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Microsoft announced their latest round of FOSS fund recipients. We're thrilled to share that @NVAccess are among this quarter's recipients. From:

"A project of the Microsoft Open Source Programs Office, the FOSS Fund provides up to $10,000 USD in sponsorships to open source projects as selected by Microsoft employees."

Congratulations also to The GNU Compiler Collection, Urllib3, CLAP & MSW.

#OpenSource, #FOSS #Free #Software #NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility #A11y

“Socks, lies, and accessibility”

Where @janmaarten shows that just a couple days after #accessiBe’s CEO promised to stop being such a lying liarface it went and used sock puppet Twitter accounts to promote its #overlay.

As I keep saying, past behavior is a predictor of future behavior (side-eyes #AudioEye, #UserWay, #FACILiti).

#a11y #accessibility

Everette Bacon, Aira’s Vice President of Blindness Initiatives, was featured on the most recent episode of Talking Technology sharing Aira’s history, functionality, and future developments including the new Access AI feature and recent Eclipse event coverage.

#AccessForAll #OnYourTerms #AssistiveTechnology #Accessibility

Okay, is there a clearly defined thing that makes voiceover stop saying "clickable" everywhere, like this word is sooo annoying, it starts to lose its meaning when you hear it more than, say, twice. I found that even low verbosity settings don't help much. I'll be glad if anyone has suggestions.Thanks. #MacOs #VoiceOver #Accessibility #Help #Blind

...and here we go: #id24 will return this year on 12 September 2024.

The call for presentations is now open

#a11y #accessibility #inclusiveDesign

What if Mastodon had a way to save the ALT text you entered each time you used a new image. So if you used the same image later, it would some how know what you used the last time and give you the option to automatically use that instead of having to type something each and every time.

Seems to me there would be some way to be able to do this easily and to save all of us time from having to type the same thing for ALT text on a regular basis.

#Idea #Thoughts #AltText #Accessibility

To what degree does NVDA actually have support for TUIs? When I look at TUIs (terminal user interfaces) for tools like Joplin, Vim, practically anything that requires using arrow keys/tab within a terminal, it almost always is a horrible experience. Are there things TUI developers can do to better accommodate NVDA? @NVAccess @tspivey
Do terminal-first tools like TDSR in a WSL2 shell improve this at all? #nvdasr #screenreaders #accessibility

GAAD Raleigh 2024 — morning of May 16 at Union Station #GAAD #a11y #accessibility #events #raleighNC

Aira Access AI. Went to on my computer and the first thing was a captcha that I had to do in order to get into my account. I used Access AI to take a picture of my screen, then asked it to tell me the characters in the image. It quickly came back and said, the characters in the image is, and listed the five letters. The best thing is that it was totally correct! Way to go @AiraVI, Access AI knocked it out of the park! 🤩 #Aira #Access #AI #Blind #Accessibility

Content warning: Food, accessibility

Department of Justice just formally set WCAG Version 2.1, Level AA as the technical standard for government sites.

#accessibility #a11y

Honk honk! Make way for Lottie, the potentially self-driving marvel of the future! We've seen cars go from four wheels and a honk, to smart machines that know how to navigate the autobahn without a coffee break. Meanwhile, I'm over here, tapping away with my trusty ‘stick' or relying on an adorable canine companion who, bless, hasn't the slightest clue about Google Maps.

1. A Tale of Two Navigators:
• The Traditionalists: Here's to the good old cane and the furry, four-legged GPS units. They don't come with Bluetooth, but they have heart.
• The Techies: Self-driving cars are now the talk of the town, boasting their shiny sensors and making parallel parking look like a piece of cake.
2. Tech Envy: Where's My Update?:
• The world is obsessed with updates, from software to wardrobe choices. But when it comes to personal mobility tech for the visually impaired, we're still waiting for the 'Version 2.0' that lets me walk around without the need for eyeballs!
3. Promise Not to Run Over Your Toes!:
• I assure you, the day I become self-driving Lottie, I'll navigate with the grace of a ballerina – toes will be safe, and so will the neighbourhood cats.
4. The Fantasy of Autonomy:
• Imagine a world where I could waltz down to the local café, guided by nothing but my own savvy suit or smart shoes. I could order a latte without playing a game of human pinball!
5. The Humble Requests to Tech Wizards:
• Dear Tech Wizards, it's 2024! Can we get a wearable that’s a bit more "Iron Man" and a little less "Iron Age"?

