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damn it me. grr. i keep closing my browser. that is a great way to watch youtube juana... real wonderful. :)
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LOL, right? I do the same crap with my music player and sometimes Mastodon too. Great way to scroll, and great way to listen to music. LOL

Best stable distro for Rust development?
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Who knows anymore. There are so many distros.

But I think Pop OS (or however the hell it's supposed to be written) might make sense because the Cosmic DE is written in Rust.

I got my Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS today, and I am over all satisfied. For some reason the installer hung near the end, and after leaving it for at least 20 minutes, I ended up having to force kill it. Install Shield sucks! I also got a Free AOL internet access shortcut, which I promptly deleted.
As for the card itself, the onboard effects are fun to mess around with. In order for Creative's resampler to trigger, a specific condition has to be met. Interestingly, the way NVDA is using the sound card appears to cause the OS resampler to take over, which is higher quality.
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I have a soundblaster thingy too. Mine was a creative one I think, something like that 3 or so. I haven't used it for a while so there that. If that's the soundcards thing, then mine has no software, but it also cost me like, 10 Eur.

Academic librarians of the fediverse: I could use your help.

There's a book that would be useful for my research that I can't get via ILL. There are three copies in Worldcat: one at the Smithsonian, one at the University of Alberta, and one at l’UniversitΓ© du QuΓ©bec Γ  MontrΓ©al. If anyone at any of those libraries is able to check something for me, I'd be *very* grateful.

Worldcat entry:…

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@tardis I know. I'm saying it ultimately doesn't make any difference what you run if you rely chiefly on third party clients, and your particular instance software does not put any limits on the content you can publish, E.G, character limits. So you could easily switch your instance to Mastodon glitch and it would make literaly no difference to you, other than that you would now have far easier access to third party clients, which would probably be a net benefit to you in the longrun. Also, not that this matters, but your client identifier does actually say Mastodon. That's... interesting to say the least.
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It's not, it says Mastodon, but also Mastodon is high on resources, and I do not host this instance. I do not have benefit from 3rd party clients on Mac, since there are no invisible interfaces. In any case, I am using Semaphore and Go to Social. But it hides the source from you, go to in your web browser and you'll see the difference.
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@tardis Mona is actually really good on Mac, assuming you're insanely restrictive fork lets you use that. No invisible interface obviously, but you do have really easy shortcuts, T for reblog, L for like, R for reply, ETC, so it's all very intuitive and just works. I've not tried semaphore so no idea weather or not it comes close, but... yeah.
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Uh, how do you know this is a fork? Did you visit the website? Also Mona is an expensive piece of crap here with which money I could buy food to last me a month. It's also shit on Mac, aspecially in settings, it costantly loses focus. Go to the website, and before you know, do not say it is a fork. Not all fedi software is forks of Mastodon, they just all connect via the same protocol, which is activity pub.
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I also have a few clients I can use, and they have been good in the long run, like "Toot!" which is a good, cheap and simple to use app, and it works really well with braille. It's only strange thing is that it has lots of funny images, but that's not an issue for me. I have a good screen orientation ability and can easily not even look at them or swipe at them, I don't swipe on the screen most of the time.
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@tardis Yeah toot is decent, I used that for awhile before I switched to Mona. Honestly I could happily use either on IOS, I don't remember weather or not toot has a Mac OS version.
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Toot does not have a Mac version, but it works on iPad which is good. Semaphore now has sounds and support for Markdown for instances which support Markdown formatting.
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also quoting and translation which I don't use, or rarely do. Quoting not at all, I am not a supporter of X ex twitter's methods of communications. I much prefer interacting with people via replies, dms and boosts, or favourites, which are the same as likes. so don't try saving any important info using those, or you'll end up ranting you can't export your bookmarks. :D
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@tardis Honestly I wish Mastodon led the way in making quoting more common across the fedeverse, I know this is not exactly a popular view around here, but I frankly don't think the currently rather fragmented approach to quoting is in any way ideal. Let's just agree a standard at least, then hammer out our disagreements with those who do choose to use it if we feel so inclined.
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Meh, I don't like quoting. Quoting is bad for people's existence. It creates much drama, you quote a person, it gets boosted and quoted, but you comment on it. And say, you like drama, you hate humans, you hate everyone's existence. It becomes a form of bullying. I don't support this. I have had my fair share of that on Twitter, and I am glad I am no longer on that thing.

language, rant

Sensitive content

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language, rant

Sensitive content

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language, rant
I know how that feels. I would say get a jouranl and rant in there, it really helps me sometimes.

#AudioMo for June 14, 2024
This is an excerpt I recorded for "Blind Ham News," which is part of the CQ Blind Hams podcast feed.
The host, W0QA, asked for the story behind our callsigns, so I recorded this.
The full episode can be found here:…

Mastodon: Adds ability to view the local timeline of remote instances.
How does one bring up a remote instance?
in reply to Ivan Cardenas

Ah, you just add another instance to your client or app somehow, for example, if I want to do one for your instance, I add the instance on Toot! without signing in and go to the local timeline and I can see all the posts that people have locally posted, or publicly I think.
in reply to Mira πŸ€žπŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ί

Not sure what app you're using and what makes the ability to add those, but if you say I can investigate and tell you. You won't be able to add anything else besides mastodon instances, though, so say if you want to add my instance, which is Go to social instance, you won't be able to because it's a different software, same for Akkoma, because if I think you're using what I think you're using, it does not support those softwares, so you could, if the instance allows the remote viewing of timelines, add them, but only if they're Mastodon and Mastodon forks.

