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So I've finally been driven off of Microsoft edge and on to #Firefox. The #a11y work that's been done over the last few years really shows; it flies with #NVDA on my system. Also, syncing of tabs works better than on either Edge or Safari, and my tabs from other devices are actually in a reasonable place where I can find them. However, I really, really miss the automatic generation of #alttext that both Edge and Chrome have built-in. I know Firefox was going to make that a thing, but I believe the disgusting shrieking of folks against #AI even for #accessibility killed it. I do wish it was an addon, at least. There are a couple pages where I still need to go back to Edge to use them because the image links aren't labeled. Not using them isn't an option; bills gotta get paid. I also had to turn off all of the tracking protection stuff to get HCaptcha to work. Sadly, in a battle between privacy and accessibility, for me, accessibility *has* to win every time. While I'm enjoying the speed and slightly better access to certain parts of pages, I couldn't recommend it to average #blind users at this point. You have to change random settings to get some things to be #accessible, and you have to use another browser whenever alt-text is missing.

Still looking for a reason to bother adding alt text to your images here? Here's one: out and about in low bandwidth land images may not ever load. The first image here is what it looks like. The second one shows what you get when the author included a description.
Folks who are blind don't need low bandwidth to experience the difference, in case you didn't know the most important reason.

#alttext #images #photography

Reminder: #AltText is not a place for copyright information, or additional details about the image.

Put that into a separate post, for the love of god.

It's as if you were blocking a bike path with a street sign.

The purpose of alt text is increased accessibility, so when in doubt, ask yourself if the text you're adding helps blind or visually impaired folks better understand what's in the actual image.


hin und wieder ist die Gruppe der Menschen, die auf das Problem fehlender Bildbeschreibungen hinweist, sehr ambitioniert. Das stimmt.
Allerdings machen sie das auch nur dort, wo #Bildbeschreibung fehlen. Wenn sie dich damit nerven, dann hast du die Möglichkeit, dich darüber lustig zu machen, in einem Post der Hitler thematisiert oder du postest Bilder mit #ALTText. (Und ganz nebenbei inkludierst du Menschen die schlecht oder gar nicht sehen können.)

Useful for people having problems to describe #images with #altText: Use the #hashtag alt4me. In most cases, other people will help you by answering with the hashtag alt4you.
Then you can edit your post and insert this alt text. (And have more chances to get a boost because many people boost only images with alt text.)

#accessibility #photos #images #graphics #cartoons

"How can you use AI, it steals things people share online, it burns down the planet!"

"Alright, do you mind telling me what's in this picture you posted online?"

"Ah. Carry on."

#AltText #accessibility #AI

Hey, if you don't like the fact that many #blind people have to rely on AI to describe images for them, you can help by, you know, describing images for them.…

#AltText #accessibility #ai

A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless you don't add #AltText. Then it's just "Image".


It occurrs to me that the #AltText hall of fame is not run by a #Blind or #VisionImpaired person because in the decades that alt text has been a thing, nobody from within this community has stopped to think that demonstrating how to do it well might be helpful for our cause. When an ally does it, we treat them like an intruder. Whatever. Enjoy your internet full of suboptimal alt text.

Alright. Here's how it is. Once you appoint yourself as gatekeeper, you become part of the problem. We as #disabled people have precious few allies as it is, without actively alienating the ones we have. You can stand up and offer to help, stand up and provide constructive feedback on how to improve, stand up and show appreciation, or just sit your ungrateful self down. Just stop. Thanks @stefan for raising awareness of #AltText. #blind #accessibility…

So I've been called out for not being run by someone who's #blind or #VisionImpaired.

And that's fair. I'm very much open to anyone from those communities to get directly involved, so this is my public invitation.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). Today, I want you to ask yourself, then act, *before* you speak. Do you have an app you're maintaining? Look at some #accessibility resources for the framework you use for the user interface. Do you know if it's accessible or not? If it's not accessible, are you doing anything about it? Do you tell disabled visitors to your app/site that it's not accessible, and give them a timeframe, if any, when it will be? Do you have a website? If so, do you know if it's accessible or not? Are you an artist of any kind? Is your media accessible? Are you a writer? If so, are the images in your book described with #AltText?

If you're a part of a company that has anything to do with accessibility, including proudly posting about it, do you have any disabled employees? If so, do you show them that they're appreciated? If not, why don't you have any? If you create art about people with disabilities, do you have disabled people take a look at it before you share it? If you write books that have images in them, have any disabled people checked to make sure the Alt-text makes sense, and that the book is accessible otherwise? If not, why not? And when you get disabled people to check out apps, books, sites for your professional needs, do you pay them for it?

Please do remember us on every other day of the year, but particularly today, please remember: nothing about us without us.

#blind #disabled #disabilities #access

The contorted excuses people concoct to excuse not adding #altText boggle my mind.

Case in point: even if alt text is "now primarily used to train AI" [citation desperately needed], as I've just seen claimed, there are still real-world humans who benefit from it, just as there have been since the web emerged.

If AI tech is now being trained on alt text, it's also now being trained on all the rest of your whatever.