While I wait for the tech gurus to catch up, I'll keep tootling along with my 'stick' and might even recruit a furry friend. But let it be known that 'Self-driving Lottie' is ready for an upgrade. I'm all set for the day when I can zoom past you, fully automated and with a built-in espresso machine, perhaps? Until then, I'll rely on my wits, my companions, and the kind people who don't mind a tap on the ankle from my cane, the precursor to my self-driving debut. Keep your sensors peeled for me!
And remember, dear readers, whether you're a tech tycoon or just someone who loves a good toot, keep dreaming of that hands-free future. It's bound to come, and when it does, I'll be first in line — no driving test required! #Accessibility #AI #AIsoftheBlind #Blind

As a #Blind person 👩‍🦯, I use #AI 🤖 for #Accessibility ♿, so I am a fan 🌟. If you don't like AI-generated images 🖼️, image descriptions 📝, etc., all the best! ✨ #AIsoftheBlind #GoFuckYourselfAIHaters #Empowerment #TechForGood

Our new Chief Technology Officer, Gerald Hartig, is being interviewed on Vision Australia Radio tonight at 8:10pm AEST (About 1hr 15mins after I post this). You can tune in online at:

#NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility #Interview #News #A11y

Director @tink is quoted in the Financial Times this week discussing the increasing presence of AI in the world of digital accessibility.

#FinancialTimes #AI #Accessibility

Lots of things happening in the AI/LLM space that could have implications for #accessibility

Ferret-UI from Apple:

ScreenAI from Google

#a11y #ai #LLM

Speaking of #overlays, there is yet another one: #WebAbility

I have already made a PR to add it to the Overlay Fact Sheet:

As with other overlays, it makes WCAG/ADA promises, fails to fix stuff, replicates platform features (poorly) in CSS, and introduces WCAG violations just by adding it to a site.

Cool business model.

#accessibility #a11y

Must be the wrong article 🤔

Have you tested the #Fedora distribution with the #GNOME desktop environment? They work hard to make it fully accessible.

I admit that the default synthesized voices are particularly awful, but they can easily be changed with Pied.

#accessibility #a11y

Content warning: Accessibility question, audio conferencing

Jupyter notebooks in 2024 is still not accessible.

In his #PyCascades talk, Venkatesh Potluri (who is blind) noted that popular Python libraries like matplotlib etc still can't embed alt text.

He made a patch for it, but the notebooks still don't pick up alt text.

#accessibility #Python #jupyter

New game added to the Accessible Android apps directory: Lost Vault accessible #Android #Accessibility #Game

Platforms like Squarespace and Wix must provide users with the features and guidance necessary to make an accessible website. This article explores how to create an accessible website using Squarespace and the accessibility features that could help make this process easier. #accessibility

"Blind internet users struggle with error-prone AI aids", reports an article in the Financial Times:

#FT has a paywall but three articles can be accessed for free if you register.

TLDR is that AI #accessibility widgets over promise and under deliver. Repeatedly.

#AI #GenerativeAI #a11y

New #Android version of #KDEConnect coming soon, with #Accessibility improvements thanks to a review performed by the HAN University of Applied Sciences!

Looks like they have some free resources available for developers to up their #a11y game:

I wonder how accessible all those closed-source KDE Connect knock-offs are 🤔

Any #blind folks out there using Google Chrome OS and Chromevox on a daily basis or at least regularly? We would love to talk to you about your experiences. #accessibility

Trying to figure out how to put this into bug report language. So, on the Mac, I use the Mail app for doing email. I get lots of email, from mailing lists and Github repos. So, when I use my arrow keys, I hear a lot of info. For example,

3 message conversation collapsed unread Jen-Chieh Shen [open-webui/open-webui] refac: Dockerfile (PR #1165) 4:07 AM Ready to be merged? — Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe. You are receiving this because you are subscribed to this thread.Message ID: <open-webui/open-webui/pull/1165/> Inbox - Google

So yeah, that’s a lot of words. I just want to hear the subject of the messages when I arrow down. So, before, I could just interact with the message in the message list, then VOICEOVER-Right arrow until I hear the subject, then arrow down, delete, whatever I needed to do. But now, it just goes back to reading the whole row of information when I arrow down again.

Does anyone else use Mail like this?

#accessibility #apple #VoBugs #blind

As a legally blind person touchscreens or touch buttons on every device are the bane of my existence.

The iPhone is very accessible, Android phones are reasonably accessible to the blind. But hardly anyone makes the touch screen on an appliance screen reader accessible.(apart from very expensive products made especially for the blind).

