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Microsoft announced their latest round of FOSS fund recipients. We're thrilled to share that @NVAccess are among this quarter's recipients. From:

"A project of the Microsoft Open Source Programs Office, the FOSS Fund provides up to $10,000 USD in sponsorships to open source projects as selected by Microsoft employees."

Congratulations also to The GNU Compiler Collection, Urllib3, CLAP & MSW.

#OpenSource, #FOSS #Free #Software #NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility #A11y

After a stable release of K-9 Mail, our Android team usually spends a couple weeks fixing bugs. The bug hunt takes center stage in this month's #Android progress report, with cketti and Wolf ironing out a BUNCH of them.

#Thunderbird #K9Mail #FOSS

News from #LibreOffice's Quality Assurance (#QA) and Development communities: in March, they resolved 429 bug reports. Learn more, and give them a hand: #foss #OpenSource

Love ❤️ #LibreOffice? Come and meet the worldwide community that makes it, at local events! For instance, we were recently at the InstallFest 2024 conference in Prague: #foss #OpenSource

🕘 December 2009: Maybe you were upgrading your computer to the new Windows 7, or checking out Ubuntu 9.10. Perhaps you were pouring all your free time into Valve’s ridiculously fun survival shooter Left 4 Dead 2. And maybe, just maybe, you were eagerly anticipating installing Thunderbird 3.0…

Step back into the Thunderbird Time Machine as Jason looks at what made this such a landmark release!

#FOSS #Thunderbird #Retro

Just bought a #DELL 3190 laptop, new for $150 (11.6" screen, 64GB eMMC). It's fully supported on #Linux, and even if it has a Celeron N4120 CPU and only 4 GB of RAM, it'll work fine with #Mint, or #XFCE (and #Gnome/ #KDE if you don't mind some minor lag). Not opening too many browser tabs will ensure that the swap file won't get used too often.

If you're on a tight budget this is a good option, as it also has great battery life too at 10 hours with Linux.

#linuxmint #ubuntu #opensource #foss

Calling all #LibreOffice users: Power up ⚡ and become a LibreOffice contributor, like Adam Seskunas! Learn new skills, build a portfolio of experience, and have fun on the way: #foss #OpenSource

Reminder: The Sovereign Tech Fund is asking #FOSS maintainers for input as we design the pilot program for a paid fellowship to support critical digital infrastructure. Help us by sharing this with maintainers you know!

The last day to submit a response is Sunday, 7 April 2024.




At Sovereign Tech Fund, we're following the #xz incident closely and listening to the many voices in the #FOSS maintainer community.

What's clear to us is that the xz incident shows the need for structural change:

#foss #xz

In-Process is out, featuring all the news on the release of NVDA 2024.1, plus highlights from our trip to CSUN. Do check it out now at:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Blog #News #FOSS

"You have to understand, we’re responsible for taxpayer money here. We can’t just make a donation to your open source project."

— a national government who relies on #Matrix when being asked to support it financially

Read more about the problem and some initiatives that are responding to it:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS #funding #xz #sustainability

Open source infrastructure *must* be a publicly funded service, and funders need to support maintenance – not just new feature development 📣

This is on our minds this week in the wake of the #xz news, and as we continue to seek funding to support #Matrix.

Read the latest from project lead, @matthew:

#OpenSource #FOSS #OpenStandards

Question! Why should local governments use taxpayers’ money to buy proprietary, closed software from a single vendor? And what happens to citizens' data? A solution is to move to free and open source software like #Linux and #LibreOffice – which is exactly what Schleswig-Holstein is doing: #foss #OpenSource #privacy

Tomorrow's the official start of #30DayFOSSChallenge! We've got a few people chatting in the #matrix already:

Feel free to join us. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look here:

#foss #floss #opensource #freeculture #degoogle #indieweb

Have you seen @nextcloud AI Assistant 2.0?

You can now chat about your own documents and data, use GPU acceleration, transcribe audio with Whisper, use your own LLMs, and a ton more integrations and new features.

All #open-source 😀

Boosts appreciated 🙏

#AI #mastodon #Linux #Foss #OSS

Lots happening in the #LibreOffice project! In March, we had updates to the software, new user guides, Document Freedom Day, reports from meetups and more: #foss #opensource

Put yourself in Jia Tan's shoes, the malicious contributor to the xz backdoor...

It's been, what, two... three?... years since you started this campaign. You've had the entire support of your team and of your chain of command.

Your coders created a complex and sublime backdoor. A secure! backdoor that only you and your team could connect to. Heck it can even be deleted remotely. This is clean code. A responsible hack that doesn't open up the backdoor for others to hijack.

You spend years on your long con - your social engineering skills are at the top of the game. You've ingratiated yourself painstakingly into multiple teams. Finally it all pays off and you're ready to go!

You succeed multiple times in getting your backdoor inserted in all the major Linux distributions!!! Now its just a matter of weeks before it makes it to production and stable releases!

This is the culmination of years of labor and planning and of a massive team and budget.

You did good.

This will get you promoted. Esteemed by your colleagues and leadership alike. Your spouse and kids will understsnd why you haven't been at home lately and why you've spent all those late nights at the office.

It's finally going to pay off.

But what's this?! Some rando poking around in their box running a pre-release unstable version of linux has found everything?!?! It's all being ripped down?! And on a Friday before a western holiday weekend?!?!

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!!!

Three years for nothing!!! My wife is going to leave me! I missed my kid's recital for this!!! They'll hate me because I told them it was worth it. Daddy will be able to play with you again once Daddy finishes this last bit of work. But it was all for nothing!!!

Leadership took a big risk on me and my team but I kept assuring them it would pay off!

It would be one thing if another nation state found it and stopped it. But one random dude poking his nose where it shouldn't belong?! Ohhh fuck, I'm going to be fired. We're going to lose our budget. My team is going to be fired. I've let down everyone that ever believed in me and supported me and relied on me!

Oh fuck!!!

#xz #backdoor #xzBackDoor #cve #cve20243094 #infosec #hacking #FOSS

I think a LOT of people are missing the fact that we got LUCKY with this malicious backdoor.

The backdoor was created by an Insider Threat - by a developer / maintainer of various linux packages. The backdoor was apparently pushed back on March 8th (I believe) and MADE IT PAST all QA checks.

Let me state that again. Any quality assurance, security checks, etc., failed to catch this.

This was so far upstream, it had already gotten into the major Linux distributions. It made it into Debian pre-release, Fedora rolling, OpenSUSE rolling, Kali rolling, etc.

This is an example of Supply Chain Security that CISOs love to talk and freak out about. This is an example of an Insider Threat that is the boogey man of corporate infosec.

A couple more weeks, and it would have been in many major distributions without any of us knowing about it.

The ONLY reason we know about it is because @AndresFreundTec got curious about login issues and some benchmarking checks that had nothing to do with security and ran the issue down and stumbled upon a nasty mess that was trying to remain hidden.

It was luck.

That's it. We got lucky this time.

So this begs the question. Did the malicious insider backdoor anything else? Are they working with anyone else who might have access to other upstream packages? If the QA checks failed to find this specific backdoor by this specific malicious actor, what other intentional backdoors have they missed?

And before anyone goes and blames Linux (as a platform or as a concept), if this had happened (if it HAS happened!!!) in Windows, Apple, iOS, etc.... we would not (or will not) know about it. It was only because all these systems are open source that Andres was able to go back and look through the code himself.

Massive props and kudos and all the thank yours to Andres, those who helped him, to all the Linux teams jumping on this to fix it, and to all the folks on high alert just before this Easter weekend.

I imagine (hope) that once this gets cleaned up, there will be many fruitful discussions around why this passed all checks and what can be changed to prevent it from happening again.

(I also hope they run down any and all packages this person had the signing key for....)

#infosec #hacking #cve #cve20243094 #linux #FOSS

#LibreOffice’s #localization community translates the software’s user interface, along with its documentation and websites. We ran a survey to find out what tools the community uses, and how we can improve them: #foss #opensource

#Google and #Facebook didn't kill #Jabber / #XMPP. They hammered the final nails of its coffin. Big difference. The lesson of the XMPP story is that the community shouldn't get complacent just because a big corp is now backing them, support their own smaller #FOSS developers through any means they can (whether financial or code), put out a unique thing every now and then, and make sure the UX is not horrible for new users. I think #Misskey, #Sharkey, and #Catodon got those lessons right (especially the very latter, UX was really horrible in XMPP back then and I think that's what "killed" it if you can even call it that). Not sure about #Mastodon though. Maybe that's what why almost all of the worry I'm hearing about #Threads comes predominantly from Mastodon and Mastodon-compatible (in the sense they try to be as compatible with Masto as possible in terms of API) instances. :seija_coffee: #fediversemeta

Today we're releasing #LibreOffice 24.2.2, the second update to our new 24.2 branch (with "year.month" version scheme). We've also updated the previous and older LibreOffice 7.6 branch too: #foss #opensource #news

There is a good discount on the #FOSS conference in #Zagreb in May - why don't you combine your thrust for knowledge with a nice trip.