By only concerning yourself with the alt text, you're routing all the AI-related harm to screen reader users, actual humans who already experience massive social & technical marginalization.

Solve the image issues for humans.

Then, in parallel, solve your more widespread AI problem (like adding rules to your robots.txt… ).

It's much simpler to just start adding "cute cat" to your cute cat photos than it is to invent new excuses for behaviors that ultimately just harm screen reader users.

Here's a great alt text guide!

I honestly enjoy writing good, descriptive alt text. Once you get used to it, it's no longer a chore, rather a fun exercise.

It gives you an opportunity to focus on the image you're sharing, sometimes revealing details you might miss.

It's a great writing challenge as well.

And it's just the right thing to do to help folks who rely on it.

#accessibility #a11y #AltText #ImageDescriptions

Trying to understand human psychology a bit here, boosts for reach are very much appreciated.

When you post an image without alt text, and someone replies with the image description for you to use, what is your typical reaction?

#accessibility #a11y #AltText #ImageDescriptions

  • Thank the person and add the alt text (44%, 95 votes)
  • Use the alt text, don't respond (2%, 6 votes)
  • Ignore the person (7%, 16 votes)
  • Block the person (0%, 2 votes)
  • Explain why you don't add alt text (0%, 1 vote)
  • Start a big fight (0%, 0 votes)
  • I never forget alt text (41%, 88 votes)
  • Something else? (2%, 6 votes)
214 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

A few extra seconds of your time it takes to add a good image description can really improve someone's day.

"To a totally blind person like me it means a lot to have a picture in my mind of your images, especially the animal pics."

"I don't know what it is, but as a blind user it's making me emotional to be able to actually interact with content."

#accessibility #a11y #AltText #ImageDescriptions

#SocialCoop has been discussing whether to disable images on May 16 and October 10 for #WorldSightDay, as suggested here….

One concern raised about this proposal is that it is symbolic and might not do anything to improve the lives of people with visual impairments.

I would like to hear perspectives from people with visual impairments on whether this kind of action is helpful.

(boosts welcome; please only reply if you rely on alt text)


tenho visto cada vez mais, principalmente dentro da comunidade lusófona do Fediverso, imagens que tem #AltText que não descrevem nada, principalmente quando a imagem tem texto e o texto da imagem não é posto no Alt Text.

se teve o trabalho de colocar um Alt Text inútil, porque não colocou um Alt Text útil? é o mesmo esforço, gente!

custa tanto assim ter mais empatia e ser menos capacitista???

#capacitismo #acessibilidade

If you're #blind, #VisuallyImpaired, or otherwise rely on #AssistiveTecnhologies and #AltText, your thoughts on this proposal to temporarily disable images across the fediverse to highlight the importance of well-written image descriptions would be very much appreciated.…

Please boost the original post for reach!

#accessibility #a11y

One thing I learned when making an 88x31 badges page: it is actually a really good example of one of the few times you should keep #AltText generally short.

When you have dozens of tiny badges on a page, it should be easy to skim them the same way it is for a sighted user. It shouldn’t take an hour to finish reading the page.

What if Mastodon had a way to save the ALT text you entered each time you used a new image. So if you used the same image later, it would some how know what you used the last time and give you the option to automatically use that instead of having to type something each and every time.

Seems to me there would be some way to be able to do this easily and to save all of us time from having to type the same thing for ALT text on a regular basis.

#Idea #Thoughts #AltText #Accessibility

'Image with no description. Image with no description. Image with no description.'
The day I don't have to ever see that on my timeline again will be a fantastic day indeed. If #Mastodon can implement hiding boosts without #AltText I will likely take advantage.
Absolutely sick to death of the *one* main culprit posting 99.9% empty posts and images without alt-text, and people boosting them because they don't realise there's nothing to show for it.
Original poster probably posts 0.1% of original content, the rest is just pointless memes day in, day out, but they have a huge following, so their crap comes up time, and time again.

Not a huge sample size, but the results are in!

If you use #Matrix, drop an #AltText comment below your images and screencasts for #ScreenReader, #Braille and other #Accessibility tools until we get support in the spec:…

#a11y #Element #Fractal #Cinny #FluffyChat #Quaternion #NeoChat #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

Alt Text, ente descoñecido no Fediverso Galego


a porcentaxe de imaxes publicadas no que teñen un texto que as describe é mínima. Non todas as persoas actúan do mesmo xeito, pero tendo habilidade e tempo para escribir media dúcia de cancelos que acompañan á publicación, tampouco é un traballo enorme engadir unha breve descrición á imaxe e axudar así a persoas con dificultades visuais, a aportar contexto ao que se ve, a que os lectores de pantalla poidan facer a súa labor e a ter empatía con quen nos le.

Incluso hai servizos (iniciativas) como #AltText4Me para intentar axudar a quen o precise.

Todos os clientes coñecidos teñen no seu editor un apartado para engadir esta descrición.

A veces vexo un certo patrón, como se fose cool ou algo así tirar aí unha imaxe e que se apañen, unha artistada snob.

Xa pode ser ben fermosa que non lle poño nin estreliña ⭐

De etiquetar as nosas publicacións idioma #galego xa falamos outro día.

