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Just a bit of a ramble on #android and #apple and #privacy and #security inspired by a recent post by @beardedtechguy.

It's a bit of a ranty post, but not trying to be mean :blobfoxheart:

This is day 19 of #100DaysToOffload

Polish National Data Protection Authority, @UODO, has joined fedi:

In the announcement on their website, the head of the DPA, Miros艂aw Wr贸blewski, explicitly mentions decentralization as the reason to join:

#Privacy #DPA

Protecting your #privacy starts with threat modeling.

By accurately accessing your online #security threats & potential weaknesses, you can better protect your #digital life.

You are one of kind & so is your threat model. You can learn more here:

I'm still wondering whether I should install KDE Connect or not. On the one hand, great smartphone integration on the computer, on the other hand: do I really need it? Longer battery life is more important to me, and for the few times I want to transfer photos to the computer, I can also connect the USB cable.

#grapheneos #kdeconnect #kde #kdeplasma #degoogled #pixel #privacy #surveillance #linux #bigdata #fedora #unix #freebsd

Which is the worse? :dumpster_fire_gif:


  • Opt-Out (instead of in) (0%, 0 votes)
  • Plagiarist "AI" (0%, 0 votes)
  • Data Brokers (12%, 1 vote)
  • Web Scrapers (0%, 0 votes)
  • Age-Verification (0%, 0 votes)
  • Privacy Negligence (12%, 1 vote)
  • Encryption Backdoor (62%, 5 votes)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) (0%, 0 votes)
  • Centralized Social Media (12%, 1 vote)
  • "We care about your privacy" NOT! (0%, 0 votes)
8 voters. Poll end: in 3 days

#Nevada aims to stop minors from using end-to-end #encryption to protect their data. 馃毇

Stand up for encryption & #privacy! 鉁

This isn't protecting the youth, it's #victimblaming at its finest.

We must stop NV Attorney General Aaron Ford from undermining basic #security practices!

Threat Modeling In 2024: Your Guide For Better #Security

@Tutanota shares some tips on developing a threat model for your personal use case.

#privacy #privacymatters

Y'know, something which has been bothering me for years鈥

#Crash reporting is super useful. It highlights #critical #issues in #software. On #Fedora with #GNOME this can be set up to #automaticallyreport such issues.

GNOME assures me the report is #anonymous.

In order to submit the report, I must register, using verified personally identifying information.


Everyone is held to the same #privacy standards. If I cannot submit with #anonymity, or you lie about it, you do not get my support.

We had a great talk with XMTP_Labs last week 馃帣锔

We love seeing more companies embrace #privacy & join the fight against #bigtech & government #surveillance. 鉁婐煍

Here's to making the #web a better place #together! 馃

"For years, the antivirus software company harvested information from users鈥 web browsers without their consent." #infosec #privacy

Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey.

Eine traurige Wahrheit: Bei der Analyse/脺berpr眉fung des Datenverkehrs einer App, lautet die Frage nicht, ob man Datenschutzverst枚脽e findet, sondern wie viele und wie schwerwiegend diese sind. Davon ausgenommen sind Apps aus dem F-Droid-Store. 馃鈥嶁檪锔

#app #datenschutz #android #ios #google #apple #mobil #privacy

#monocles chat 1.7.9 is released on the playstore with a lot of updates and improvements! (See comments below)

#xmpp #chat #privacy #security #messenger

RFC time! We're working on specifying how Accrescent's repository should look technically.

If you're an app developer who cares about app store features, an Accrescent user, or just interested in our development, leave your comments in the issue below 馃憞

#android #appstore #security #privacy #accrescent

- "The EU Court ruled that 鈥淏ackdoors may also be exploited by criminal networks and would seriously compromise the security of all users鈥 electronic communications.鈥"
- 鈥渕ass surveillance does not appear to have contributed to the prevention of terrorist attacks, contrary to earlier assertions made by senior intelligence officials.鈥
馃挅 Wow :blobcatheart:

鉃★笍 European Court of Human Rights's ruling: }]{%22itemid%22:[%22001-230854%22]}

#Privacy #Encryption #Security

鈿 Chat Control May Finally Be Dead! 鈿

European court rules that encryption must not be broken. 馃敀 馃挭

Let's celebrate this win for privacy. 馃帀 馃槏

#ChatControl #Optimism #Privacy #Encryption

Read more here: 馃憞

A well intentioned piece of advice for all the data brokers out there: If you offer the personal data you鈥榲e amassed to a privacy professional, they might hit you with everything the GDPR has in store. And yes, that just happened. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煒

#privacy #DataProtection #GDPR #BigData #DataBrokers

Accrescent 0.17.1 released! This one fixes a bug where the download progress indicator was hidden and makes preparations for some upcoming server scaling improvements (follow for more info on that 馃槈).

Check out the release notes below!

