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How do people feel about @brave? I like it. #browser #privacy

Do you really see #Firefox as #privacy-first with pocket built in and strange opt-out only "experiments", hidden from typical users? I'd be unsure about that assumption.

Happy #DataPrivacyDay! 🥳

Here are some privacy-first apps frequently recommended by the Tutanota community.

What are your favorite apps to quit #BigTech?

#DataProtection #Encryption #Security #Privacy
Recommended apps: AnonAddy, Standard Notes, Signal, Bitwarden, Firefox, Twilio

Speaking of #privacy do you offer an .onion or .i2p site to access your services? Why not?

#tor #i2p

Going dark: Is encryption a threat to our security? The Swedish EU Council says yes.

But we say: Stop the #CryptoWars. Destroying everybody's #privacy will not increase #security.

Read here why: 👇


Do you plan to offer access via .onion or .i2p sites?

#tor #i2p #privacy

Content warning: accessibility thoughts.

“Understanding Privacy” — a new (and important!) Smashing Book #prodmgmt #webdesign #privacy

Lawyers Barred by Madison Square Garden Found a Way Back In - MSG Entertainment resorted to #facia recognition technology to kick out #legal #foes, but some have undermined the ban using a law passed to protect #theater #critics in 1941. #TheGarden #surveillance #privacy

Does the store have an .onion or .i2p address?

#tor #i2p #privacy

🆕 blog! “The IAB loves tracking users. But it hates users tracking them.”

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is a standards development group for the advertising industry. Their members love tracking users. They want to know where you are, who you're with, what you're buying, and what you think. All so they can convince you to spend sligh…

👀 Read more:

#advertising #email #privacy

SUPL-Server nutzen Android-Systeme, um die GPS-Positionsbestimmung zu beschleunigen. Stellt sich heraus, dass die Domain "" nur ein CNAME für "" ist. 🤦

Man meint also, man würde einen etwas datenschutzfreundlicheren SUPL-Server nutzen, aber am anderen Ende hockt dann wieder Google. 😑

#android #supl #google #datenschutz #privacy

Hm, why is gnome-calculator calling 🤔

#privacy #gnome
gnome-callculator spy screenshot

What is Take It Down?

"It's a free service that can help you remove or stop the online sharing of nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit images or videos taken of you when you were under 18 years old. You can remain anonymous while using the service and you won’t have to send your images or videos to anyone. It will work on public or unencrypted online platforms..."


I have never used it but I hope it helps someone!!!

Do you like security? Do you like privacy? Cryptography? Do you like working for a public benefit non-profit instead of an investor-beholden corporation?

Let's Encrypt is hiring for someone to join our SRE team and help run the largest Certificate Authority in the world! Come work with me and some of the most wonderful folks in tech, to make the web a better place.

#jobs #sre #webPKI #security #privacy #cryptography

Oh the irony that Facebook has an .onion site and you don't...

#tor #i2p #privacy

Together with @fightfortheftr @torproject and others we urge the US congress to defend our right to #privacy. 💪



Unerlaubtes Werbe-Tracking: Apple kassiert Datenschutz-Bußgeld in Millionenhöhe


More than € 1 billion in fines in one year: The EU is finally fighting against #Meta's abuse of user privacy!

We have a suggestion for #Zuckerberg: Do not collect data in the first place.


Today, you can choose not to drive a Tesla if you don’t want Elon Musk, Inc. knowing everywhere you go.

Tomorrow, you might have to limit where you live because you won’t live in a Google Home and reconsider having 20/20 vision again in exchange for the artificial lens company seeing everything you see.

Privacy is not something you can “vote with your wallet” on. We either protect it as a human right or we lose it altogether.

#privacy #humanRights #BigTech #peopleFarming #capitalism

This website reports a failing grade for Terms of Service for Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Pinterest, CNN, and Apple: #tos #privacy

What do you value the most in your devices?
Privacy, Security and/or Freedom?

At #CES2023, the biggest #tech event, we are asking people their thoughts about where they stand when it comes to #privacy, #security and #freedom when it comes to their #laptops, #phones, IoT devices


Step 2. provide an .onion site for your services as if it was still on your roadmap. Or an .i2p site. Or both.

#privacy #tor #i2p

How to be more private online in 2023:

Step 1: Register a Tutanota email account. 💪

That’s it. Welcome to the encrypted side. 🔒

And Happy New Year! 🥳

#email #privacy #security

The Contact Picker #API brings easy access to contacts for #WebApps #timetogiveinput #FPWD

This API is only avail. from a secure top-level browsing context and considers the sensitivity and #privacy of contact data. Also, a user gesture is needed to initiate the API.

The API is available in #Chrome on Android, and behind a flag in #Safari on iOS. Try it with this demo:

Feedback is welcome in the related #GitHub repo:

Black man wrongfully jailed for a week after face recognition error, report says

Lawyer says #police didn't check man's height, weight—or the mole on his face.

#privacy #surveillance #acab #FTP #AI

I have been watching the Interledger Summit 2022 session recordings incrementally over the last few weeks.

Unexpected delightful surprise was @todd presenting how @purism (the privacy-centric open source laptop and smart phone) stubbed out an entire two-sided app store marketplace based on Interledger and its related in-progress projects.

2023 is going to be breakout year for open payments.

#Interledger #openSource #payments #privacy

What fresh hell is this? Adobe has opted me in to letting them train their algorithms on my photos? That’s the end of me using their cloud storage for anything, ever. #privacy #adobe #lightroom #LightroomMobile
Screenshot of showing that “Content analysis” is turned on, and summarizing how Adobe is invading my privacy without my consent.

Oh Lovely! This means our #private data could be uploaded to Facebook and Google whether or not we want that data shared.

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the company's Audiences marketing tool, which uploads customer data to Meta and Google's ad platforms, is a key focus.

#privacy #advertising #ads #marketing #Google #Facebook

People following my account for a while probably noticed me talking about South Korea every now and then. I’ve hinted towards doing some important research, and now the time has finally come for the first disclosures.

But first I need to do a bunch of explaining because most people (my past self from a few months ago included) are largely unfamiliar with the Korean software landscape. See: they have those “security” applications that everyone has to install if they want to use online banking for example.

What could possibly go wrong with applications developed by private vendors without any kind of security vetting and that everyone in a country has to install, whether they like it or not? A lot of course.

In this first blog post I explain how in my limited understanding the current situation came about, show why the companies lack incentive to really invest in security and give you a first slight idea of the disastrous consequences.

No, I’m not exaggerating. The next blog post is scheduled for January 9th, and it will be about a specific application. I submitted seven vulnerability reports for this one. It took a real issue and claimed to have solved it – by making matters considerably worse than they were.

#infosec #ApplicationSecurity #privacy #korea

🔓 Like good neocolonizers, #humanitarian organizations & #nonprofits, like militaries, also collect vast amounts of #biometric & other private information about people with reckless disregard for basic #privacy and #security concepts.

✊🏽 We must hold them accountable for the risks and damages their actions cause: it's unacceptable to allow society to continue this way.

:pesthorn: Thanks to #CCC for helping expose the dangerous truth.

#SurevillanceCapitalism #infosec

As lead maintainer of the official #FDroid client, I hear a lot of criticism that #targetSdkVersion is still at 25. fdroidclient is #FreeSoftware, publicly audited, with #ReproducibleBuilds, written in memory safe languages, with a proven record of respecting #privacy and delivering #security. The source and binaries also receive human and machine review. #targetSdkVersion is designed around untrusted proprietary software with non-memory safe code where the binary only gets machine review. 1/2

Google introduces client-side encryption for Gmail - but only for key account customers.

Yet, you'll be happy to know that encryption is available to everyone in Tutanota, not just a chosen few. 😀

#fight4privacy #PrivacyMatters #privacy

Tutanota: We are kicking off the development of email import!

@Tutanota is on fire 🔥! They're finally working on an email import feature, which will make it easier for people to switch from email providers like #gmail.

#privacy #privacymatters

For anyone who doesn't know, @Framasoft support and fund a whole wide range of decentralized, #FOSS, #privacy respecting tools such as #Peertube ( @peertube ), #Mobilizon (think Facebook Groups for the #Fediverse, @mobilizon ) and more!

They do it all on super low funding, so go throw a few or your local currency at them to help grow the #fedi!

Tutanota: U2F support is now also available on #Android and #iOS

U2F keys are now supported on all @Tutanota clients.

(Tutanota is also an avoidthehack recommended encrypted email provider).

#mfa #2fa #privacy #cybersecurity #infosec #infosecurity

When billionaires say they don’t care about privacy, it‘s your privacy they’re talking about not theirs. Mark Zuckerberg says “privacy is dead” in one breath and buys the four houses around his house in the next because he values his own privacy. It’s yours that he’s actively engaged in strangling the life out of.

#privacy #markZuckerberg #elonMusk #SiliconValley #surveillance #capitalism