Are you a #ScreenReader and/or #Braille user on #Matrix?

Should we be adding messages as captions until #AltText is supported?

#A11Y #Accessibility #BRLTTY #FOSS #OpenSource #Element #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

  • Yes, always. (66%, 4 votes)
  • A quick summary is fine, I'll ask if I need more (16%, 1 vote)
  • As long as you do it if I ask. (16%, 1 vote)
6 voters. Poll end: 2 months ago


Give the people the full picture

via @rbreich
#Media #Inflation #Profits #AltText

@Friendica Support Hello. Could someone pls clarify this uncertainty i have wrt expiration of my #Friendica posts?

Will those selections per the pic above achieve my aspiration of deleting all my posts after 30 days unless Notes, Starred AND Saved Folders? The first two i'm confident about coz they're explicitly mentioned, but the latter is not mentioned at all. So, as i have multiple Folders, with carefully curated posts in them, it's important i do what's needed to retain them indefinitely.


Pic shows my, section Expiration settings, with Automatically expire posts after this many days: = 30, & options Expire personal notes, Expire starred posts, & Only expire posts by others disabled, but Expire posts enabled.

@Friendica Support

Hello. There is a certain "network weirdness" that irregularly afflicts my use of #Friendica in my browser. Most of the time this misbehaviour does not occur, but each time it does arise, i can never identify its cause, nor even any consistent pattern of other symptoms that might lead to uncovering its root cause. I also don't know if there's some esoteric setting in my Friendica account's Settings doing this, that i might have overlooked.

See the pic for a quick simple visual display of the symptom.

Pls does anyone have any ideas my Friendica does this?

Pic shows my desktop #Conky for network activity, with random bouts of my full available download & upload capacity consumed by my Friendica browser tab. Pic shows some breaks wherein both UL & DL revert to their normal "background noise" levels, & these occurred when i reloaded the tab, &/or when i closed the browser. Note that "background noise" levels are the norm for this tab; the weird activity is a small minority of the overall browsing time measured over months & years, nevertheless this problem still arises far too often for my liking.

This is the Llava:34B LLLM (local large language model) running on my #MacBook Pro describing a #screenshot from #BBC News. This, to me, is as good info as #BeMyAI would provide using #GPT4, so it goes to show that we can do this on-device and have some really meaningful results. Screenshot attached, #AltText contains the description.
Lately, I've taken to using this to describe images instead of using GPT, even if it takes a little longer for results to come back. I consider this to be quite impressive.

I have one image, and two very differing descriptions of said image. The first is from #Llava13B, a local model installed on my #Mac, and the second is from #GPT. The GPT response is so huge that I'm going to have to post it as threaded replies, but it shows the vast difference between models. For this first post, the Llava13B response has been included as #AltText.


I was reflecting this morning on the lie #music #streaming told those of us who love listening to music, but aren't musicians ourselves. We were told that it would give us access to more varieties of music, and spontaneously introduce us to stuff we might love. Yet, I found more #indie music by mistake on file sharing back in the day than I ever find on Apple Music or Spotify. This is a good example: as a silly teenager, I searched for "pretty girls", and found this song amongst the porn. It says it's buy "The Capricorns". It's not on any of the music streaming services. There is a compressed copy on YouTube, but it only has 200 views. None of the streaming sites would ever have recommended this to me. I don't know who's singing, or anything about the band or song. Odds are I never will. And I kind of treasure that. #AltText was over 1500 characters. It is in this thread. I did my best, but I don't know how to describe music!

I’m sorry but the interface for adding alt text (image descriptions, which all images should have) on mobile is terrible in most apps. Here is tumblr and the Mastodon app. 👎 #mastodonsupport #mastodonapp #alttext

(please do not reply telling me to use desktop, I do, it’s great, or with other work-around suggestions. I just posted the names of 30 insects using OCR and a host of other tools— I’m the queen of work-arounds! the point here is that “accessibility” shouldn’t be an afterthought!)

It's a #Cat yall! Meet Friday. He loves soft blankets, he adores any soft things really. This is him in his happiest of happy places.
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats

My alt text only exists until someone can do it justice, when I will then edit this to make it better.
#AltText #AltTextForMe

I got an email from a Fortune 500 company. Naturally images were suppressed in my mail client, so I saw their #AltText instead... 😆

I love that you add Basic text #Transcript for your audio clips man, I think everybody should do that if they can to help out our #Deaf and #HardOfHearing friends, and anyone else who can't listen to the audio for whatever reason. But Especially #Blind people as we tend to post a lot of #audio and because so many of us push for #AltText
we could stand to spread some of that awareness around.
Thank you for being a good example for others!

As a completely non #blind person with no #accessibility needs at all, I LOVE #AltText on images.

They often help clarify what's meant, why the image was posted, a bit about the posters personality and more. Image didn't load or can't wait for it? No problem! Didn't get the visual joke? The text usually makes it clear!

Don't do this just for peeps like me, but alt text helps a TON of people, *especially* but not only visually impaired people.

Alt text it all (esp artists)! :BoostOK: