my web browser it shows I'm not following them. Surely it should be the same whatever platform I'm on?

Quality of life tip: if there are words or phrases you have no interest in seeing, go to Account Settings, scroll to "Filters," Select the Tab you want it to apply to (Home/Federated etc) and filter to your heart's content

For example: I want to see nothing about That Other Place or the person who owns it 🤷‍♂️
Now, I don't have to

#New #Newbie #FediTip

Help me understand: when I see a content warning covering a post in my feed is it because the user who wrote the post put it there, the folks running my instance put it there, or something else? #newbie #contentwarning #triggerwarning #censorship #blackmastodon

Oh wow. I just tried the actual Mastodon app for funsies. Where is.... Literally everything? Don't use that app, y'all.

Missing from the Mastodon mobile app:
Federated Timeline
Instance Timeline
Font adjustment
Alt text/Image Descriptions
General customization stuff

And who knows what else. So far I really like Tusky. And I really like having options, though I know that can be confusing for new people.

#Mastodon #Tusky #newbie #Accessibility #ImageDescription

Newb question re: lists on Mastodon. Are list names and memberships visible to everybody, or is it okay to create a list called, say, "only following for the cat photos" and not be mortified?

#Mastodon #lists #newbie

Having learned my lesson on other platforms, I now try to make sure I can save my own copies of content I create on others' platforms. I found my way to the download links for my mastodon data, and I see that posts are in a JSON file in #ActivityPub format.

My #newbie question: what is the simplest thing I can do to read that downloaded content as something resembling the original posts? Tried searching & found lots of programmer doc for APub. I'd like to use a client not write one. Ideas?

Ok all signed up to Mastodon. I live and work in the tech world so I get the setup process but most users from Twitter aren't going to find choosing a server intuitive at all. They want it simple and and all in one place. #twitter #newbie