#privacy #security #accrescent #appstore #android

Zum Ausprobieren empfohlen: HeliBoard-Tastatur f眉r Android. Installation und Einstellungen habe ich zusammengefasst. 馃憞

#heliboard #android #tastatur #swipe #keyboard #datenschutz #privacy

@Michael Vogel to be honest I check my friendica account from a tablet and you will understand that the people around me can more easily see the content... and as I don't have content filters with the other instances, I don't feel very comfortable sometimes with all the images that appear on the timeline and the idea of choosing what and when to see, seems more comfortable to me.
More #privacy

The next beta version of #Signal will be version 7.0.0.
There's a good reason for the round number. This will be the first version where usernames and phone number privacy are available outside of the staging environment.
From this version on, you'll be able to talk to people on Signal without revealing your phone number, and also, you may use Signal without revealing to people who have your number saved that you do.
This is huge.

#Privacy #FOSS #OpenSource #PNP

We are bowled over by your support! We're up to 162 Individual Members, 114 of which are new, and we've doubled the number of organizational members 馃コ

This is encouraging, though we still have a long way to go to fill the gap in our budget.

If you believe in open source, open standards, privacy, and decentralization: this is your call to action.

Help us secure the future of Matrix by joining today:

#Matrix #OpenSource #OpenStandards #Privacy #Decentralization #FOSS

Looking for a new solution following the news of @skiff closing their doors? We're here to help.

With strong #encryption & great features, why not make Tuta your home for email, calendars, and contacts.

#Privacy is built on trust.

D., der in fast jedem Auftritt was findet (85 %?). Und die meisten vom Rest haben Defizite in den Informationen (96 %?).

Der automatisch die Krise kriegt, sobald jemand "Apps" anschleppt oder machen l盲sst.


Datensch眉tzer finden hunderte nicht rechtskonforme Cookie-Banner

Und werden - 脺berraschung! - auch in Apps f眉ndig...


The UK government's attempts to erode your online #privacy never cease. 馃嚞馃嚙馃暤锔

Luckily you've got Tuta in your corner! 馃

We've teamed up with academics, #cybersecurity researchers, & other privacy oriented companies, like @element and @brave to fight back!


Be the hammer in the gear
you want to see in the world.


#Privacy 鈿欙笍馃挜馃敤

Looking for #resources for building your #privacy know-how? 馃

Check out Redacted Magazine from IntelTechniques ! 馃敀馃挭

In the latest issue we've written up an article explaining the importance of post-quantum #encryption.

This screenshot shows the app analytics data sent by two different #iOS apps: Duolingo and Tinder. What's the likelihood that both apps are installed on the same device? 馃挴? 馃く

Both apps use Unity Ads. The data in the screenshot is collected by the Unity Ads framework included in these two apps, and any app that uses Unity Ads. The data is sent to the same Unity server. As a result, Unity Ads can easily fingerprint users and track them across different apps.

#privacy #tracking #Apple #infosec

We were thrilled to read the replies to our #DataPrivacyDay challenge! 馃槉

Thank you all for commenting, it's so heartwarming to see how many people care about #privacy and about #Tuta. 鉂わ笍

Meet another one of the lucky winners:

We were thrilled to read the replies to our #DataPrivacyDay challenge! 馃槉

Thank you all for commenting, it's so heartwarming to see how many people care about #privacy and about #Tuta. 鉂わ笍

Meet one of the lucky winners:

@Tutanota Woohoo I won a years revolutionary I really appreciate it guys and gals you offer a brilliant service and I love it. Thankyou 鉂わ笍

@Tutanota has a much better onboarding than @skiff and @protonmail , imho. #privacy

I chose Tuta to protect my #privacy because: with privacy being a basic human right, Tutanota should be a basic product in people's everyday lives

Affordable, secure, and easy. Plus peace of mind knowing my data is encrypted. #privacy

Getting security online right seems like a daunting task. But one thing is certain: Password managers help! 馃挭

馃敟Here are our top three: 馃敟

What are your favorite #PasswordManagers

#privacy #security #opsec #passwords #passwordfatigue #databreach #breachdata #infosec

  • KeePassXC (49%, 218 votes)
  • Bitwarden (46%, 201 votes)
  • Pass (4%, 18 votes)
437 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

I love everything about Tuta!

It has an excellent support team, a sleek interface (much better compared to other email providers), easy-to-follow-and-change settings, and most importantly, it's based on the EU soil - providing me with the best security and #privacy laws possible.

It's not important, but I also like the way Tuta did marketing. Also, portraying their team in black and white colors looks genuinely creative. Sounds weird to say it, but I am being serious here.

Tuta is chosen because of EU based #privacy #bydesign - I have a paid entry and 2 free ones ... need to vary my handout of emails according to risk of spamming and not having all my eggs in a single basket 馃槑