I most probably will be there speaking about #heavymetal #thunderbird and maybe #osm.

💡 The last Wednesday of March can only mean one thing...

#DocumentFreedomDay ✍️

Today we celebrate open standards: The ability for everyone to work and communicate using free software.

If you're using paid software that confines you see if any of the alternatives on my list of #opensource software can make life easier for you:

Includes (but not limited to) @cryptpad @thegoodcloud @piefedadmin @libreoffice @thunderbird @Tutanota @protonprivacy @plausible @GIMP @inkscape @session @signalapp @delta @efoundation @MattermostFR @element

Any I've missed, let me know!


#FOSS #DFF #DFD #decentralize

#LibreOffice isn't just a piece of software – it's a worldwide community, working on #UX, #QA, marketing, documentation and translations. And thanks to that community, we now have a Czech version of the LibreOffice Writer Guide 24.2 🥰 #foss #opensource

I'm so sorry that you are subjected to this level of venom regularly.
In an attempt to be a less silent majority, I would like more of us to speak up and appreciate the hard work that goes into #foss maintenance. Thanks for a wonderful tool that a BILLION people use, that's remarkable!

a periodic reminder that open source and free software licences enabled the unpaid mass transfer of skills and labour to corporations and societal elites to an extent unparalleled since the abolition of serfdom and slavery.

they effectively seized the means of production, then packaged them all up and delivered them to the worst people imaginable, wrapped with a bow and a little card that said “exploit me!”

and people are still out here cheerleading for them.

#foss #opensource

How it started: "This change has zero effect on the Redis core license, which is and will always be licensed under the 3-Clause-BSD."

How it's going: "Beginning today, all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Starting with Redis 7.4, Redis will be dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and Server Side Public License (SSPLv1)."

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #OSS #FOSS #Redis

🗺️ 𝘖𝘱𝘦𝘯𝘚𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘵𝘔𝘢𝘱 3𝘋 🧊

Zoom in to street level to see the 3D features.

#map #maps #OpenStreetMap #3D #topography #world #WorldMap #cities #landscape #environment #data #tools #OpenSource #FOSS

Can you #help me?

#Metal music has anger, love, DEI, truth-telling, and more. So why don't we use it to solve everyday problems, such as having fun at work, lacking identity, or standing for our rights? Metal artists put a lot of effort into crafting their art, and we can find the best use of it just by listening.

I want to interview key players in the metal world and do a #Foss #cc documentary to encourage even more people to help themselves!

Please DM me if you know some metal gods!

I had the pleasure to talk at #installfest in #prague today. That was a great experience. I hope my talk about #Thunderbird convinced at least one person to contribute to #Foss. I even met Mitch Altman, who it turns out uses the email client for a long time.

Apache Pekko has left the incubator phase and is now a top-level project.

That's great news! Pekko was created as a Fork of Akka 2.6, right after Lightbend chose to pull a bait-and-switch by relicensing Akka to a non-FOSS license.

I have already switched to Pekko a few months ago, it went very smooth, and I am grateful to everybody involved in making this happen.

#opensource #pekko #akka #scala #java #licensing #apache #foss

We’re seeking input from #FOSS maintainers as we design a fellowship program pilot. We want to test a support mechanism that addresses structural issues in the FOSS ecosystem, and support maintainers who work on open digital infrastructure in the public interest.

If you maintain open source projects, we would be very grateful if you could take ten minutes to respond to the survey:

Please also repost and share with FOSS maintainers you know. Thanks!


Looking for a career change – maybe in technical writing? Join the #LibreOffice documentation community, and improve our help content and guidebooks! You can pick up valuable experience along the way. Dione Maddern explains more: #foss #opensource

Are you a #ScreenReader and/or #Braille user on #Matrix?

Should we be adding messages as captions until #AltText is supported?

#A11Y #Accessibility #BRLTTY #FOSS #OpenSource #Element #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

  • Yes, always. (66%, 4 votes)
  • A quick summary is fine, I'll ask if I need more (16%, 1 vote)
  • As long as you do it if I ask. (16%, 1 vote)
6 voters. Poll end: 3 weeks ago

Whoa! TIL just how widespread Matrix is at universities in Germany.

This, on top of adoption by their national healthcare system and other corners of their public sector.


#Matrix #OpenSource #OpenStandards #DigitalSovereignty #FOSS

New guidebooks, for our shiny new #LibreOffice 24.2 release! Get the most out of Writer and Calc: #foss #opensource