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What do you think about #Android #Privacy Indicator? It's a little dot showing up in your status bar when an app accesses your microphone, camera, location or other sensitive data. (became first available on Android 12)

  • useful (59%, 381 votes)
  • not useful (4%, 28 votes)
  • I don't have this feature (Android 11 or older) (34%, 217 votes)
  • other (see comments) (1%, 10 votes)
636 voters. Poll end: 2 days ago

My @Tutanota subs came up for renewal today. At a ridiculously cheap price, there was only one response: of course, peeps. You are #email for me. #Privacy #IHateGmail

For one year already, Australian police can hack your device, collect or delete your data, or take over your social media accounts. Authorities around the world want to spy on our private data. We must fight for our right to privacy! 💪 #surveillance #privacy #Fight4Privacy
Demonstration against surveillance

Sometimes the internet is really funny - or scary.

The Chrome browser is one example.

While you believe you are browsing the web, Google is browsing you instead.

Check out Leah Elliott's comic on how Google's tracking works:

#google #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #privacy #Fight4Privacy #tutanota
Comic on how Chrome tracks its users.

Privacy matters! "74% of people now rank data privacy as one of their top values".

We are proud to lead the privacy movement by having built a fully encrypted email service that truly respects everybody's #humanright to #privacy.

#Tutanota #privacymatters

There's only a few days left to submit your feedback to the EU about the #chatcontrol regulation.
The deadline is the September 12th. Please submit your feedback here, even if it's just a short "just no":
(Click the "Give feedback button" and register. You'll be asked for your name, but you can post your feedback without having it published)
#Chatkontrolle #Privacy #MassSurveillance

Zajímá vás soukromí? Jaký používáte vyhledávač? Několik let jsem používal primárně Duck Duck Go, potom Qwant Lite a aktuálně Ecosii. #privacy

And in other unsurprising news about #Apple: Apple is building an #Ads empire, using #Privacy USP to deepen their moat.


You’ve got nothing to hide so you’ve got nothing to fear, right?

“A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal.”

(Remember Apple was/is(?) going to implement this sort of scanning by default on all your devices.)

#BigTech #privacy #surveillance

Anyone know a GTK4 app that can do what Easytag do ?

Easytag wasn't updated since 2016-12-05 if we trust :

So i do search a more up to date replacement.

#privacy #music #alternative #linux #gtk gtk4

I discovered new search engine called #Neeva Looks very interesting.

#privacy #search #ungoogle

#github is introducing tracking cookies. Have you moved your projects to #codeberg yet?

#privacy #foss

And here we have someone calling for kids to give up (the sense of) #privacy for global age verification... Look, kids are curious and need social status, hence they will get on #socialmedia sooner or later, so will age requirements make them understand what they're getting into? But I do agree on building a platform better suited for kids... Maybe have supervised clubs at schools running #ActivityPub instances in closed federations (connecting nearby schools)?

The question isn't whether people "care" about #privacy or not. Everyone does. The question is if they understand that less privacy is a #social issue, not just a #personal one. The question is if they understand what it actually means to be on commercial social media; who they're feeding & how. The question is if they have any other option.

It's the #capitalists we're fighting - not the "workers". So be kind, & keep #fighting, #thinking, #making, #feeling, #saying, #doing.


If you wanted to know why I'm thankful I don't need to replace my car, and if I did, it wouldn't be with a modern one, here's why: #privacy #bigdata

Hi @fdroidorg, why do you use Cloudflare on your website? Cloudflare is a big nightmare for the privacy 😥
#privacy #cloudflare

we do not have unique-per-person tracking. These are generic so we can identify traffic from a particular platform or marketing campaign without identifying the individual who clicked them. Thank you for caring about #privacy!

Google Is Sharing Our Data at an Alarming Rate.
It transmits our locations and browsing habits 70 billion times a day to advertisers 😲


If you're using Mastodon, you can put your new posts under maximum privacy by doing both of these:

1. Log in through your server's website, go to Edit Profile > Require follow requests, save changes. This means only people you approve can follow you.

2. Set your posts' privacy to "Followers only" when you post them (the setting with the lock 🔒 logo). You can make "followers only" default by going to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy > Followers only.

However, only do this if you are okay with greatly restricting your audience by default. These settings will completely prevent non-followers seeing your new posts (unless you manually select a more public privacy setting when you write them).

Non-followers will not be able to search for followers-only posts, or see them in shares.

Also, bear in mind this privacy setting only applies to your new posts. If you've already posted something as public, that old post will remain public.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Privacy

"The # # web browser is finally beginning to catch up in a market where every competitor has an online language # service feature. Firefox recently debuted its long-awaited #-preserving on-device translation service."

If you're still using Google for searching, you're doing it wrong.

There are now search engines that give you better results, with lesser(/no!) ads, in a clean interface, and are more cognizant of your #.

If you've been following the news lately you might have noticed that keeping your sensitive data private is becoming more important than ever before. The # community probably is your best bet to get trustworthy software. Weighing # vs. comfort however can be hard at times. # #

So e.g. if you were planning on using a period tracker #, would you be okay with that app requesting internet access?

“EU GDPR enforcement against Big Tech is paralysed by Ireland’s failure to deliver draft decisions on cross-border cases. Ireland’s failure to uphold the GDPR has allowed surveillance to remain the default business model of the digital world.”

CC @noybeu

# # # # # #

NEW - It is a Librem 5 but with respectful manufacturing in mind 🌎 Meet the Librem 5 USA and order yours
# # #

OSINT: "The Internet Is Forever"

Featuring Internet Archive / WayBack Machine

# # # # # # # # # # #

Watch on #:

Have you tried the LibRedirect browser add-on?

It automatically redirects you to FOSS, privacy-focused Alternative Front-ends of big-tech sites/non private platforms.

There are alternative front-ends to YouTube, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, etc.

Each of these sites has a list of Alternative Front-ends' servers which you can select for the service to redirect to. You can also add Custom Instances.

So, when you click on a YouTube link, say it automatically redirects you to for example.

Firefox Addon:


LibRedirect git link:

Do check it out, it's fun and has a lot of interesting sections in it.

Screenshot of the settings page of the LibRedirect addon:

On the left are the various platforms offered by the add-on for redirection like YouTube, YT Music, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Imgur, etc. 

The settings menu of YouTube is open:
Seen are the enable button, drop-down to choose from Invidious and Piped.
Protocol: Normal and Tor
Redirect type: Embedded content and links.

Default Instances

All instances have a check box to select/deselect.

Content warning: USpol, privacy

I would also like to say that a lot of "having more privacy" comes down to simply not using products or services that track you, not logging in to websites, and not sharing any personal information about yourself online (if a site asks for your email, don't give it to them. Same with your age, location, name, relationships, etc). #

A bunch of privacy-related stuff that I use:
- Tor Browser
- Firefox
- DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
- Mojeek
- DuckDuckGo
- Startpage
- Sun Knudsen
- Rob Braxman Tech
- RestorePrivacy
- r/privacy
- Tutanota
- ProtonMail
- Signal


Anyone know of a good # respecting grammarly alternative?


New # post: Two types of privacy. I define and compare the terms “Tracking reduction” and “Tracking avoidance”.

When qualifying privacy recommendations with context, I think we should go further than describing threat models: we should acknowledge different types of privacy. “Privacy” means different things to different people. Even a single person may use the word “privacy” differently depending on their situation. Understanding a user’s unique situation(s), including their threat models, can inform us when we select the best of approach. How do we choose between reducing a footprint’s spread and size?
Feedback welcome, now matter how insignificant.