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#WebKitGTK is looking for a #Linux user with #NVIDIA GPU to help debug an issue with the #GTK 4 port.

You should be comfortable patching and compiling a system package.



I ended up making a CLI and #pandoc filter to render Mermaid to SVG.

Doesn't do as much but thanks to #WebKitGTK it's 50% faster than Mermaid tools.

Tomorrow I'll test the integration with Apostrophe.

To be honest – I have not really used Playhouse since I published it 4 months ago.

Just now, I needed to test mermaid rendering in #WebKitGTK to build a “lightweight” renderer for Apostrophe.

It was very satisfying to use Playhouse for that.

If you're curious:



A screenshot of Playhouse demonstrating mermaid rendering