People who use screen readers! The level three headings are now removed from GitHub repository landing page file tables.

It might take a bit for the changes to propagate, and don't forget you might need to refresh your browser tabs. Please let me know if they still persist after that, and I'll try and get to the bottom of it. #accessibility

OK, I just noticed that on my #Ambeos headset , the right mic records at a lower volume, thus shifting the resulting stereo image to the left. Has anyone using this headset ever heard of such a thing? Is this the time for me to order a new pair unit or there is a possible fix to this? Thx for any hints! #audio
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One of the features I love about Mastodon that doesn't get much attention is one that is in your face every day, and that's the chronological stream. If I refresh my browser, I can still find the post I was looking at. It's not been moved off to some seemingly random place based on some unknown algorithm, assuming you can find it at all. It's such a simple thing, but it really makes my experience with Mastodon that much better.

No Microsoft. This new Notepad that remembers absolutely every file that you've opened and then opens all of them when you open the program? Yeah, not useful. At all.
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When you open notepad, press alt+S for Settings. Tab to "When Notepad Starts" and expand the option by pressing space. Tab to the Radio button that says: "Open a New Window". The default is "Open content from the previous session".
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Thanks! I wondered why mine was doing that, but I could close it, so wasn't a problem. Definitely useful. :)

Storm Dragon pushed changes to the master branch of the I38 project Make sure all files have the #!/usr/bin/env directive. Various bug fixes. Add license header to all files. If you read the logs, make sure to do i38 -u to get the new scripts. Be sure to regenerate the i3 config if you do not have the new bookmark feature which is bound to alt+control+b by default."

I almost always prefer sub over dub when I watch anime, but there are exceptions. Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and maybe Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are the exceptions that come to mind.

Watching Frieren, I’m actually tied between dub and sub for the first time. The English track is surprisingly good. Frieren sounds way too young in the Japanese track: she may be young in elf-years, but she’s still centuries old and it feels weird for her to sound so young. Her defining character trait is being old without the sense of aging and introspection that normally comes with our short lifespans, so an older-but-naive-sounding voice sounds right.

On the other hand, I kind of like her more monotonous Japanese voice. It makes her more emotional moments stand out more. Some of the humor hits better in the Japanese track, like Fern saying the word β€œgulp” in Episode 3’s tavern scene.

I’ll probably just switch tracks back and forth as I watch, replaying some scenes subbed if I think the dub felt off. I’m curious about opinions of any other Frieren viewers.

#Frieren #Anime

I wish someone had a This Week in Fedi Dev newsletter (if one exists and I don't know, this is an invitation to link one) because there's things like,, and the like that aren't Mastodon and we need more things like this

You Can Give Siri a New Name With iOS 18's Vocal Shortcuts…

Check out this AWESOME #Pride flag made by @rachellense !!!!
It’s using #NASA images to create a #ProgressPride flag!

See the AltText for the details on all the #astrophotography images that went into it!

Study (N=806 orgs; 1971-2015) finds some DEI practices increase managerial diversity while others decrease it:
Increase: hiring chief diversity officer, mentoring, childcare, flextime, parental leave, empowering training, targeted recruitment, diversity goals increase diversity
Decrease: Perf evals, harassment training, grievance procedures, job tests
Mixed results: Cross-training, employee resource groups, self-managed teams, skills training…

⭐ We're delighted to announce the launch of Jami's newest version: ❀️ Astarte βš”οΈ

This release marks a major milestone for us in terms of the significant improvements we've made to reliability and connectivity. 😍

We invite you to update and try the latest version of Jami! πŸ™‡

πŸ‘€ Want to know more about Astaarte? Read our article:

#Jami #opensource #P2P #App #PrivacyMatters

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jami is just so good. More people should use it
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Looking forward to upgrade to it once it gets to Guix.

Although my few contacts have left πŸ˜‚

Captured these loud booms at 20:55 from the outside mics, no idea if it's weapon discharge or what. It's definitely not fireworks though, which is at least something usual around here.
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Most likely some kind of fireworks. Maybe some Scottish football fans in your neighborhood? If I remember correctly the only Scottish goal scored at that time in the opening game of the European Championship.

How does a CAPTCHA know that I’m not a robot?…

The Best Security Tech if You're Worried About Roommate Theft - CNET…

Daniel's weekly report June 14, 2024…

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Join our team! We're on the lookout for a tech-savvy team member with a passion for helping others with hardware and software issues. If you have experience with GNU/Linux systems, Debian-based distros, and have a knack for support, we want to hear from you. #TechSupportJobs #jobopening #techsupport #Purism #FreeSoftware