Why does the espresso machine at work need touch sensitive buttons? I've learned that I need the second button from the top. But since I can't touch the top of the machine to feel where the buttons are without instantly activating any other button on the way I find it very difficult to make a cup of coffee .

Touch screens are worse. and when some company does make them accessible for legal reasons (ATMs for example), they do such a shitty job you may as well ask for sighted assistance anyway.

#accessibility #blind

#AudioEye has a blog post where its CAO talks about “trust, transparency, collaboration, and innovation.”

Which is code for rebranding its #overlay product without issuing refunds for its prior guarantees.

Anyway, I offer my thoughts in a bit more detail as a comment on the post that got me sued:

#accessibility #a11y

I made a guide to Static site generators for screen reader users. If you like it, share it but donate to me, as this took a very long time to write and break down #Hugo #Zola #IndieWeb #SmallWeb #Accessibility #NVDA Also tagging @NVAccess in case they'd wanna look or share it.

Can anyone recommend a good #accessible #RSS feed reader for #iPhone that does well with both text and audio #RSSFeeds? I recently subscribed to The Old Reader ( and like how it lets you add text RSS feeds, #podcasts, and #YouTube channels, and I'm looking for a good app for it on my phone. I've tried #lire, but it doesn't seem to work well with podcasts.
#TheOldReader #iOS #accessibility #technology #tech @mastoblind

This piece is worth reading if you’re in tech criticism or infosec/cybersecurity and are being asked for commentary on IoT and smart home devices.

People aren’t foolish for using IoT or for wanting things to be easier in their homes. This tech makes positive and meaningful change for people of all kinds of abilities. It’s valid to worry about the privacy or security issues that IoT is riddled with, but don’t draw a direct line from there to blaming the user - some people have no alternatives that don’t involve giving up independent access to their own homes and lives. Everyone deserves to live in ways that fit their needs.

Instead, join the push to hold manufacturers and providers to account for poor security and privacy practices. Advocate for better, more respectful and accessible default configurations. Help people understand how to anticipate and mitigate the worst of these issues when they’re setting things up, and give them power and agency over their home systems.

We all deserve to have tech that works for us, in all the ways that matters.

#a11y #infosec
#iot #smarthome

I just updated my screen reader, #NVDA, to version 2024.1.

A few notes of interest:

All add-ons I consider essential work. Remote isn't updated yet but TeleNVDA is.
Unspoken, which I maintain, hasn't been updated but can be force enabled and works. Some time this week I'll issue a new release.
Of the non-essential add-ons that I'd like to have but haven't tried forcing, I'd highlight Instant Translate and Calibre.

I've also made a donation. I encourage others to contribute to NVDA, with code, translations, time or money, if their situation permits. NVDA doesn't update itself. It's not only my favourite screen reader, but it's essential to keep our needs in focus, maintain our independence, and avoid monopoly.

Thanks to NV Access for another release.

#NVDASR #a11y #accessibility

My issue is hopefully resolved as I did reach a human. Instead of becoming unlady like I decided to channel my energy into goodness and I will go to the top as my daddy taught me and the senior vice president of #Accessibility at #Xfinity will be receiving my feedback so they can fix the horrible issues with their chat from a #Blindness perspective as it is difficult to find the newest messages when using any #ScreenReader. Anyone care to join me in this pursuit, feel free.

I was going to boost this as a good example of a well-written image description, but does this work?

(Don't have access to a screen reader right now.)

#accessibility #a11y #ImageDescription

I have to explore that use of DT further as it seems pretty niche and obscure (people on the forum didn't make such a topic before) but I am confident it can be done and it can help.
4. Paperwork: I have many invoices, serial numbers, contracts, acts and many other legal stuff. Everyone does but the problem with me is that I am helping some others with their paperwork. With advanced organization capability of DT I can very easily see which paper belongs to whom and whether I have already filled it, whether its a template that I can reuse over and over to ask my dear government for a piece of bread or whatever else that comes to mind. Another awesome thing is the automatic OCR feature, I have set up a simple smart rule which automatically OCRs every non-textual PDF, and since DT interfaces with Finereader's engine the results is very good, I would dare to say its better than the official Finereader for Mac, but that is subjective, might be inaccurate or accurate only in certain scenarios, be ware.
I have just wrote four things that came to mind otherwise this would become the second Bible, but the tool has endless use cases. Its not cheap and its not for everyone, but if you want to try it it has a very fair trial. If you have any questions, let me know. Let's learn DEVON Think together!
#blind #accessibility #a11y #VoiceOver #Mac #software (2/2)