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The build queue at @fdroidorg was stuck. Now it got unstuck, and unloads its #AndroidAppRain with 123 updated and 6 new apps:

* VergissNix: reminders
* Myne: Ebook Downloader
* Dooz: Tic-Tac-Tao, a simple pen-and-paper game
* Amarok: hide your private Files and APPs
* mucke - Music Player
* ArityCalc: scientific calculator

Enjoy your #free & #foss #Android #apps from, at & with #FDroid :awesome:

PS: 4 of the newcomers are #reproducibleBuilds :awesome:

Not too long ago, your two hands would have been enough to count the #reproducibleBuilds at @fdroidorg – but now it doesn't even help taking your shoes off to call your toes in. It's 50 now, and counting! I just successfully got an author's and my own first RB in ("with a little help from my friends"), and have 2 more pending :awesome:

So yes: expect more and more apps this way now. Install from #FDroid – update from Github if needed; signature matches. Just the GUI needs to show that now…

Have you heard about #ReproducibleBuilds? This is one of the biggest #security benefits of #FOSS. On #Android, this technique ensures that the #FDroid version of an app exactly matches the developer's version.

Read our article below for more details and to see how easy it is for developers to get set up:

As lead maintainer of the official #FDroid client, I hear a lot of criticism that #targetSdkVersion is still at 25. fdroidclient is #FreeSoftware, publicly audited, with #ReproducibleBuilds, written in memory safe languages, with a proven record of respecting #privacy and delivering #security. The source and binaries also receive human and machine review. #targetSdkVersion is designed around untrusted proprietary software with non-memory safe code where the binary only gets machine review. 1/2